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Return Materials to Vendor

Hi All, I have a client requirement who is in Seed Business. Currently they are following below procurement process. Purchase Order contains two line items : One for Main Seed material and another for Remnant. For main seed materials: Purchase Order

How to get materials at vendor location created on APO

Hi - I am working on a project to try to do some capacity planning/what if analysis on SNP for materials created at a vendor location ( contract manufacturer). We currently do not maintain master data for the capacity of these vendors but it is somet

Standard report in SAP materials ordered

Hi Guru's Can any one help me for getting a standard report in SAP where one can track the materials ordered. That is when the materials have to be delivered, the date when the vendor despatched the goods, when we received it i.e actual GR date etc.

Report for materials and vendor

Hi experts, I need to take a report and conver to excel  for the following pls give me the tcodes r by means of tables 1 list of material available in a plant 2. List of vendors available in a plant/company 3. List of total stock available in a compa

Standard SAP Report for Vendors to dispaly Vendor No, Name and Balance

Hi Experts, Can any one help me to display Vendor Report which contains Vendor No, Vendor Name and Vendor Balance from SAP Standard Reports (Not Customized Report). I have checked with all SAP Standard Reports, It seems that all SAP Standard Reports

Standard SAP report for vendor hierarchy

Hi Gurus, Does SAP have standard report for vendor hierarchy?  We want to use vendor hierarchy to capture all the expense to a list of vendors and wondering if we can utilize some standard report to see the total supply or we should develop custom re

Issue materials to vendor on chargeable basis

Hi Kindly suggest the best way to handle the below scenario in PS: 1) A vendor is engaged for the project to carry out various services. Materials are issued to Vendor on chargeable basis. The user creates a nework reservation for the material for dr

SAP Workflow for vendor invoice is posting into past?

Dear experts I have a heavy problems with the workflow for vendor invoices. The following example demonstrates it: I have created a vendor invoice on 1st of December 2011.The responsible person has checked and released this invoice on 3rd January 201

*SAP Query on Vendor Master*

Hello SAP Gurus, I have created a SAP query joining SAP tables LFM1, LFA1 & ADRCT. The join condition is LIFNR for LFM1 & LFA1. The join condition for LFA1 & ADRCT is ADDRNUMBER. The query is intended to pick the following fields Vendor, POrg,

Table Structure  provided by SAP for Customer/Vendor

Hi All,          We will be using Customer/vendor Business Content shipped by SAP.We will customize it to add our additonal fields needed.The table has close to 120 fields.So does it impact performance in any way.Ideally we would like to leave fields

Print a label for Goods receipt of materials from vendor

Hi, I need to print several labels and I don't know how to do!! First I would like to print a label automatically when I save the good receipt with the MIGO Somebody could tell witch outypes I must to use in NACE, and what is the customising I need t

Relation of issue materials with vendor number???

Hi Gurus!!!! Can anyone tell me that can I find the vendor number by giving material document number and movement type type: 201. i.e. is there any relation of vendor number with issue material.......... Please give me any solution!!! With regards Pa

Implementation of SAP SUS for Vendor Portal and Open Text Invoice Mgmt

Where can I find information that will help me establish a project plan for these two pieces of functionality?  Do they intgerate together or are there redundancies? Thanks Steve LeoneHI http://www.sap.com/solutions/solutionextensions/invoice-managem

SAP PO- emailing vendor and recepient--- urgent

When trying to email PO to both Vendor as well as the person creating the PO...The PO is emailed only to vendor and not picking the ID in the recpient field(internal ID). What is the procedure for emailing bothHi R u using any zee program for sending