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service tax setup in navision


VAT or CST or Service Tax

Hi I have to put only one tax among VAT,CST and Service tax at a time for a line item. I am using TAXINN procedure and planned to use P.org / vendor  -  VAT and CST ( Since only one will be applicable fr a vendor). bur for service tax i though of usi

How to setoff service tax with excise payable in a manufacturing company

hi A manufacturing company is collecting service tax from service vendor As it is a manufacturing company they wants to setoff the service tax with excise payable in T-Code J2iun please tell me how to configure it in the system.Have you looked into u

Multi level Tax setup

Hi, Can any one tell how to handle the tax setup mentioned below in sales doc A      =  QTY *  Rate B      =  PACKING CHARGES                     C      =  OTHER CHARGES D      =  (A + B + C ) *10 %     >>>(EXCISE DUTY @ 10%) E      =  (D * 2%)  

VAT and Withholding tax setup for Philippine

Hi , Anyone is familiar with the VAT and Withholding tax setup for Philippine. What is the VAT and WHT config in order to fuilfil the following example. Appreciate if someone is able to provide me some help on this. Thank you. Invoice Amount of P 1,1

Service Tax category

Dear Experts                     In SAP B1 when we select service tax code how can we select a particular service tax category like Telephone and pager,security agency,Insurance auxilliary service,technical inspection.this is important for service ta

Interest on customer item excluding service tax

Hi, When i run customer interest calculation(FINT) system calculates interest on invoice + service tax amount  but i want to calculate interest on only invoice amount excluding service tax. Request immediate help. Thanks in advance.Hello Pranav, Sele

A/R Invoice and Tax Setup

Whenever i am creating a new invoice its throwing error - "The value for the attribute Rate is not available". Although the the rate for tax code VAT 4 or VAT 12 is available and being displayed in the tax code selection box.which country locali

Accounting entry against Excise invoice not created  for Service Tax sales

Dear all,     I am facing one problem related to accounting entry against excise invoice not created, for service tax sales scenario in SEZ plant. Accounting entry against billing document is generated,which contains revenue account-Debit entry,servi

Asset PO with Installation charges and service tax?

Hi Sap guru's, I searched for this topic but could not find answer. I want to create a Asset PO which had Installation charges (with Service tax). Now I want to incorporate the installation charges with its service tax to the asset account. I tries m

New Service tax mapping effective from April 2011

HI Experts, Service tax rule has changed wef from 1st April, 2011 on foreign exchange related transactions. The Notification No 26/2011 Below given are the slabs for calculating the new service tax Gross amount of currency exchanged % of service tax

Entries appearing in Service Tax Control Account due to Error in System

Hello Experts,      I am facing a problem in one particular GL i.e.Service Tax Control a/c error-Entries appearing in Service Tax Control Account due to Error in System entries are- Service tax control   a/c   - Dr. 21,621.86                        

Error while running service tax program (New)

Hi I have created S3 as interim tax code and S4 as final tax code. I assigned S4 to S3 as a target tax code. Entries are perfectly flowing. But when i do service tax program for, session is created properly. When i run it in SM35, for gived error "Ta

Error message while running the report RFUMSV50 (Service Tax)

Hi Experts, I have occured the following error while running the Report for for transferring the Service Tax from Interim to Final Account. F107: Restrict Period F7566 I have executed the report RFUMSV50 by T.Code SE38 Please help me in this matter.

Journal Entry for Service Tax Non-Deductible.

Dear Experts, I have created an A/P Invoice for a Service item with Service Tax Non-Deductible(100%). For that we got the journal entry as below. Journal Entry Edu. Cess on Service Tax Payable Dr.                   00 HCess on ST Payable Dr.         

Service tax value required updating while posting GR in MIGO transaction

Dear Friends, We have a following scenario where service tax value required updating while posting Goods Receipt MIGO transaction. 1. Purchase Order created for first line item where Qty. 1 and Net Rate Rs.1000/- so total Gross value will be Rs.1000/

Service Tax Detail while recording a purchase invoice from T-Code F-43

Dear Sir, I am passing a Professional Fees Invoice, where in service tax is being charged, through T-Code F-43 Kindly let me know the following. 1. Where do I store the vendor's service tax registration detail? 2. Where do I store the service categor


Hi the scenario is As per Notification No. 35/2004, in relation to the transport services, the onus of collection and payment of service tax has come to the recipient of the services unlike the provider of the services in other cases. Hence organizat

Service Tax Effects to be checked in case of Booking of IMPORT INVOICE

Dear All Please suggest the process for following :- Events                                          At time of Booking of Invoice for Import of Service                                                              Item      Nature                Norm

Service Tax Treatment in case of Crebit Note in Deferred Tax Transfer Prog

Dear All, I have done the Configuration related to the Deferred Tax Transfer Programme and also its working fine. Incase regular case, that booking vendor invoice then make the vendor payment & then transfer the service tax credit from Interim Accoun

Cenvat Credit taken based on service tax registration

Hi Gurus, My client is in the service industry ( oil exploration work for ONGC) Now when client procure the material, he paid the excise duty and take the CENVAT credit against service tax.They does not maintain the excise register like RG23A & RG23C