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Customise SharePoint 2013 Mysite Welcome Text and Email

Hi , I am Trying to Customize SharePoint 2013 Mysite Welcome Text i.e "We are almost ready text.." that comes when we first enter mysite. Since we are not using the skydrive feature, we don't want it on welcome text and also the email that follo

How can I use the Outlook 2010 social connector to connect to a Sharepoint 2013 mysite?

Hello Forumfriends! We have recently (like, last Weekend) migrated our Sharepoint 2010 Farm to SharePoint 2013 and we have started using mysites. Now, there is a nice featur in Outlook 2010, the social connector. This connector connects nicely to Sha

UserProfile Thumbnail photos appear to be syncing, but not Appearing in SharePoint 2013 (MySites)

Hi community I might have stumbled on some issue with a corrupt Photo store.  Last week, I ran a scripted update to the client's AD where I updated the thumbnailPhoto  and some custom attributes.  The result has been HR have been inundated with reque

SharePoint 2013 MySites Suggested sites to follow Follow link does not work

In MySites, under Suggested Sites to follow, the follow link for the recommended sites does not work.  It briefly says "Processing" but does not follow the site.  I can go to the site and follow it, however.  Any ideas?Hi, Please enable Develope

Configure Search Across farms in sharepoint 2013

Hi, I'm setting up a farm to share services across differente farms but for some reason search isn't working.  I have done everything I thk i should, exchange certs, create trust relationship, publish service, service permissions, connect remote serv

How to create a Employee Directory Web part in Sharepoint 2013

I am new to this Web part. So can anybody tell me where could i start to do this. What configuration i have to do? Which web part can i use?Hi, Please take a look at this article SharePoint 2013 MySites Organizational Chart Dmitry Lightning Tools Che

How create custom sharepoint 2013 theme in Visual Studio

Please advice! I created a custom theme for sharepoint 2013 with fonts, colors and masterpage. Using Design Manager i created a wsp file for this theme. After this i could upload this file to any site and choose my theme. As i understood, Design Mana

Disable/Hide Blog from Mysite in SharePoint 2013

Hi All, Do we have any chance to Disable/Hide creating blog option in Mysite 2013? When user accessing Mysite for the first time a new site collection is creating, any chance to avoid this? Do we have any chance to restrict users to create a sub site

MySite NewsFeed is not showing the feeds from a SharePoint 2013 site which followed programmatically

Hi Experts, I am facing an issue with following SharePoint 2013 site programmatically. When i was followed a site programmatically, unable to see the posts from followed site in MySite NewsFeed. But i can able to see the followed site in the list of

Sharepoint 2013 - Display Disclaimer when a MySite is created

Hallo there, i spent the whole day searching the web for something i thought i already found some time ago, but cannot remember where... Maybe you guys can help... We need to Display some Kind of disclaimer / Terms of usage when a user initially crea

Unable to browse mysite in SharePoint 2013

HI All, I Configured MySite in SharePoint2013,once i clicking on News feed i am getting access required "Let us know why you need access to this site. " i am unable to browse the MySite,but i can able to access only from farm service account onl

Customizing MYSITE in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 we want our Intranet Home page  to be the user's MYSITE. Is it possible to apply the corporate branding to MYSITE and also allow our Corporate Marketing and Communications team to publish corporate news / information, polls, links

SharePoint 2013 Published links to Office client applications - Registry key for MySite is missing on client

Hello, how is the Registry Key HKCU\Software\AppDataLow\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Portal for "PersonalSiteURL" supposed to be set in SharePoint 2013 / Office 2013? Or is there another way to tell the Office Clients where to look for the user

Loading MySites profile photos from Exchange 2013 to Sharepoint 2013

Hi I've configured SharePoint 2013 to get it's profile photos from Exchange 2013 using the method in the link below BUT Is there way to force the initial sync other than requiring the user to load their profile in a browser?  http://blogs.technet.com

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Synchronization service problem

After one week trying (three clean installs of SharePoint 2013), I haven't succeed to start "User Profile Synchronization service". Environment: Domain environment with two Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controllers.  Fully qualified domain name

Sharepoint 2013 + Windows Server 2012 as reverse proxy

Hello All - I'd like to ask if anyone has any experience with the new Windows Server 2012 (reverse) proxy, in providing a single sign-on service to Sharepoint 2013. Scenario: My client has a Sharepoint 2013 with 3 web applications (portal, teamsites,

Sharepoint 2013 Problem - User Personal site never created. Clicking Skydrive/Newsfeed/or Follow

New 2013 setup.  I created 1 test site.   I'm able to load the site, but If the user clicks on 'Follow', 'Skydrive', or 'Newsfeeds', the user is taken to the personal page that reads: We're almost ready! While we set things up, feel free to changeyou

SharePoint 2013 My Site About Me section doesn't save.

I'm having a problem with the "About me" field in SharePoint 2013 My Sites. I can enter a value and "Save all and close" and everything appears just fine.  However, if I go to edit my profile again the About me section appears blank on

SharePoint 2013 Disscussion List - Alert Me Error

Hello, I am have trouble setting up an "Alert Me" notification from the message view of a discussion list in SharePoint 2013.  I can setup an "Alert Me" notification from the Discussion level with out any problems.  I am on the latest

Sharepoint 2013 server dropped off domain and readded

I My sharepoint 2013 server dropped off the domain (still trying to figure out why) so I added it back onto the domain. The problem now is alot of the services aren't showing under "Manage services on server", in fact I only have 7 services (App