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**SAP System Monitoring**

Hi All, This is very challenging Question with expecting big answer. What are the monitoring t-codes in sap? How to correct the errors while monitoring the sap system? Answer will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Regards HemantWhat are the

Problem with Send and Receive Emal In SAP System

Hi gurus! I have a following quote: Dear ! I have a problem with send and receive email in SAP system following : I want to test send and receive email in local network at my company. I had two server Server 1 : I setup Exchange Mail Server 2007 with

Solution Manager - System Monitoring

Hi Basis associates, This is a open discussion for SAP Basis experts to discuss what the pain points are when it comes to SAP System Monitoring on 1. Solution Manager 2. Third party Monitoring tools for any SAP Application (ABAP, ABAP+Java, Java only

System monitoring, open tasks are no longer visible in Tcode DSWP

Hello! I have patched my Solution Manager with the newest support packages and have the problem with system monitoring, open tasks. All the systems have a long_sid. I have implemented the SAP notes 1065285 and 1076772, but it was not sucessfull. <b>

Daily monitoring tcode for PI system

Dear All Please tell me daily monitoring Tcode for PI7.0 system Regards Jitendra SinghHi Jithendra, Basic tcodes like SMQ1,SMQ2,SM59,SM50...ECC side all normal tcodes..Above tcodes are for PI consultants. Take a look at it Complete List of SAP Basis

System Monitoring - add SAP PI 711 system

All, I'm facing problems when I want to add the ABAP stack of my SAP PI 7.11 system... I use Monitoring Setup Guide (CEN SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP 1, SPS 08) to do my setup --> Entering Monitored ABAP Systems with Release SAP NetWeaver 7.1 in ST03G. Usin

Solution Manager System Monitoring for non SAP system

Dear Support, I have configured the CCMS Agent (SAPCCMSR) for non-SAP system (Windows 2008R2). The system information (e.g. CPU, Memory, Disks etc) has already showed in RZ20 of Central Monitoring system (e.g. Solution Manager). How can I do to confi

SAP Mobile App System Monitoring = blank screen

Hi guys, I encounter problems regarding System monitoring App on Android. I followed the instructions in SCN wiki to setup the gateway and ODATA to enable the monitoring via the mobile app on android. My app connects to the gateway without any errors

How to add other SAP systems in CCMS ALE Monitoring

Hi all, how do I add other SAP systems to be ALE monitored centrally in the PI system? I want to monitor the Idocs in the SAP R/3 system centrally in PI with CCMS. Default is only ALE for the PI system itself.You can add additional systems to CCMS qu

Competitors for SAP Solution Manager within central system monitoring

Hello! We currently use SAP Solution Manager (CCMS monitors from RZ20) for the central system monitoring for several SAP systems. Are there some other tools/competitors that can also serve as central platform for system monitoring of several SAP syst

Nagios monitoring SAP systems

Dear Sir or Madam, I have RHEL 6.2  with Nagios 3 and I wanted to monitored my SAP systems. I downloaded from SAP Website the  SAP NW RFC SDK 7.20. I used the SAPCAR to unzip the file. Do I need to compile something to install the  RFC on my server?

Monitoring SAP-systems

Hi there, Our company is currently setting up a monitoring system (Nagios) for the IT-infrastructure. I'm looking for a consistent check for our SAP systems. On a Oracle database level, a tnsping <ORACLE_SID> should be sufficient, I believe. For the

SAP System run slowly

Dear all, Our DB Instance always run very slowly and update process responding time is very long during month end. I think this maybe due to it runs the database and application. So I want to delete the DB Instance from Logon Group, and then users wi

What are the major process to transfer the data from legacy to sap system.

What are the major process to transfer the data from legacy to sap system using BDC at Real Time only?hi, BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION main methods are: 1. SESSION METHOD 2. CALL TRANSACTION 3. DIRECT INPUT Advantages offered by BATCH INPUT method: 1. Ca

Get an E-Mail-Notification if there is a alert for a SAP-System in DSWP

Hello, how can i get an E-Mail-Notification when there is a alert in a SAP-System? I know that alerts are shown in the transaction dswp under System Monitoring but exists a alternative to get these alerts via E-Mail? In the transaction rz21 autoreact

Tranport  Management System other tcode than this

Hello ABAPers, Is there any tcode other than stms to check  the transport request is transported to production server? We're having a hard time in updating the program in the production server. Actually we had 2 servers...one is the client 400 which

Set up of System Monitoring with SPS 15 only through "Work center"

Hi! We use SAP Solution Manager SPS 15 and would like to set up System Monitoring function in order to monitor satellite systems. Is is only possible as of SPS 15 with tcode "solman_workcenter"? I have heared as of SPS 15 the tcode "dswp&qu

System Monitoring setup: missing database

I would like to set up System monitoring functionality for satellite system in SOLMAN. The following problems occurred: 1) Missing database component of the system in System Monitoring set up Usually the system has the following components in System

Solution Manager Setup System Monitoring DB Administrating Alerts

Greetings experts Can someone please explain how I can get "DB Administrating Alerts" to display in Solution Manager. Satellite system (FSD) database MTE's are all active (RZ20). Tcode: DSWP / tab:Solution Monitoring / tab:System Monitoring / Se

System Monitoring (Availability of satellite systems)

Hi! I would like to set up System monitoring in SAP Solution Manager. First of all the availibility of SAP systems is of great interest for me. How can I create and add the monitoring context for the systems in tcode RZ20? Is some suitable documentat