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View 'CUT Home Page View (CME)' is not licensed for this site.(SBL-DAT-0032

Hi Siebel guru, I am getting below error when i login in to sibel server. View 'CUT Home Page View (CME)' is not licensed for this site.(SBL-DAT-00327) can any one help me out to solve this issue ASAP. Regards PrabhatHi Goud, In Installtion time it a

Error in Account related information sections Access denied.(SBL-DAT-00553)

Hi, I have 2 users, 1 from Spain and the other from Italy. The spanish user is the owner of an account and adds the user from italy to the account team section with full access to the account. The italian user is able to view the account. However the

Error Access denied(SBL-DAT-00553)

Hi Whenever i try to edit a contact by adding an account to a contact record by clicking on the lookup icon of Account field on the Contact detail page ,(Owner is another user) i get the error SBL-DAT-00553. but i am able to edit any other fields in

Siebel Smartscript errors: SBL-CSP-00230 // SBL-DAT-00398

Hi all! We have two business components (parent and child). The first BC is Account. The other is Employee. We are trying to build a Smartscript to get info from the user which will be saved to the BCs. In our case we have one account and multiple em

(model.cpp (4051)) SBL-DAT-00227: Unable to create the Business Service 'EAI Outbound Service'

Hello, I'm self-study integrating Siebel with SOA I just set up windown 2003 Siebel (32-bit) I start Siebel Server error log file: >>>>> InfraEAIOutbound_0021_22020098.log <<<<< 2021 2014-04-15 11:27:34 0000-00-00 00

SBL-DAT-00222: An error has occurred creating business component 'Admin SEA

Hello, I am also facing simillar issue. I am trying to create admin account through Siebel Data bean using Business object "Users" and business component "User"; It works from Web client. but fails from siebel databean program. Followi


Hi All, I hope someone can help...... The sales staff for the last 2 weeks have had issues converting leads to an account as the below error message keeps appearing: 'Either Occam Validation BC or Occam Validation Field or both user porperies are not

Import Error(SBL-DAT-00215)

I can't import account data from the Admin Page. I select some settings,set the csv file and set the mapping file.Then the following error is occured. This operation is not allowed when there are no records displayed. Please execute a query that retu

Error SBL-DAT-00215 modifying an opportunity?

I'm trying to modify a opportunity named "PRL_COLA_" and I can't do it. Siebel return this error: This operation is not allowed when there are no records displayed. Please execute a query that returns at least one record or add a new record.(SBL

Inser Contact SBL-DAT-00421 + SBL-EAI-04376 error

Hi, I am trying to insert a Contact via the soap request but i get below error:- <siebelf:errormsg>Method 'SetFieldValue' of business component 'Contact' (integration component 'Contact') returned the following error:"An invalid assignment erro

SBL-DAT-00398 error msg for User Field Validation

Hi All, I have created the following field validation on the User field "Division": Len([<Division>])>0 AND InStr([<ltValidation_OU_ITAG>],[<Division>])>0, As the "Division" field is free text, the porpuse of th

Siebel & Bi Pub / eaiobjmgr SBL-DAT-00547

Folks, I have setup siebel with bip. When I go to the accounts screen and run the account list report - it will display fine. when I go to BIP>Reports and try to view it - it will give a genneric error. When I look at the resulting Webservices EAI OM

SBL-DAT-00225 - Does anyone know what this means

Hi there, I have a program that has been working fine for ages. However, after R16, I am getting errors importing Accounts/Companies. The error message is SBL-DAT-00225. The detailed error returned from Siebel is as follows: <siebelf:error> <sieb

Dedicated Web Client:SBL-DAT-00373

I have installed this on my laptop without issue. I have reinstalled it multiple times on a Citrix Desktop. The Dedicated Tools fat client works perfectly, but web client gives the following error log: 2021 2012-03-22 07:53:55 2012-03-22 07:54:25 -05

Getting "Join in business component definition 'CG Opportunity My Accounts' has source fields that come from tables 'S_OPTY' and 'S_ORG_EXT'(SBL-DAT-00452)" error after upgradating to siebel Open UI

Hello Team, We have upgraded from Siebel to Siebel Open UI But after up-gradation we are getting the below error in   "My Account Opportunity" View. We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following

Error Code SBL-DAT-00327

Hi All What is Errot Code SBL-DAT-00327. How can i over come this to view Home Page for Siebel Hospitality Application in 7.7 version. If you have any idea about this please share with me. Thanks VenkatHi The license keys you have does not allow you

Opportunity - Access denied.(SBL-DAT-00284) Error

I am getting error as Access denied.(SBL-DAT-00284) when I am trying to create a new opportunity record. I checked Roles and access profile. Setup looks correct there. Any idea of issue. Thanks VKI was access profile issue. I resolved. Thanks VKRead

Invalid search specification ' ? '...(SBL-DAT-00501)

Hello, If i want to go on an activity with a sprecial type, i receive this message Error: originating at /OnDemand/user/TaskDetail Invalid search specification '<?>'. Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application config

Invalid search specification SBL-DAT-00458

I have created a new view in Siebel which display an applet which use a newly created bussiness component. This component store data in the table S_ORG_EXT_XM. With the bussiness component - search spec:[Type] = 'ATL Citation' and the predafault valu

Error converting leads; SBL-DAT-00553

In addtion to the SBL error code, the error also reads: Operation failed: Read Record type partner; Access Level No access Is there some correlation between Leads and Partners that occurred in R20? Addtional information Recently there are some users