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SAP Pricing Condition Tables

Hello All, Kindly look at this situation and recommend a possible Solution. There is a SAP Standard Table XXX with combination Sales Org/ Dist Chan/Division/ Material and the description as Sales Org/ Dist Chan/Division/Material.. With Validity Perio

Condition table for access sequence (taxes calculation procedure)

Hi, We need to perform tax calculation procedure in which there will be fields in condition table for a particular access sequence such that whenever we give the Country, Region and city in the condition table it will pick up the corresponding tax va

Sales Order Unable to Use New Condition Tables for Tax Condition Type

Dear All, I am currently working on SAP R/3 4.0. I have a new requirement for my tax where I need to create new condition tables other than the 4 standard SAP tables which are Customer/Material, Division/Customer, Departure Country/Destination Countr

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions of the SO?

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions for those SOs which used route 'AABB'. What i mean is whether there exist a table could let me search and get output list like below?? <b>Selection Screen:</b> Sales document type: ZTO Routes: AA

Regarding shipping condition field vbak-vsbed in VA03 transaction

Hi experts! I want to fetch the discription of field VBAK-VSBED to display in my sap script form. can anyone help me with that. which table should i look for. example :   vbak-vsbed = 15 so which table can have the discription for 15 which in my scen

V/05 - Condition Table (Sls Org & Customer Grp)

Hello all I need to create a Condition Table (t-code: V/05) with 2 fields: Sales organization and Customer Group. However I need to pick the Customer Group Data from SH (ship-to party) partner function. This SH has a specific Account Group. This mean

Condition Table ganeration Error.

Hi All, The system allows me to create the condition table, but when I try to generate it, I get the error&Information below:  (but I could generate table Z663) Error: Activation was interrupted. Information: Reports and screens for table A653 marked

Condition table genaration Error.

Hi All, The system allows me to create the condition table, but when I try to generate it, I get the error&Information below:  (but I could generate table Z663) Error: Activation was interrupted. Information: Reports and screens for table A653 marked

Update 0VTF Route Determination with a new Shipping Condition

Hello, I have created a new Shipping Condition to have a different route determination. I have completed the configuration as Standard SAP procedures for Routes determination. However, in order to apply this solution in production, it's going to be n

How to populate the condition tables of CRM 7.0

Hello Friends, How to populate values in CND* tables , i assume these are the tables that hold the conditions. Thanks and Regards, VasuHi, if you refer to CND* tables those are tables involved in the condition master data exchange between ERP and CRM

Key fields and non-key field of condition table

Hello Gurus,       what is key fields and non-key field of condition table? thanks very much!Key field Each condition table contains keys that can be used for creating dependent condition records. for example let take condition type PR00. PR00 uses a

Need to add new fields to the condition table

Hello All, The requirement is to create the new condtion table for MM containing the following fields and maintain the entries in this table: - client - characteristic - class - internal characteristic. THe condition tables are created via tcode M/03

New Condition TAble for Inbound Delivery

Hello i want to maintain a new Condition table for the Inbound delivery picking with the combination of _Delivery type/Plant so that the Inbound created for the particular plant alone uses the particular output type. Where in IMG can i configure the

Unit of measure in condition table

Hi, I'm creating a new condition type and it should be maintained in MEK1/2/3. The new condition type is copied from RUC1. According to the business requirement, I have set REST as the access sequence to the new condition type. Requirement; 1. The co

Add a new field to an existing Condition table

How can I add a new field to an existing condition table? I have table 971 and I want to add INCOTERMS (INCO1) to this existing table but do not see how to add it. ThanksHi Vicky,     I dont think you can add new fields to the condition table once yo

Adding custom fields to the condition table in CRM

Hi all, Our requirement is to download the sales conditions type from R3 to the CRM system. In one of the condition table we are trying to add shipping point( VSART ) and Special processing indicator (SDABW). For that we have added the fields in the

Creation of condition table without copy

During creation of Condition table ( without copying any condition from available tables), Is it possible to see all field catalouges available? and if possible then how can we see all fields available to add desired ones into our table?Hi, SPRO >Sal

Restrict Shipping conditions on the Sales Orde Header Document

Hi, I have a unique requirement We have a large pool of shipping conditions for our products namely Overnight One day Ground International Saturday Delivery etc Hazard Overnight Hazard Ground We have a few hazardous materials for which we want to res

How to create a "Selection Conditions" table similar to that found in se11?

Hi, My team is trying to develop a SAP data migration tool (DMT) using ABAP. One of the functionalities in the DMT is to validate the data imported to the staging area tables against some reference tables (e.g. SAP tables). To do this, I would need t

Loading custom price condition table

We have a custom price condition table for intercompany price. This table needs to be updated monthly from a file generated from another system not on SAP. BDC is one way of doing it, but that takes too much time. Is there any other simpler way of ac