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sharepoint 2013 newsfeed limitations


Sharepoint 2013 Problem - User Personal site never created. Clicking Skydrive/Newsfeed/or Follow

New 2013 setup.  I created 1 test site.   I'm able to load the site, but If the user clicks on 'Follow', 'Skydrive', or 'Newsfeeds', the user is taken to the personal page that reads: We're almost ready! While we set things up, feel free to changeyou

Install AD / SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013 on a single server as Development Environment

Hi All,       I'm planning to prepare a SharePoint 2013 development environment. The current idea is to install Domain controller, SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013 all on a single server. Even though this is for development purposes, would there b

SharePoint 2013 RTM and WIndows Server Core 2012

Hi, I've got a simple question I couldn't find the answer on the net. Is SharePoint 2013 officially supported (supported, not just working almost fine) by Microsoft if installed on a Windows 2012 Server Core? Does it depend on the roles of the farm?

How to use OneDrive for Business mobile app with SharePoint 2013 on-premise?

Hi All, I have a SharePoint 2013 (with latest December updates) that host a dedicated personal web site for users. The OneDrive portal works fine and users are able to sync their files with the OneDrive client for Windows. Now I want to test the OneD

OneDrive for business App- On premises installation (Sharepoint 2013)

Hi,  Just needed clarification regarding One Drive for Business application on iPhone/iPad.  When I connect to internal corporate network, the application works fine. However when I go on external network, it gives an error that 'You are logged in bu

Cannot connect to specific Cube through BI Semantic Model for Power View in SharePoint 2013

I'm trying to create a connection to an Analysis Services Cube through a BI Semantic Model connection in SharePoint 2013 to create a Power View report. I'm able to connect to other cubes on the same server, and I have SQL Server 2012 SP1 Update 9 ins

Problem opening documents from SharePoint (2013) libraries with Office 2010 and 2013 components installed

Hi I've been encountering the problem of Office files failing to open from SharePoint 2013 libraries with the prefix of 'ms-excel:ofv|u|' etc. in the url. Following the helpful questions and answers in the forum, I've identified the likely cause as t

Office Web App 2013 : Compatibility issue after opening a word document with image from sharepoint 2013

Hi, Uploaded a word doucment in sharepoint 2013 and When we open it in WebApp2013 then following compatibilty warning is reflecting. "Compatibility Mode Functionality is currently limited" how to supress this warning message ? Thanks. rajHi, As

SharePoint 2013 multi App domain issues

Hello, All urls on purpose have a space character, this is because the forum didn't let me enter URLs. We have a problem with the new feature of SharePoint 2013 March PU “New-SPWebApplicationAppDomain”. We are implementing this feature for a client i

Assign multiple records to a single graphic in Visio (Or SharePoint 2013 in Office 365)

Hello, I would like to make a live seating chart for an event.  I am pulling data from a SharePoint 2013 list that has names and table numbers (and other stuff).  There will be 10 names per table.  Each name is a record, not each table number.  10 na

How to create a Real Time Interactive Business Intelligence Solution in SharePoint 2013

Hi Experts, I was recently given the below requirements to architect/implement a business intelligence solution that deals with instant/real data modifications in data sources. After going through many articles, e-books, expert blogs, I am still unab