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Show Only First N Rows in SAP Design Studio Chart/Table

Hi, Is it possible to show only first N rows of data in SAP Design Studio Charts/Cross Tab ? Eg Bex Query Output Here If I mention First 2 rows, my chart looks like below If I mention First 4 rows, my chart looks like below Thanks AnilHi Mustafa, Tha

Unable to embed External CSS file, dropdown list,filter panel and dimension filter are not working in SAP Design Studio Tool

Hello Everyone, I am new to SAP Design Studio. I am working on creating dashboards and I am using Design Studio 1.2 version. Please suggest some solutions for the following issues. Thanks in Advance. 1. External CSS file which is embeded using custom

SAP Design Studio Bookmark security

We like the new feature in 1.3 which allow us to save bookmark / navigation state in SAP Design Studio application. However it looks like it require Administrator rights for users to be able to save or delete it. We were not able to locate what secur

Facing following issues with SAP Design studio tool

Hello Everyone, I am new to SAP Design Studio. I am working on creating dashboards and I am using Design Studio 1.2 version. Please suggest some solutions for the following issues. Thanks in Advance. 1. External CSS file which is embeded using custom

SAP Design Studio 1.2

How does absence of Mobile SDK support in sap design studio 1.2 affect the mobile solutions? Regards, TanishaHi, Try adding "DS_1.setFilter("Dimension Name", DROPDOWN_1.getSelectedValue()); " after "DROPDOWN_1.setItems(DS_1.getMem

HANA Stored Procedure in SAP Design Studio

hi there, I developed a HANA stored procedure, I want to implement this procedure in SAP Design Studio. following scenario: if Button Click, the Procedure is executed and the result of this Procedure is shown in a crosstab. I can maybe help someone,

Does SAP Design Studio 1.2 supports BEx conditions....?

Hi All, Have one scenario where BEx query is having condition (Ex: Keyfigure not equal to '0'). But in design studio, values are not applied with condition.   FYI - One of the documents from SAP, it supports...plz check attachment Kindly give your co

SAP Design Studio 1.3 Chart Tooltip Format Broken?

Design Studio 1.3 now offers the ability to format the X axis, Y axis, DataLabel, and Tooltip for a chart.  All of the items listed above honor formatting in the chart, except the Tooltip.  The screenshot below will show you a DataLabel formatted as

Ranking In SAP Design Studio 1.3

Hi, Is there a way we can rank a dimension in Design Studio 1.3? Thanks & Regards, MitaleeTry looking at BEx Conditions and see this thread http://scn.sap.com/thread/3493392 Also, please remember to search before you post per SCN rules of engagement;

SAP Design Studio SDK Editing

Hi, I am an SAP BIBO consultant. One month before I started using Design Studio 1.2. Is there any document that will help in BIAL coding???. Can anyone please show me from the scratch how I can edit the existing standard components in the Design Stud

How to join SAP Design Studio - Design Council

Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to join Design Studio - Design Council. I am working on a internal project and would love to provide feedback to product team at SAP. Thanks, RajanI am not aware of a council like this for Design Studio There is S

SAP Design Studio ODBC Driver Not Found error while creating HANA connection.

Hi, While creating SAP HANA ODBC connection in Design Studio via Tools > Preference > Application Design > Backend Connection. I am getting error ODBC Driver Not Found. Error screen shot is attached. My Design Studio version is 1.3 win 32 bit My

Upload Local Application option is not available under Tools menu: SAP design studio

Hi All, I have created dashboards in design studio 1.3 in local mode. Now I want to upload my application to the Business Intelligence platform. So I referred the below thread. Design Studio 1.0: Upload a Local Application to the Business Intelligenc

SAP Design Studio 1.2 sp01 Filters logic is required for drop down list component

Hi all,                I am working with sap ds 1.2 sp01,In dropdown list, assume it has X,Y,Z. So defaulty it shows first  "X' value in Dropdown list , but in Croos tab from DS_1, it is not related to "x" value, it shows overall Values In

How to set a BEx Query Condition in Design Studio (e.g. Net value GT 0)

Hi experts, I have set a simple condition in my BEx Query... e.g. key figure "Net value" GT 0 to become only positive values in the query result. In the Query runtime the condition works successful, but in the Design Sudio view the defined Query

Login Issues to SAP HANA from Design Studio

Hello All , I am pretty newbie here so the question might seem a bit elementary .We are trying to connect to our SAP HANA environment from Design studio .When we are pinging the XSEngine URL it is responding properly .But when we are  trying to conne

Design studio connectivity with HCP

Hello, I am able to connect Lumira to HCP. Wanted to check if we are able to connect Design Studio to Hana Cloud Platform at this time? Cheers!My only experience with this is on AWS - and looking at the PAM https://service.sap.com/~sapidb/01200252310

Design Studio working for ipad,iphone, and desktop

Hello All, I'm new to the SAP design studio world. My first task that has been assigned to me is to see what is the capability of Design Studio to have a singular file and have the CSS be reflective of Iphone,Ipad and Desktop. 1) Is this even possibl

Design Studio - Dashboards/webi Mobile compatibilty

Dear friends, I have got a requirement of deploying few webi reports and Dashboards in mobile devices which could be of IOS/Android/Windows. I got to know about design studio where in we can develop the dashboards and reports and deploy it to any mob

Exploring Design Studio 1.1

Hi Everybody This is my first post and I could really use some help in exploring  SAP Design Studio tool as a professional dashboarding option. I currently have access to Design Studio 1.1 and I am trying to create a sample dashboard to showcase to c