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schematron validation in oracle bpel


Schematron validation error in BPEL, Oracle Soa Suite 11g

Hi Friends, As per the requirement, I have to validate all the mandatory element values from an XML payload and need to send the consolidated report to the source application with all the validation failure elements. I am trying to implement Schematr

ORAMED-01304:[Payload schematron validation error]

Hi I'm trying to do a simple Schematron validation with Oracle Mediator and am receiving the following error: ORAMED-01304:[Payload schematron validation error] Any tips on how to debug?$ UPDATE: I should add that if I test my composite with xml data

URGENT - Data Migration - From Oracle BPEL to current version

Anyone having any idea on the data migration appraoach to be followed from Oracle BPEL to If it supported? I understand process migration is possible (I found it out in installation guide for but there are no documents ava

Oracle BPEL Process Manager  error

I am getting the following error in activities tab in BPEL Process instances / activity and i am also not able to see the flow diagram of bpel process i created and deployed , please check and provide any solution / share solutions (message is pasted

Oracle BPEL Worklist application on Tomcat

Can the default BPEL worklist application be deployed to Tomcat? Has anyone tried that or instructions listed out some where? We would like to deploy the web tier deployed to a seperate Tomcat box (web tier includes a web application developed, oracl

Unable to invoke an asynch Oracle BPEL process

Im currently struggling to invoke an Oracle BPEL web service from another Oracle BPEL process. When creating the invoking process I pasted in the wsdl from the BPEL console to describe the invoked process rather than use the original wsdl generated b

Oracle BPEL - MTOM/XOP support

I'm testing integration between a JBoss Web service and Oracle BPEL. I created a web service using a stateless EJB with MTOM turned on in JBoss 5.0.1 and tested it using the OSB which worked and returned the MTOM message, but the BPEL is getting conf

Oracle BPEL-PM configuration with JBoss

I are trying to configure JBoss with OracleBPEL-PM. I are facing problem with starting oracleBPELServer. I am following steps given in http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10291_01/doc.1013/e10538/jboss.htm . Now after following the steps till end I a

Error message when listing activities with Oracle BPEL Control and Java API

I'm implementing some BPEL processes in an Oracle Application server environment. I use the Oracle BPEL Process Manager Client Java API to access some BPEL instances but when I want to list their activities with IInstanceHandle.listActivitie

BPEL Process Manager Oracle BPEL Domain Initialization Failed

I was able to login into BPEL Process Manager without any error. Then I changed one entry in the oc4j-ra.xml file and restarted the BPEL server and started getting the error message. Oracle BPEL Domain Initialization Failed The Oracle BPEL Domain def

Oracle BPEL Process Manager Full Cycle

Hi there - I am using the SOA suite v and deployed my process using jDeveloper BPEL designer. I created a test process for a simple manager approval, deployed it, and approved/denied it in the worklist. It worked fine. I created a new proc

ORAMED-01301:[Payload custom validation]Schematron validation fails

Receiving "oracle.tip.mediator.infra.exception.MediatorException: ORAMED-01301:[Payload custom validation]Schematron validation fails with error "{0}".Possible Fix:Fix the payload" error however the payload being sent matches with what

Error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from Oracle BPEL..

Hi , We are facing some error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from our BPEL Process on the windows platform(SOA For the BPEL process we are following the same steps as given in an AMIS blog : - [http://technology.amis.nl

Oracle BPEL - Does not cater for not null columns and use of "default".

Oracle BPEL - Does not cater for not null columns and use of "default". BPEL fails with message: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("EDDB"."SEISMIC_LINES"."COORD_SYSTEM_ID") But SQL*PLUS command works: INSERT into

How to configure  Oracle BPEL Process Manager for JBoss 4.2.1

can any body help me to configure Oracle BPEL Process Manager for JBoss 4.2.1Look here: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10291_01/doc.1013/e10538/toc.htm Marc http://orasoa.blogspot.comRead other 2 answers

Using SQL server instead of Olite in Oracle BPEL

I am now trying to use SQL 2000 server instead of Olite in Oracle BPEL. I couldn't find any instruction or admin config guide. Has anyone had any luck with this? If anyone has any experience, please shed some light on this. I am now able to get "doma

Support to Interpret Log Error in Oracle Bpel Server (OC4J)

I New in this part os Support in SOA Suite in my company, I would like know if any can help-me to identify the problem and a Solution for the follow error: Module name found: default Processing a 'POST' for path '/solucionarOcorrencia' Looking for Ac

Create Lead with Oracle BPEL process using Siebel CRMOD web service

I'm trying to create a lead in the siebel OD (hosted) with a oracle BPEL process and using the siebel web service (2.0). In my bpel process I've been able to 1. Login to OD and get a session id 2. create the partner link using Siebel OD (version 2.0)

Problem to start BPEL Console of Oracle BPEL Process Manager

Hi everyone! I'm writing to yours because I installed Oracle BPEL Process Manager but I can't start BPEL Console. I tried to start it by the option menu of Windows XP and by Developer Prompt, but I get a HTTP 404 Not Found page. When I was

Oracle BPEL in Windows Vista

Anyone knows if it is possible to install correctly Oracle BPEL Process Manager in Windows Vista. I can install the product using Windows XP compatibility mode, and the software seems to install, but some problems appear later. For example the STOP S