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How to restore playlists and ratings after hard drive format

Several people have reported problems restoring paylists and ratings after reformating a hard drive. Here is what worked for me and what did not. I had to reformat my hard drive. Before doing that I exported my playlists from itunes to another hard d

I had to install a new hard drive because my old hard drives boot files became corrupted, and i want to get all of my music files off the old hard drive and regain all my play counts/ratings/playlists

Greetings everyone as the title says, ive had to install a new hard drive  and i want to transfer my old itunes library onto the new drive, maintaining all playlists/play counts/ratings etc, album artwork if possible. The old hard drive is installed

How to reimport library with ratings after iTunes reinstallation?

I'd been off iTunes for 6+ months and when I started it back up, I was prompted to update my iTunes with a newer version. Little did I know it would be a complete reinstall. Anyways, once the reinstall was done, none of my music is showing up in iTun

IPhone 5 Music ratings not Syncing with iTunes

Had this problem for a while now and cant find anything searching the forum... I used to be able to rate (4 stars/5 stars etc)  a new song that I recently added to my iPhone and then when I later synced with iTunes on my pc the same ratings I placed

How can I move both files and ratings to another computer?

On my desktop, I didn't let iTunes manage my music as my desktop is old and the c drive has limited space. I have backed up the music and I have also saved the iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml files in the hope of being able to transfe

When I sync my iPod Classic, the changes I made (Ratings, Last Listened) do not show up on my computer.

When I sync my iPod Classic, the changes I made (Ratings, Last Listened) do not show up on my computer.Try another Sync. On occasions, I've know a first Sync to behave like this.Read other 2 answers

ITunes won't recognize "library files" of  playlists and ratings

After a Restore and putting iTunes onto an external hard drive, I can't get iTunes to recognize the library files that have my playlists and ratings. How do you get the library files (itl and xml) to be recognized after moving all your music and iTun

I have songs with ratings in my 'Unrated' playlist

I have songs with ratings in my 'Unrated' plylist. I have 650 songs in my "Unrated' playlists, however 73 of these songs do have ratings. I trid to shift the 5 and 4 star rated into 'My top rated', but they will not shift. Can anybody help? Keep smil

Problem with ratings-based smart playlists in iOS5.

I use ratings-based smart playlists to organize my music.  For example, a typical smart playlist will include all songs from a given genre rated 3 stars or better.  Playlists work perfectly on PC/iTunes and iPad (and used to work perfectly on iPhone/

How to connect ratings between iPod and iTunes

Hey I just got an iPod and I want the ratings I set on the pod to update onto my computer. When I connect the iPod I can see the songs on the iPod have the ratings I set when I was using the iPod, but the original songs on the computer aren't updated

File Names and Ratings not showing in browser or viewer

I seem to have a bug where Aperture sometimes fails to show the file names or their rating. This happens in both Browser & viewer modes. Just the blank background. I can see the name in the Metadata tab, but not underneath the files. Any ideasI'm hav

How can I add songs from my internal library to my external backup library without losing ratings and comments?

Hi, I have some 30.000 Songs in my constantly growing internal library and another 25k in my external backup library. I noticed that I lost all my ratings when fusing my libraries the last time. As ratings and comments are essential for my work as a

Two iPods, Two sets of ratings, one music folder?

Here's something which I've been failing to do, and about which I and can't find any appropriate info in any forums. It seems like a very obvious thing to want to do- We have one computer and two iPods. Most of our Playlists are ratings-driven. Eg. "

How can I import playlists, ratings, and play counts from an old iTunes library into a new one?

After reading countless threads re: how to get the iTunes artwork screensaver to work, I decided to delete my iTunes library file and reimport all of music which resulted in fixing the iTunes artwork screensaver.  Unfortunately (and expectedly), my p

How do I transfer music from one computer to another with ratings?

How do I transfer music from one PC to another along with the ratings and # plays?Refer to these articles: iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527 iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an extern

How do I transfer ratings from one library to another library?

My home iTunes Library has 37,000+ songs, with 3/4 of them rated. I have a much smaller library at work, which is mostly a subset of my home library. As I rate my home library, I have been transfering my ratings by making a .pdf of newly rated tunes

How do I transfer ratings from my iPod to iTunes?

Hi, I've read this same question about a billion times on multiple sites, and the two most common answers are 1) you can't, use some 3rd party software, duplicate your whole libary, start over, etc 2) turn on auto sync. Here's my confusion: I have no

Multiple iPods, One Library, Ratings challenge

Hi I have an iPod, as does my daughter, and we both sync off my iTunes library with different playlists (at 200Gb it is too big to have multiple copies). However, if my daughter rates a song as 5 star, it syncs to my library, so my 5 star smartlist s

How do I transfer my music to another computer and keep ratings

Is there a way to transfer my library from windows machine to windows machine and keep the ratings, play count, play history, etc the same? Thank youWell getting the library on both places is fairly easy. Hook up both computer together with a Firewir

How can I transfer my playlists, ratings, etc. from one pc to another?

After scouring the posts here for a couple of hours, I'm not sure I have the answer I need for my situation. I just purchased a 300 GB external HDD on which I have been extracting my CD collection. I want to share this drive between my main desktop p