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Unable to find blocked documents in /N/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL

Hi Experts,    I've used the following transaction for GTS Menu: /N/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL  where I selected Sanctioned party list screening Tab  selected Display blocked documents under Documents. But, I did not find any blocked sales documents which I c

Change Start Image in /SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL

Hi GTS experts. My client would like to change the default image in the /SAPSSL/MENU_LEGAL start transaction. From SMW0, I have found that the SAP default image is stored in the /SAPSLL/CORE_LEGAL package under the object name /SAPSLL/START_IMAGE. Ho


Hello, I just finished the installation of GTS 7.1 on a NetWeaver 2004s. The support package for GTS 7.1 is 8. All the documentation refers to /SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL for GTS system and /SAPSLL/MENU_LEGALR3 for the feeder system. However, both systems sho

Master Data transfer from SAP R/3 to SAP GTS

HI, Master data like customer master  is transferred  fro R/3 to GTS.  Any customer master in R/3 has many fields like company code, sales area, shipping conditions etc. Shipping conditions and other fields are not defined in GTS. So how come  when t

Packaging data not populated in customs declaration

Hi all, I'm creating Pro-forma invoice in ECC and as a result Custom Declaration is getting created in GTS. In GTS the Packaging data in item level is coming as empty. So I implemented the BADI /SAPSLL/IF_EX_IFEX_SD0C_R3 and tried to pass the packagi

Reconciliation report for product master

Hello friends, I have an issue with the product master (material master) in GTS system. There are few materials that are not available in my GTS system which are there in my ERP system. I know that I can compare the tables in the 2 systems and get th

Preference Processing: Not able to see PO in Manage Vendor Declaration

Hello All, I have completed below activities for Preference Processing 1) Material transferred from Feeder to GTS 2) Material Prices & Procurement indicators transferred to GTS 3) BOM Transferred to GTS 4) Material and all BOM item classified 5) Pref

Embargo Block on Delivery Document due to future Delivery Date

Hi Experts, I am facing a very strang problem where the Delievry Document for STO is getting embargo block. Some how its been figured out that the Delivery Date in the Delivery coming from STO is a future date of year 2011 and when you delete the Del

Customs Declaration - Export

Hi All, Which services can I check? I am trying to create a Customs Declaration Steps I followed: Step1 In Feeder System Created a sales order, VA01 Step1 In Feeder System Created outbound Delivery, VL01N Step3 In Feeder System /SAPSLL/CUS_INV_R3, Sh

GTS Error " SAP GTS : Legal Control : P.O is locked"

Hi, I am getting the error saying " SAP GTS : Legal Control : P.O(4502089260) is locked". Pls help me. Regards, krishnaHi Leela, You should check the document in GTS directly whether it's just "lame" block or a real hit. If it's not a

What is trade compliance in Materials?

What is trade compliance related to material master in SAP? where it is used? what are the sap settings, fields and tables for trade compliance?Hi Ethan, When we talk in terms of Compliance Options available for Material Master in SAP GTS, then the m

Unable to find partner function for SPL screening

Hi Guys We are trying out the SPL functionality for our Client, We are in the Preliminary stages and have just started the Intial Configuration The problem comes is the Document in ECC is getting blocked and is working as per functionality But when i

Is there any way to upload Tariff Code (with multiple XML files) from application server?

Hi All, Is there any way to upload Tariff Code (with multiple XML files) from application server?. Its urgent. Regards, JatinHi Jatin, Yes, of course you can upload multiple files for tariff codes. This can be done by the below path:- SAP GTS Cockpit

Manually create HTS/Commodity Code:

I have some information at the following link that indicates it is possible to manually enter commodity codes (as I only need a small number of codes and do not require an XML updoad). http://help.sap.com/saphelp_gts80/helpdata/en/eb/755b3fe4ee1e26e1

GTS Interface for PDF forms

Hello Friends, Is there a GTS interface for PDF based forms. I am working on PDF based print form for GTS systems. Points will be rewarded for useful answers. Thanks, John.Hi John, For adobe based pdf print forms, there are two entities which need to

GTS Zuordnung/Schema bei Rahmengenehmigungen ändern

Hallo zusammen, ich möchte gerne eine Rahmengenehmigung anlegen mit dem Bezug zu einer selbst erstellten Ausfuhrliste II. Über die Einstellung Kontrollklassen würde ich gerne die stat. Warennummer eingeben, die er prüfen soll bei der Auftragseingabe.

Update Tariff Number,Export Control List and Grouping in /sapsll/product_02

Hi Experts, I am trying to update/change Tariff Number(CCNGN) in Classification tab and Legal Regulation(LGREG) and Grouping(CONGR) in Legal Control tab. Can i use class : /SAPSLL/CL_PR  for updating the above fields? In class /SAPSLL/CL_PR - in any

Need to read all entris  for field prtxt from table /sapsll/prt

hi i need to read all entries from table /sapsll/prt field prtxt but only one is coming pls see below seelct statement if not gt_sagmeld[] is initial.             SELECT /sapsll/cuit~guid_cuit         " PK                    /sapsll/cuit~QUANT_FLT   


Hello All,    I need a help to upload data's in T-code /SAPSLL/PRODUCT_02 (SAP GTS ) Custom Product maintenance, i can't do with BDC because this t-code is having GUI, So kindly guide me how we can upload the data's in this t-code, and there is no BA

How to create Search help for the field /SAPSLL/PRGEN-ATTR20V

Hi , I need to add a search help for the field /SAPSLL/PRGEN-ATTR20V and their is a chk table used for this field is /SAPSLL/TCOATV20. In this table /SAPSLL/TCOATV20-ATTRV20V is a Primary key field. How can I add search help for this field? Any sugge