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Drill down SAP history table on Linux

You may have noticed (or not noticed) that on some fields in SAP there is a History table that appears once you start entering (typing) information into the field. The History table is a field box that appears underneath a field when you start enteri

How history tables like MBEWH applied to Inventory cube 0IC_C03

Hi BW Gurus, Need your advice on this. How actually we can applied history tables like MBEWH, MARCH, MCHBH, MKOLH, MSKUH link with the cube? Is it create as master data or create customer exist to 2LIS_03_BF data source? As my concern is how actually

APO BW master data vs shipment history

hello all, i would like to clarify, we are creating a prototype in DP and trying lo bring master data and shipment history, does the flat file has masterdata and shipment hisotry in one file or does it have to have diffrent files for each master data

Insert into sap r/3 table

hi,guruvulu this is the program...............to insert the data into sap r/3 table but record is not inserting....any commit i have to write in my program? Created on Feb 20, 2007 TODO To change the template for this generated file go to Window - Pr

Need help in transferring data from flatfiles to SAP R/3 tables

Hi, I need to *transfer data in the flatfiles (NON SAP SYSTEM) to SAP R/3 tables*. Can we do it with a help of program ? Please help me out Thanks and regards, Shiva shekar kHi Shiva,     This code will be helpful to you. *Code used to create BDC *&

Extracting data FROM SAP BW/BI TO SAP R/3 Tables

Dear Experts,         I would like to know How to get the data from SAP BI/BW which we extracted earlier to SAP R/3 Tables. in specific I want to get the data from BW/BI to R/3 Tables again. for Ex: I have loaded data to ZFC_C25 Cube from SAP R/3 Sys

How to Pull data from sap r/3 tables to oracle tables

how to fetch data from sap r/3 tables & data pulled to oracle table . GIVE THE APPROPRITE ANSWER FOR THIS. THANKS IN ADVANCE. If it is useful for me , i am giving point. regards , Navita Edited by: NAVITA YADAV on Mar 7, 2008 2:07 PM Edited by: NAVIT

Crystal reports over SAP r/3 tables

I am trying to write a Crystal report over SAP r/3 tables (BSIK and LFA1) with no success. I have CRpts installed along with the "client side" SAP integration kit.  When i try to create a new connection to my development ERP system i am asked to

Some SAP R/3 Tables are Missing

Hi Friends, I made a connection between SAP R/3 and Crystal Reports.  When I am trying to see the tables of SAP R/3 I am not able to see all the tables only few tables are visible.  For example in Standard table I am able to see only LIKP table, but

Acess the sap r/3 table

hi everyone,     can i access the sap r/3 tables directly without rfc .....    any possibility is there means plz send me reply........    present i am doing bapi via jco using RFMs.........   with regards,'   satishHi, This question has already been

Data Extraction from SAP R/3 Table View in BW

Dear All, I am trying to create a BW query from SAP R/3 Table View. Till now i have created a table view Extracted Data source in R/3 Useing Tcode : RSA3 In BW Side 1. I have replicated the data source in Source system 2. Created  info object     and

Transporting table entries present in standard SAP R/3 table u201CTMCEXCFZu201D.

Hi All, We have a requirement where in we need to capture a table entry in transport request in R/3. The table "TMCEXCFZ" is a standard SAP R/3 table. The" transport entries" option under the "table entry" in menu bar is disa

How to upload sap r/3 table data to ms-sql 2000?

Dear Friends any one can help me out step by step to upload sap r/3 table data to ms-sql 2000. Thanks in advancehi good go through this link http://www.itcserver.com/blog/2006/06/29/data-transfer-methods/ thanks mrutyun^Read other 3 answers

Crystal Report against SAP R/3 Table-View (SE11) instead of SQ02-Infosets?

Hi all, does anybody know if crystal can connect to an SAP R/3 Table-View which is created with the SE11 Transaction ? I want to use this instead of the SQ02 InfoSets because the "join"-functionality in the SQ02-Infosets is only rudimentary and

Fetching SAP R/3 table in web dynpro application

Hello All I ve a group in portal. This group have member users stored in sap r/3 table. Now i have a requirement that whenever changes are made in sap r/3 table i.e. either adding of users or removing of users from table, these changes should automat

Help on the ADOC history table in SBO 2007

Hi I am interested in writing a report on changes to sales orders so I thought the ADOC and ADO1 tables would be a good start However if I place a sales order in my system I can't see the order in the ADOC table Is there some setting I need in SAP so


Can some one tell me the SAP USERS ROLE TABLE I Will assign point to any input. Balance Roll forward      Change Vendor Line Items Change Parked Vendor Document Change/ Reverse Vendor Invoice      Check Processing Clear Accounts Payable Items Display

PO History tables.

Hi Guys, Can anyone please tell me the table names for PO history information? I want to join tables to create a report, as ME80FN transaction has the report I need in three screens, and I want to join all of them. Thanks in advance.Hello SRao, PO hi

Purchase Requision History Table

Can anyone tell me the name of the table in which  revision history of Purchase requisition is maintained? Like PO you have ekbe. But for PR which is the revision history table??Hi try this way... SELECT COUNT(*) FROM cdhdr INTO t_output-w_poc       

SAP has a table that maintains Stock on Hand for each day

SAP has a table that maintains Stock on Hand for each day   do u know which table is that as i need to find data on stock on handHI Arunraj if there is any specific time of the day that you want to extract the data, you can copy the data from the ord