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SAP report showing sales orders on which pricing conditions have been chang

Is there a SAP report that shows a list of sales orders on which pricing conditions have been changed. My knowledge is: Review pricing condition transaction data table (‘KONV’) helps is some way.Hi Ashish, I don't know any such a report, but I guess

Report to check materials list with missing pricing conditions

Hi, I have two levels in the BOM. Sales material in the top and purchase material in the bottom. I create VK11 pricing (condition type: XP00) for SALES ORG/ MATERIAL and SALES ORG/ MATERIAL/ CUSTOMER level for both materials. Is there any standard SA

Populating the bapi in retreiving the pricing condition

Hi guys, given the ff data, how am i going to populate bapi_salesorder_simulate to retrieve the pricing condition? Condition      Table     Field                    SAP Field ABCD     907     Sales Org                   LIKP-VKORG ABCD     907     Cu

2 pricing conditions in PP

Hi everyone, This is a RETURNS scenario. We create a Credit Memo Request (Sales Order type: CR) when the customer calls in for a Return and we make another Sales Order (Sales Order Type: RE) when the goods actually come in. A credit memo is created a

Invoice List: Missing Pricing Condition

Hi, We are trying to implement invoice list because of the different sold-to party but same payer requirement. we have configured all the requirements listed Prerequisites You can only process invoice lists if the following prerequisite data is defin

Pricing Condition in scheduling agreement

Hi Gurus, I'm working with scheduling agreements and I figured that whenever I create scheduling agreements, pricing condition PB00 gets defaulted to the scheduling agreement, Can you guys be kind enough to tell me what configuration is driving this?

Users autorizations for pricing condition in sales order

HI all, Can anyone tell me if there is any posibilities to control users autorization for certain pricing condition in a sales order? For example: User A can add/edit/display K007 but user B can only display K007 for a new sales order. Thanks in adva

Delete Pricing Condition IN Sales Order

Hello Forum, Does anyone know how to delete a specific pricing condition in a Sales Order. In a sales order for each line item there are multiple pricing conditions. I need to delete a specific price condition 'ZZZZ' for instance then how do I go abo

FM SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE - pricing condition problem

Hello, I hope someone could help me on this one: First of all, my SAP version is 4.6c.  I've been developing a program that will create a sales contract using FM  SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE.  Overall, the sales contract is being created successfully. Ho

To make the Pricing Condition types inactive in Pricing Procedure

Hi Experts, I am facing a senario where, in a sales order, pricing procedure, if one of the pricing condition type does not exist, then two other condition types (even though they are determined by condition records), should be either made inactive o

User exit to copy Manual pricing conditions with in sales documents

Hi all, I have a situation where i have to copy the manual pricing conditions from inquiry to quotation. Problem: From VA21 when I try to do the same using the tab "create with reference" the document is being copied but the manually set pricing

How to handle the different pricing conditions changes in BI.

Dear Friends can any one send me  Regarding                 How to handle the different pricing conditions changes in BI. Thanks & Regards RamanaHi, Take a look at the 0sd_o06 ODS and 2lis_13_vdkon datasource for sales billing conditions. http://help

How to obtain the pricing condition data from sales data?

Hi all!  I have googled many times and read through many sites to understand how I can obtain the pricing condition data that's specific to a specific sales line.  However, the answer I got usually are as follow: Tables to be used: KONV KONH KONP VBR

How to copy the Pricing conditions from one Distribution Channel to another

Generally we use VK11 transaction to create conditional records . but I Need to Know whether is it Possible to copy the Pricing conditions from one Distribution Channel to another with same name and same internal Characteristics . Since we have aroun

Pricing condition question

Hi Gurus, I need your help 1) Want to configure a pricing condition which can be used only in a purchase order, but NOT in a contract/outline agreement. Is it possible? If yes, then how? 2) Want to configure a pricing condition which when added in a

Duplicate pricing conditions printed in the invoice

The values returned in the table parameter "TKOMVD" of the function module "'RV_PRICE_PRINT_HEAD"used in the program RVADIN01, causing some duplicate pricing conditions in the script printing. Also this table parameter is not always re

How to Create MM Quotaion with Pricing Conditions against RFQ through ME47?

Hi, I got a requirement to Create MM Quotation against Request for Quotation with Pricing. I got a Function Module BS01_MM_QUOTATION_CREATE to Create Quotaion but there is no Parameter to Pass Pricing Conditions. Can anyone suggest me to Create MM Qu