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Transport planning and shipping condition

What is the meaning of transport planning and shipping condition, Please explani<b>Shipping Conditions (VSBED):</b> General shipping strategy for the delivery of goods from the vendor to the customer. You can define shipping conditions in your

What is a shipping condition in customer master?

Kindly give some info about the shipping condition which we use for shipping point determination. Where and how it is configured in customer master?shipping conditions:- For example, it might have been agreed with the customer that the goods are to b

Shipping conditions in Contracts not copied over to sales order w/ref

In standard SAP the shipping conditions are pulled in from the Sold-to party's customer master unless the shipping conditions are hard coded in the sales order type, in which case they overrule the shipping conditions of the sold-to. A client enters

Shipping condition HD00

Is there a way to define shipping condition HD00 (header level) to not distribute the freight.  We would like freight charge to be a fixed amount, where one time freight charge is applied to an entire sales order.   We do not want HD00 amount to be d

Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.

Dear all Why I am getting this message when i try to add shipping point at item level in Quotation "Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.V1358" Kindly help me to resolve this error. Thanks and Regards M.Dhee

Shipping conditions 10Loading group4900Plant 2900Stloc not defined.

Hi, While we are running batch job for billing system is throwing below error. Order related billing for third party. Third party order.. Shipping conditions 10Loading group4900Plant 2900Stloc not defined.Dear Nortel, Please check with following sett

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions of the SO?

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions for those SOs which used route 'AABB'. What i mean is whether there exist a table could let me search and get output list like below?? <b>Selection Screen:</b> Sales document type: ZTO Routes: AA

Significance of shipping conditions

Hi, Please let me know significance of shipping conditions? Muy issue is user wants to enter a particulat shipping conditions" 04-full truck load" in a slaes order. in the cust master , only " 03-less than a truck load" is defined as s

Restrict Shipping conditions on the Sales Orde Header Document

Hi, I have a unique requirement We have a large pool of shipping conditions for our products namely Overnight One day Ground International Saturday Delivery etc Hazard Overnight Hazard Ground We have a few hazardous materials for which we want to res

Use of Vendor and Customer in 'Define Shipping Data for Storage Location"

Under the stock transfer order configuration, there is a IMG step <b>"Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".</b> In this at storage location level, we can assign, sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER

How to: Make Shipping Condition field required in Tx. VT01N

Hi everyone. I need to make the Shipping Condition field required in the transsaction VT01N Create Shipment. I don't know how to do this, can somebody help me with this issue??? Thanks for your help!Hi Chemo, As far i undestand, you want to calculate

CRM Exchange order - shipping condition not copied from Sales order

In CRM Web client when we create an exchange order with reference to the sales order the shipping condition is copied from the BP sales area data instead from the original order.Hi Check this link http://learnsaptips.blogspot.com/2010/09/text-type-co

Availability of material based on the shipping conditions

Dear Friends, Please mail to me how to configure the availability of material based on the shipping conditions? That is when we give the shipping condition in the sales order (va01) for example by air 1 day, by road 5 days and by water 6 days. The sy

Shipping condition in vendor evaluation

how shipping conditions are taken in vendor evaluation.As per my knowledge, the shipping instruction you define it in PO,during GR for the PO,you need to evaluate it and assign the score for the shipping, after evaluate the ship.inst ,the score will

Regarding shipping condition field vbak-vsbed in VA03 transaction

Hi experts! I want to fetch the discription of field VBAK-VSBED to display in my sap script form. can anyone help me with that. which table should i look for. example :   vbak-vsbed = 15 so which table can have the discription for 15 which in my scen

Reg Copying of Shito Shipping Condition in a Sale Order

In the cusomer master for a Sold to there will be different Ship To say "A" Sold To has c,d,e Ship to and also A itself is the sold to as well and sipping condition maintained for Sold To is "1" when you create a slae order with Sold t

Enable shipping condition in delivery header to be editable

Hallo experts, need your advise on below: Currently the delivery header shipping condition is not allowed to be changed in VL01n or VL02n, it's somehow "grey out". How can I make this field editable? Is it by user exit or transaction variant? Ho

Change shipping condition from required to optional

Dear friends I want to change some fields in customer master how to do it Example change shipping condition from required to optional how do I do it AhmedDear Jyothi. Pleas find the path and do as per instruction in Define Account Groups with Screen

STO Billing document shipping condition

Hi, In STO billing document shipping condition is always copied from the customer master, even if we have a difference shipping condition in STO Order & Delivery. For Ex: STO Purchase Order - Shipping Conidtion AIR Delivery _ Shipping Conidtion AIR B

Shipping condition mapping during Order load

Hi Experts,                   I have two SAP systems A and B. 1. PO is created in A and sends over that to B. 2. It is required to pass shipping condition(VBAK-VSBED) from A to B. But shipping conditions used in System A are diff than B. so system B