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Suggestion on Good Books for SAP NetWeaver Administrator

Hi, I am very new to SAP NetWeaver. Can any one please suggest some good books to learn SAP NetWeaver Administration. Is SAP NetWeaver For Dummies is good book to start with? I want to understand the SAP NetWeaver Architecture and also want to learn

SAP Netweaver Administration

Hi SAP Gurus, I am working as a Weblogic Application Server Administrator/Engineer for past 5 years. I want to make a career change and enter into SAP world. I want to stay in the Administration world though I have 5 years of Java development experie

SAP Netweaver Administration RoadMAP

Hi all, Till now I worked as SAP PI developer now I decided to move on for Infrastructure side. Can some body explain in-detail about SAP WAS administration and how to approach to Solution Manager admin. Please kindly give the links and some guide li

Is there SAP Netweaver Administrator in ERP 6.0 EHP4/NW 7.01(ABAP) ?

Hi all, I want to know whether the SAP ERP(ABAP only) has web page for example as in the Solution Manager http://host:port with links to the Web Services Navigator and Web Dynpro Tooles? never met with such a question or just not interested .. And no

Webservice configuration in SAP Netweaver CE 7.1  EHP1

Hello, I am trying to configure the webservices(SAP ME)  in SAP Netweaver CE 7.1 EHP1. I follow the procedure below. 1.Log on to SAP NetWeaver Administrator Console by launching the following URL: http://<host>:<port>/nwa. 2. Choose SOA Manage

SAP NetWeaver 7.2 (SDN-Edu) with Oracle Database

Hi there, I have download the SAP NetWeaver 7.2 from SDN (Trial-Version). So far, the installation went good with MaxDB. But how I can connect to an Oracle Database (11g Release 2)? Do I need to configure JDBC Driver, then customizable DataSource wit

How to start with netweaver administration

Hello i am new to sap netweaver administration,  can anyone advise me how to kick start with sap netweaver administration.  My background is webdynpro java. NageenHello , Please refer the thread , you will get the all the necessary links . SAP Netwea

SLD is not accessible in our Netweaver Administrator

Hi, Do u know why the SLD is not accessible in our SAP Netweaver Administrator? What steps should be taken to solve this problem? Please help. Thanks, JennahHello Jennah , To resolve issue : Please check the sld data supplier is running or not ? <b>

How to Add additional Module to SAP NETWEAVER TRIAL

Hi! Everyone, I'm completely new to SAP, I was able to install the above subject with its GUI and working perferctly fine, however is it possible to add additional modules such as Logistics, Procurement and sales? Thanks in AdvanceHello Albert, If it

BPM - SAP netweaver 7.3

Hi Folks, I overheard about the  BPM integration with SAP NetWeaver Administrator 7.3. Have you guys already configured it? Do you have more information about it, as instance: oss notes, documentation, cookbook and etc..? thank you so muchHi Tushar,

Modification of Netweaver Administrator PAR/EAR  File

Hello Gurus, I am using SAP Netweaver Administrator tool for System Administration,Monitoring etc.. But in my case I need to develop a IView... which shows only System Availability. (In NWA this iview can be accessed by System Management->Administrat

What will be the netweaver administrator's daily responsibilities?

Hi, My company is recently moving to SAP and I will be the SAP netweaver administrator. Can you give me some basic idea what is the netweaver administrator 's daily task ? What kind problem I will face and solve? I need a general guideline for what r

Mobile Administrator in SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1

Hi All I want to log in into the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator in 7.1. In the help of sap, it says: You can access the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator through the DOE. To do this, you must log on to the DOE and choose Data Orchestration Engin

Netweaver administration and SAP Web Application Server r the same?

Hi All, I am a Basis Consultant & new to Netweaver,.. I am interested in Netweaver administration.. 1.I am confused wheather netweaver administration and SAP Web Application Server r the same?(or WAS is just another component of Netweaver). 2.Do we n

[SAP NetWeaver 2004] Can't logon in Visual Administrator

Hi community, I can't login in Visual Administrator with SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Trial Version on Linux (NW4) I try to logon using J2EE_ADMIN/ADMIN as login/password but when I try to connect it remains in connecting state. In the logs I can see the fol

Application testing using HttpUnit on SAP netweaver EP

Hi, I'm trying to perform blacbox testing on login page of an application running on SAP netweaver server. The code in the testClass looks like this: URL serverUrl = new URL(url);         WebConversation conversation = new WebConversation();        

Beginners guide for netweaver administration

hi , i m a basis administrator . next month they r going to put me in  a project where xi is implemented . gurus what are the url's which guides for the sap xi administration  i m very new to xi...so can you also please say me what would be the job r

CmcApp don't work after deployment on SAP Netweaver 7.0

Hello, I've installed BOE XI3.1sp3 and after installation deployed Web Components to SAP Netweaver 7.0Ehp1. After deployment, I've try to launch CMC application in web browser. The url is http://<j2ee_server>:<j2ee_port>/CmcApp. Logon screen l

Create datasource in SAP Netweaver (SP15)

Hi: we need to create a datasource in SAP Netweaver (SP15). This datasource is an Oracle Database placed in a different host. From the Visual Administrator we have accessed to : Server - Services - JDBC Connector In tab Runtime I have set the followi

Choosing unicode and non-unicode option in SAP Netweaver Mobile 7.1

Hi folks, do we have the option of choosing a unicode or non-unicode format on installing SAP Netweaver mobile 7.1? Can we communicate MI unicode system with non-unicode backend? Let me know on where i can find more info related to this Regards, Kaly