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How to connect iMAC thunderbolt port to a cable TV set top box?

I am moving to a house that will have combination TV-phone-Internet services delivered via cable (Optimum is the provider).  I understand that with my new iMac which has a "thunderbolt" port that I can use the iMac as a tv monitor and DVR (recor

How to connect satellite set-top box to Qosmio G50 using RCA video-in cable

I want to connect my satellite set-top box to my Qosmio G50 laptop using the RCA video-in cable I received with the computer. (yellow, red, white RCAs and a Jack) Could you help me where should I plug this cable as I have not found any instructions i

Looking for a 2-line set-top box to connect to my ...

Looking for a 2-line set-top box to connect to my router, is there one? CapsHi, I am not sure I can help on a Utility for doing this. Again my Sagem router tells me the speed it is connecting to. A Basic (I think what the service is supposed to be) o

FiOS TV cutting out to snow, resetting TV and set-top box?

Greetings all, I'm hoping someone can help here; I have a Motorola HD DVR 72161 (Verizon supplied) connected via HDMI to my Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U. Over the last few weeks, something odd is happening: after watching TV for a while, my picture will cha

No variable audio output for Cisco CHS 435HDC set top box.

Background:  Until the other day I had my stb connectected to a TV, using TV sound, with an HDMI cable.  The P265v2 remote volume control changed the TV volume.  No problems. My new TV & home theater system was recently installed.  We don't use the T

Apple TV on Motorola Set Top Box Killing Wireless

Thought I'd share this find.  Problem with set top box, not Apple TV. Just moved into this house.  Changed service providers from Comcast to Verizon.  Only change in setup between houses is set top box from SP. Setup: Verizon router/AP in home office

Constant Your Set Top Box Has No Data Connectivi​ty/Poor DVR Performanc​e

For the past few months I have been dealing with very poor performance out of my multi room DVR. Often in the middle of watching shows, the DVR will just disconnect and look for the hub which means rebooting the cable box and a constant stream of, "y

How do I set up HP TouchSmart 600-1215xt with TV Tuner to Digital cable set top box?

I just purchased the HP TouchSmart 600-1215xt CTO Desktop PC with TV Tuner ATSC-NTSC w PVR & remote. I want to connect it to my  HDTV cable set top box (Cox Cable) so I can record TV programs from digital cable and stream NetFlix  video to my 52 in S

Does the HDMI port work on the Cisco set top box?

I just bought a new tv (LG model 24MA31D) and the Verizon tech hooked up the FIOS set top box to it using the composite cables that came with it. The tv only has one set of ports for the 5 cables. To use my Wii I have to either trade out all the cabl

Recording a DVD with LG DVD Recorder and FIOS Standard Set Top Box

I have FIOS Standard Set Top Box, a Sony TV, and an LG DVD Recorder. I cannot figure out how to record a TV program on my LG DVD Recorder. I have 3 remotes: a FIOS Remote, an LG DVD Recorder Remote and a Sony TV Remote. What remote/s should I use, an

Getting Error message ""This set top box does not match the account settings"

Just ordered a new wireless receiver for the bedroom. Installed it and now getting the following error "This set top box does not match the account settings". Service was suppose to be enabled on Monday the 4th, but I recieved the hardware early

3D Programming and 7000 Series set top box

I want to watch ESPN 3D but the screens are split on my Panasonic 3D Plasma screen.  It is part of the Ultimate HD package but I have not been able to see it.  The technicians at Verizon give me a different story each time I talk to them.  One of the

Airport Express and IPTV Set Top Box

I want to connect an IPTV Set Top Box to my wireless router but my provider's STB doesn't have Wireless networking. So I though to connect it to my wireless network with an Airport Express. I made a scheme of how it would be connected: Is it possible

HD Set Top Box to AS7100, HDCP issues?

Has anyone connected an HD Set Top Box to an AS7100 Media Processor? It is my understanding that all HD content from the STB will be encrypted with HDCP, and this content cannot be converted to HD-SDI for the AS7100 (HD-SDI does not support HDCP). In

Confused about analog tv to digital conv box to comcast digital set top box

I have an analog tv which is already connected to a governmt subsidized digital signal converter box required when all tv signals went digital. I have a digital wifi modem via xfinity, and now also have an xfinity diy digital set top box. I do not ha

Streaming to a set top box

Greetings, I am very new to media server, and I would like to be able to stream a live video feed to set top boxes on a local IP network.  Is this something that is easily done with Media Server, and if so, which set top boxes are recommended? Thanks

Top Box Not Working

I recently went to the service center to swap boxes as I was having an issue with my first box not being able to be added to my account. Something about there being a mix-up in the warehouse. Anyway, I got the new box a Samsung RNG150N and started to

Returning Set Top Box

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with returning equipment, particularly a set top box. I called Verizon on June 10th and told them that I wanted to return an HD box that we've been renting to save $9.99 a month. They said that would

Returning old set top boxes

I have 5 old set top boxes that I am trying to return to Verizon. The boxes that the new stuff came in are way too small for the old stuff. I have one return label and one too small box. I looked for a location to return but on line all the locations

Camera and ipod shuffle do not show up on desk top when connected

Kodak camera and ipod shuffle do not show up on desk top when connected.  Trying to download pictures and adding my music to ipod shuffle, Anyone have any suggestions.Have you plugged in another USB device to ensure that the USB ports are working? Su