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Material define for shipping in material master.

Hello, My client is used the trading goods process,they have to imports the goods.They want to define the material shipping as initial phase in material master,it has to come by sea or air,requirement is that they define the material in purchasing in

Build daily Big flat file using SAP R/3 material master data

Hi all, I must build an interface between SAP R/3 4.7 and an external application Daily a flat file must be generated contaning Material data in full exchange mode (volume 100 000 materials, <10 fields => ~ File of 30Mo) No complex mapping, only for

BAPI or FM Required to create Material Master

IS there any BAPI or Function module avaiable in SAP to create Material Master. The following Two BAPIs uses Call transaction, which I dont want. BAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_CREATE  BAPI_STANDARDMATERIAL_CREATE Please let me know if any other Function module

Material Master - Purchase order Text view as plant specific

Is there any provision in standard SAP to make Material Master u2013 Purchase order Text view as plant specific. Example: Material Master u2013 Sales text view is sales org & Distribution channel specific and the sales text is unique of each of the s

To extend material master in condition that split valuation.

I want to valuate the material at two different valuation class if the material is produced internally  and procured externally. So I use split valuation function. I created accounting view  using valuation category  at plant level and I extended acc

What is a shipping condition in customer master?

Kindly give some info about the shipping condition which we use for shipping point determination. Where and how it is configured in customer master?shipping conditions:- For example, it might have been agreed with the customer that the goods are to b

Material master, SAP

HI, we need the field description for the following tables in SAP... MAKT MARA MARD MAST MVER MVKE MARC Edited by: Tutika Kumar on Nov 24, 2009 9:39 AMHI Tables used to store the field values for Material Master General Material Data     MARA Materia

SAP EH&S :- Dangerous goods indicator profile in material master

Helo All. Can anyone explain the sequence of customisation for dangerous goods checks carried out during sales? The DG indicator profile is assigned to material master and is configured in IMG. What is the sequence of customisation ? To where this in

Upload Material Master to non SAP Catalog

Hi Guys, we are trying to create a process to upload Material Master and/or Purchasing Info Recordes data directly from the backend into an non-SAP catalog. So far I only know about report BBP_CCM_CATALOG_TRANSFER, that uploads replicated material ma

3 level of Material Hierarchy in Material Master in SAP R/3

Hi, We have a requirement wherein we require 3 level hierarchy in all materials created. We have taken Material Type as the 1st Hierarchy. Now we are left with material group which can be the second hierarchy. I looked into the possibility of materia

Material Master Replication From SAP R/3 to SRM

Hi Gurus For the testing, I maintain a Job for the program SMOF_DOWNLOAD on daily basis in SRM system and I created the 5 material Masters in R/3. I am facing two issues. 1. The Material Master are replicated immediately, its not working as per the j

SAP Business Connector with Java (material master data)

Hey, I have a question about the SAP BC. What are the steps I have to do, to use the BC with a Java program? My task is to create a program which downloads material master datas from SAP. I just installed the BC, and hope, that I did it correctly Man

Create material Master by connecting SAP Tables to SQL server tables

We would like to use data in SQL server tables to upload material master into ECC. We have a number of rules embedded into the SQL server tables and would like that the LSMW program should pick up records directly from the SQL table without passing t

Characteristics in the material master (SAP Retail)

Hi everybody, Iu2019m using SAP Retail and I need to maintain characteristics in the material master. These characteristics are used to maintain additional information like u201Caccessoriesu201D and u201Cguaranteeu201D (Iu2019m not working with gener

Can anyone Explain about Data conversion for Material master In SAP MM

Can anyone Explain about Data conversion for Material master, Vendor  In SAP MM ThanksHi, Refer following link; [Data Migration Methodology|http://christian.bergeron.voila.net/DC_Guide/Data_Migration_Methodology_for_SAP_V01a.doc]Read other 2 answers

Non-SAP to SAP Material Master Data Transfer

Hi Experts, Please indicate any standard tools in SAP and how to use it wherein we can migrate non-SAP material master data to SAP. Points will be awarded. Regards, LMHello Leo, There are a number of options to do this. You can use the standard SAP t

Availability of material based on the shipping conditions

Dear Friends, Please mail to me how to configure the availability of material based on the shipping conditions? That is when we give the shipping condition in the sales order (va01) for example by air 1 day, by road 5 days and by water 6 days. The sy

Conditional Mandatory Field in Material Master (Sugg. Needed

Hi , I am having a requirement where i need to make a particular field to be mandatory for a certain condition in Material Master. Say for a Product Hierarchy i want to make Volume Rebate Group mandatory ( Sales Org 2 View). Please suggest the possib

Conditional Mandaotry field in Material Master (Suggestion Needed)

Hi , I am having a requirement where  i need to make a particular field to be mandatory for a certain condition in Material Master. Say for a Product Hierarchy i want to make Volume Rebate Group mandatory ( Sales Org 2 View). Please suggest the possi

Storage Condition field in Material Master Grayed Out.

Hi folks, We are trying to use the Storage Condition field in a Material Master Plant Data/ Storage Location View. However I noticed the filed is grayed Out. Then I looked at the Configuration in "Field Selection for Data Screen**" and the selec