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Does Frontrow/Quicktime upscale to 720p on TV?

I have just bought a 42" TV. It has great reviews - but is apparently lacking in it's ability to de-interlace and upscale. So give it a good HD signal, it will provide a good HD picture. As I understand it - my mac will be sending a 720p signal (via

Error using Detail-preserving Upscale module in After Effects

I'm wanting to try and use the upscale module to upscale a video from 1080p to 4k, but it keeps crashing. Whenever I try, it'll seem to be trying for a few minutes, but then I get the error message "After Effects can't continue: An output module stop

Matrox $450 hardware for upscaling sd footage / hdmi in and out is usable?

I have a lot of Sd footage (DV 720x576) footage as I used to work with professional film 10 years ago or so. I would love to be able to upscale the footage to HD (1080) in a good way both quality wise and not to spend huge amounts of money on extra h

'This document contains a link to an asset being upscaled'

When opening two separate Muse sites I have received the warning message, 'This document contains a link to an asset being upscaled. You should resize it smaller, or relink to a larger asset using the Assets panel'. However, none of the assets that t

Upscaled images look blurry, is there a way to sharpen them? In particular, zooming on pages with images that actually contain only text are hard to read.

I am zooming in on my homework in mastering physics. I am using a large screen and sitting far away. It uses a lot of images containing the text I need to read, but when the images are upscaled, they become very blurry and hard to read. A simple shar

How does Compressor handle the upscaling??? Architecture animation render.

good5day! it seems that the due date is becoming my do date for a 3d architectural animation. therefore i'm looking for alternatives. for the first time* i need to deliver an animation as dvd movie (previously- mov, mpeg, avi, xvid blabla) when i wan

Detail preserving upscale aspect ratio issue

My goal is to take a 720x480 60i DV file (non square pixel) and upscale to 960x720 60p square pixel for YouTube upload. My workflow seems to work, except I'm not quite getting the correct aspect ratio at the end. I'm getting an extra 5 pixels on the

Adobe DPS design upscaling

Hi, I have a question about resolutions. I have a 640x480 design, created in InDesign as a test. If I preview this design via file -> preview folio, the desktop viewer starts and simulates just that using the same dimensions. So the desktop viewer fr

DVD upscaling?

Hi, I'm planning to buy a full HD (1080p) plasma to use with my mini as an AV server connecting via a DVI-HDMI cable. My question is about upscaling standard DVD content: If I play a 'standard' def DVD through the mini (either from the disc or from a

Upscaling MEMORY to a MACBOOK PRO.

Hi everyone, just asking people for help making up my mind in the matter of upscaling the RAM memory of my new 2,2 GHZ MACBOOK PRO. *I want to upscale to 4 G´s with the Kingston package.* *Is it a good idea going to 4G´s?* *Is it the best brand?* *Sh

Upscaling and noise reduction in ACR

I've been thinking about upscaling images and the best time to do so (if I need to of course) in my workflow. As I understand it, it's always best to carry out any noise reduction prior to upsampling an image, as this helps avoid increasing the size

Feedback on your experience with ATV upscaling to ~ 50" plasma

Can anyone provide feedback with their experience on resolution playing movies on a 1080 50" plasma? Currently we are viewing on a temporary solution LCD HD 24." My ultimate plan is to replace my ATV with a mac mini, but for now wondering about

Will upscaling or using clone stamp/healing brush to upsize give better resolution?

I'm designing a 5.25" square CD cover using a rectangular image and the resolution needs to be min. 300ppi to print .  The artist sent me the art image (painting) from her camera as a jpeg and it goes to photoshop as a large (approx 20" X 24&quo

Upscaled dv for anamorphic and want to know about adjusting gamma etc.

I took my dv ntsc 4:3 (3:2 really shot on dvcam on the dvx100a) timeline and nested it in an anamorphic sequence to render out a quicktime with the 1:85 matte on it and to apply an rgb limiter as when it upscales some of my broadcast safe get hot aga

Blocky upscale in After Effects 7.0

Hi, I am creating an animation using After Effects 7.0 and I got a little problem. If I upscale a picture, it doesn't use bicubic scaler (like in photoshop), only the nearest neighbor method, which looks really bad at some scenes. Here is a screensho

Any DVD player software that upscales?

I assume Apple DVD Player does not upscale standard def dvd's Any playback software that will ?I don't know what "upscale" means, but the only other DVD players for Mac OS X that I know of are http://player.interactual.com/default.asp?code=MAC a

Photoshop CC upscale image tool.

Can anyone or Adobe tell me what the Upscale algarythm is actually doing? Changing pixel count as well at adding noise shapening combination? Thanks.Well to date Ive had great success with manually enhancing images by increasing size (pixels) and add

Video Upscaling Question

Before I decide to purchase the new aTV2 (I have an aTV1) I have a question about its use with a Marantz receiver that upscales all video sources to 1080p. Are there any known issues or problems using the aTV2 with its 720p output with this type of A

Detail-preserving upscale is missing

After Effects says it is fully updated but I still can not find this effect. Is it a seperate download? Am I missing something? Any help would be great, thank youMy aplogies... I am runnnig the lastes Version of After Effects CC with the most current

Detail-Preserving Upscale Effect

Hi all: This was the effect I have been waiting for - as I am working on a Lacrosse highlight video - and some of the footage was not zoomed in when it was shot (AVCD 1440x1080 29.97 fps). I have tried the new effect on a clip, and cannot get a much