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SAP Service Entry Sheet Transaction


How to create a service entry sheet based from the PO

how to create a service entry sheet based from the PO Gurus, I am creating a service entry sheet from the PO but I am getting an error of u201CPlease maintain services or limits Message no. SE029- Diagnosis(You cannot enter data until the PO item has

Standard SAP reports for detailed Service Entry Sheet data

Hi All, I am searching for standard SAP reports to extract the detailed Service Entry Sheet data out of SAP. For example, I need the deailed information like Service Entry Sheet Number, Purchase Order Number, PO line item number, short text, Posting

Create Service entry sheet using BAPI in SAP

Hi Experts, Scenario : SES will be created in third party system , once it created, txt file will be generated and placed in their server.We will be writing a program to pick that file and post SES in ECC using BAPI ( Idoc is not available to create

Text mapping from SAP SRM confirmation to ECC Servic Entry Sheet

How can we map Item and Header texts from SRM confirmations to ECC Service Entry Sheet appropriate fields.Hello Sanjeev, FIrst, run report /SAPSRM/GET_TEXT_CUST_ERP in SRM. This report copy texts from backend to SRM. Then use SPRO to map texts betwee

Changing Service Entry Sheet - Call Transaction / BAPI / etc

Dear all, I need to create a program in order to change data  in service entry sheets services or/and delete services. I wanted to use a BAPI but I can not find one for changing data (only for creating). Trying to use call transaction for transaction

How to cancell PO from Service Entry sheet

Hi, We have many open service Purchase orders in the system(More than 1800) and we would like to cancell these PO's as business dont need the service. Scenario: We have raised PR, which is approved by multi level approvals After PR is approved, PO is

Creating Service Entry Sheet without using Service Master/Service lines

We are invoking the BAPI_EntrySheet_Create to create the service entry sheet. We are currently facing this issue... 1) For assigned PO's, we are getting the PO item and Account assignment information from BAPI_PO_GetDetail. We are using these values

WBS Commitment during service entry sheet

Dear SAP Guru, I have one query related with punching of service entry sheet with reference to PO of proejct WBS. I have made one service PO with accnt.assignment category P and item category D, i have assigned one WBS element in account assignment t

Service Entry Sheet Accounting Entries??

Dear All, At the time of Service Entry sheet our client is asking to post the accounting entries as below. WIP A/C-Dr      xxxx    To SR/IR A/c xxxx For WIP we have to give the WBS so that at later stage this WIP has to be settled (wbs settlement to

Dump during creation of service entry sheet (ML81N)

Dump during creation of service entry sheet (ML81N) Hi, ML81N>Select PO>Enter>goto entry sheet create (empty page)>service entry sheet displayed with internal no. assigned >click tab "service selection">Input PO No.--> enter

Shipment Document, No Purchase Order & Service Entry Sheet generated

Hi Everyone We have transportation & shipment module configured in our company. We are running this process from the last 3 years without any problems whatsoever. But suddenly from the past 1 month we are facing a very serious issue while saving ship

Reverse service entry sheet

Hi, We are involved in implementing Transportation module for an FMCG client, we were trying to show the reverse cycle to the client. Service PO has been raised, GR done and service entry sheet generated and has been accepted. Now we want to reverse

SRM - Delete confirmation (service entry sheet)

Hi, we have the 5.00SRM. The user tried to post twice the same confirmation (service entry sheet) so the system replicated the first one in R3 and the second is in error for the Purchase order lock (message class SAP-T100 message-id BBP_ADMIN 010). I

ML81N Service entry sheet and material document

Hello, Why SAP creates a material document "WE" and another document "Lerf" when you create a service entry sheet using the ML81N transaction? I have seen too that if you don't set up the "No limit" flag in the purchase order

Configure service entry sheet ML81N

How to configure field selection for ML81N.... accept data......ref. field for inv. i want to make it mandatory... plz. help....... thanks navinHi Kindly check SPRO , In which MM>External service management In Service entry sheet The screen field set

SUS Service Entry Sheet Proxy Class

Hi All, PLease let me know the proxy class called for the service interface ServiceAcknowledgementERPCreateRequest_In. This interface is used to create Service Entry Sheet in MM from SRM SUS system. regards, NeerajHi, You can search it in SPROXY tran

ECS scenario - Service PO and Service Entry sheets in backend

Hello, We are on SRM_SERVER 550, SP07 and  in the process of moving to ECS scenario. There are some questions from me on the Service procurement in ECS. 1. When we create a PO with service item in SRM, will it get copied to backend as a Po with item

Error - Service Entry Sheet

Hi all, While Doing service entry sheet system is showing the following Error Log. "147 Account determination for entry 1000 KBS 1000 not possible" Please explain how to resolve this.Hi, No need of any sap note check here. Go to OBYC transaction

Customizing incorrectly maintained at service entry sheet save time

Dear PM Guru's we are using ECC 6.4 , while confirm and save the service entry sheet, system gives information message as Customizaing incorrectly maintained instead of document posted information. we are trying in somany ways but we cant solve the i

Accounting error in service entry sheet

Hi          while posting service entry sheet i get error 147 Account determination for entry INT WRX not possible. I have maintained valuation class of service master in OBYC setting also.Can anybody help me out. ThnxHi, Your question already answer