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How to limit data range in a Line chart with Time Refresh Control

Hi All, I have a Line chart with Time Refresh Control and I would like to make some constraints to this navigation. For example, I would like to limit the user to navigate in a data range of 8 hours. Is this posible? Thanks in advanceHi Pedro, as far

How can I load a graphic in SOFFCONT1 into an SAP picture control?

At my customer site, GOS attachments to PM notifications are stored in SOFFCONT1, so I can't use cl_bds_document_set to get a URL that I can pass to the load method of the SAP picture control. How can I load the actual graphic in SOFFCONT1 into an SA


SAP should definitely redefined this control.  To program this control is a logistical nightmare.  I'm really fed up with all this shortcomings.  Programming for SAP is like programming in a third generation language (or gui tools environment)    Que

Upload image from Mobile device using SAP ui5 controls

Hello Team , Can we use SAP UI5 controls to upload image from photo gallery of the mobile device, the idea is to use simple sap UI5 codding and not SMP. please do let me know if you guys have idea on same. Armaan Hi Armaanjit, Please have a look at m

Enjoy SAP Tree control on left of FV60 should be hide by default.

HI ALL, Enjoy SAP Tree control on left of FV60 should be hide by default. I want to know the procedure to do this. when we park a document with tree on next time tree comes by default. and when we park a document with tree off next time tree comes of

SAP-Script Control on a Dynpro

Hello to all I am trying to implement a SAP-Script control on a Dynpro (a PA-Infotype) using the class CL_GUI_SAPSCRIPT_EDITOR. Basically this works pretty smooth but I am facing an odd problem: How can I determine that the user made changes to the t

Error when including SAP Scripting Control

Hello, I was using SAP Scripting Control in VB with SAPGUI 620 without any problems. I upgraded my SAPGUI to 640 (patch level 8). Now, I am not able to include the SAP Scripting Control (sapfewse.ocx) in Visual Basic. Whenever I try to include it, I

SAP Enterprise Controlling module

Hi guys, Please any one tell me what is the SAP Enterprise Controlling moduleHi! Enter prise controling module is a part of SAP ECC, and it consists of  Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA),Consolidation (EC-CS), Executive Information System and Busines


Hi, I have one screen with two tabstrips, one of them contains a chart and the other an ALV. If I leave the screen from the chart-tab and call it again, everything is ok. But when I leave it while ALV-Tab is active and call it again, the alv shows th

REFRESH CONTROL tbcl1 FROM SCREEN '9001' .    ??

Hi experts, I have a doubt. I have a tablecontrol TBCL1 in screen 9001 . I want to refresh all the tablecontrol data at once , I think *REFRESH CONTROL tbcl1 FROM screen '9001' *.... this statemnet fulfil my needs? But where to use in PBO or PAI,  ?

Capture date change event of Time Refresh Control

Hi, Is there any possible way by which we can capture the date change event from the time refresh control of iGrid?Hi, Ok lets do it this way. I have a page in which i am having radio button for date selection say YTD, MTD and so. In the page i have

How to call SAP GUI Graphical interface by using SAP ACTIVEX Control?

Hi,all I want to connet my delphi system with SAP system. But we still need to call SAP GUI Graphical interface into our delphi system. Could we use SAP ACTIVEX Control to implement this funciont? Or, is there any other method to Call SAP GUI Graphic

Upgrade SAP Access Control v5.2 to Access control v5.3 in DS v3

Hi All, I have a Discovery Server v3 with which SAP Access Control v5.2 is available. Is there a possibility to upgrade the version of Access Control to v5.3. Does SAP supports this.Please provide your inputs ASAP. Regards, ChaitraSolved from another

Difference between SAP Access Control and IDM

Hi Expert, I have one question What is the difference between SAP Access Control and SAP Identity Management ?Ali, That's a good question, but a tough one. While both applications can do most of what the other can do, it's a matter of specialization

ECC.6  SAP CO (Controlling Certification)

Hi All i am very much interest in do the SAP CO (controlling Direct Certification from current Organisation) any one can plz suggest me what is the procedure and where i can get the study material for CO.what is the duration for the completer prepart

Workaround for non-SAP mitigating control reminders

Dear all, Our business users would like to document mitigating controls in RAR 5.3 regardless of whether they are connected with an SAP report. They would also like to receive email reminders for those controls. Unfortunately, the frequency of the co

VNC: no screen refresh controlling Lion Server

Hello all. I have a Mac Mini running Lion Server. It shares a monitor with a PC using an IOGear DVI KVM switch. Usually I can use VNC remotely to control the Mac Mini when it is connected to the KVM switch. However sometimes I need to grab the cables

Problem with SAP Script (Control Commands)

Dear friends,       I am facing one problem withg control commands. When i use <b>PROTECT.....ENDPROTECT</b> with <b>VAR type</b> window then it is not working instead i use with <b>MAIN type</b> window it is working fi

SAP Access Control Project

Dear All, I am preparing a proposal for SAP GRC Access Control. At the moment, I am having some trouble with the cleansing part. I want to know if role cleansing is a part of the project? If it is, then how one can estimate the time to do this activi

Refresh control hints lables after change the locale

Hello, I'm building a web application using ADF ( JSP/BC4J/STRUTS ). I want to give the user the facility to change the display language, so i made an event on a Data Action that change both HTTP session locale and Application Module session locale t