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How to add help splitter in a screen ? (as Sap Enjoy transactions)

Hello, I would like to create some screens like sap enjoy transactions (me53n, me21n, me22n ...) with the button "i" and the help in the left splitter. I don't want to change standard help but I want to use the same idea for our specifics transa

Where do I get all SAP WM transaction codes for user acceptance test ?

Hello experts, Where do I get all SAP WM transaction codes for user acceptance test during cutover activities? I need the list of transactions. Thanks in advanceHi, You can download through Solution Manager also. If ASAP is installed in your computer

How to set up a link between sap fica transaction and cic front office

Hi Guys, How to configure between SAP FICA transaction (FPR1 for create installation plan) to CIC front office. I did some changes in FPR1 transaction, same changes which are not reflecting on CIC screen, when i log on to CIC0 and select the create i

Challenge of the day - "beginner" errors in SAP-delivered transactions

1.  Read this post here: Question on SWUI_SINGLE and SWUI_START 2.  Name another SAP-delivered transaction that exhibits the same incorrect behavior as SWUI_SINGLE and SWUI_START. Note: Assume that the behavior of these transactions at this customer

Docking container and SAP standard transaction

Hello, in one screen I have a tree control container and a docking container. With the tree control container everything is perfect. If the user does a click on a node on the tree in the docking container there should be shown a SAP standard transact

How to create an IDOC as an output type for an SAP standard transaction

Hi , How to create an outbound IDOC as an output type for an SAP standard transaction. Regards, BeenaIn NACE tcode u can create output type with medium as EDI, u can assign the entry sub routine as ENTRY_EDI in RNASTEDRead other 2 answers

Why most of SAP Standard transactions are written in function pools

Hi Forum Experts, Why most of SAP Standard transactions are written in function pools instead of a normal module pool program? ( In the case of Standard tcode function pools, it is a collection of a large number of funciton modules, includes for form

NWBC problem displaying SAP ABAP transactions

Hi, I was trying to configure NWBC and I was able to connect to the system and see the transaction available on the role assigned to the user, under that role I assigned SAP standard transactions, BSP applications, WebDynpro applications and Web page

SAP Standard Transactions are not  Available

Hi all, I have one issue that we want to start our project system but some SAP Standard Transactions are not available when i check that Transaction its showing "DOES NOT EXIST". I have then Checked Program name of that same SAP Transaction code

Userexits for normal and SAP enjoy transaction

I have a question - are all user exits that we have used for normal transaction ( Say ME21) are also applicable for the new SAP Enjoy Transaction( Say ME21N). In case there are some user exits which are not applicable for new transaction how can we f

SAP BW Transaction Key

Hi, There is a field called BWVORG (SAP-BW Transaction Key) in the data sources for Inventory namely 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM which gets mapped to 0PROCESSKEY in BW. I want to know in which transaction of R/3 I will be able to see all those availabl

SAP Std. transaction for missing parts

Is there any SAP standard transaction (s) or procedure (s) which will give the list of missing components/ parts per sales order, process order, stock transfer, projects, subcontracting apart from V_V2, CO24 & ME2O standard transactions?Hi, SAP std t

Technical difference between SAP enjoy transaction and Old transaction

Can some one detail out technical differences betwwen SAP enjoy transaction ( like ME21N) and normal old transaction( like ME21). Specially I want to know the difference between user exits for two transaction .First the user exits will be the same, t

List of SAP Enjoy Transactions

Does any one has the list of SAP Enjoy transactions. please send me [email protected] It is required immediately. Pls Help.Hi                                        Tcode for MM Module All transaction are stored in table TSTC.  Transaction for MM mod

How SAP posts transactions

Hi, I need to understand how SAP posts transactions (posting logic) that ultimately end up in the trial balance (FMUSFGA table).  I figure developers will probably know this. I need to know the fields (and tables) that together govern how SAP posts t

Guide/document for SAP Basis transaction st03n

Hello, If somebody has a good guide/document describibg the use,features and functionalities of SAP Basis transaction st03n ,Kindl plz send it to me on my Email Id [email protected] as i need it urgently. Thanks, SaumyaHi somya, Please look at this l

I am getting error messages when keying entries into SAP in transaction cod

I am getting error messages when keying entries into SAP in transaction code F-02.  It will tell me that an asset doesn't exist in the company code I am posting to when the asset does exist.  For example in the parked document 101079622 it tells me t

Add a Button to SAP Standard Transaction by using userexit

Hi All, How to add a Button to SAP Standard Transaction by using User Exits ? If any one is having step step   material on the same , please forward me. my id is : [email protected] Thanks in advance RKUSER EXIT http://www.sap-img.com/abap/a-short-tu

Accessing SAP Web Transaction - error with DragAndRelateLayer

The Assets Business Package provides an iView which allows objects to be viewed within the iView. It also has icons to go into SAP an view and amend data SAP Web - in this case Assets which are viewed and amended by Transactions IL02 & IL03. On click

Launching SAP WinGUI transaction in separate non-browser window

Is there a way to launch a SAP GUI transaction in a SAP Win Gui window?  That is, without having the browser parent window around it.Oh I almost forgot.  When launching this way the user will be prompted to "Open or Save" the file.  Even if the