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How to create a SSRS report with SharePoint 2013 team site's calendar?

Hi I have sp13 and SQL Data Rool (that brings up VS Shell 2010). I need to build a report where the top part is to have a SP Team site's calendar for up coming week. The 2nd half would be a table with data from that same site.  This report would then

SharePoint 2013 Community Site Issue : Discussion Post auto reply

Hi, We have SharePoint 2013 Community Site which is used by team for disccusions. Recently we have faced a critical issue, the discussion board all posts have been auto replied and the auto replies contains previous commments of users. Kindly suggest

SharePoint 2013 My Site About Me section doesn't save.

I'm having a problem with the "About me" field in SharePoint 2013 My Sites. I can enter a value and "Save all and close" and everything appears just fine.  However, if I go to edit my profile again the About me section appears blank on

Browse button not working in Windows Phone while tyring to upload an image to Pictures library in Sharepoint 2013 online site .

Hi, I am trying to upload an image to SharePoint 2013 online site's Pictures Library from the Windows phone. When I click on  Browse button, nothing happens. Although the same browse button in working in the chrome and allowing to select an image fro

Enable reporting of offensive content not working in sharepoint 2013 community site

i am trying to enable "Report to moderator option" in community site but when i checked option "Enable reporting of offensive content" in a community site settings and clicked Ok. I am getting an error "The file is not checked out

SharePoint 2013 Upgraded Sites from 2010 Missing Title on Home Page

Hi All, I have upgraded site collection from 2010 to 2013 but I can't see site tiles on site Home page. We are using our template to create default web part page. I can see titles when I do Site Actions->Site settings->Look and Feel->Title but no

Display count for each category in sharePoint 2013 blog site

Hi, I have added category list in the left side as web part in SharePoint 2013 blog site. Here i want to show the count for each category. And on clicking on the category, it should show the blog posts related to that category. Is there any way to do

SharePoint 2013 Blog Site or Discussion LIst - Comment on a Comment

Hi, Quick question.  Is anyone aware of a plug-in or feature or new blog add-in for SP 2013 that allows "comments on comments".   From what I can tell in the blog site and discussion list, you can only comment on the original comment.  You canno

Is it possible to create shortcut links to 3rd party desktop applications on sharepoint 2013 publising site ?

Hi, We have a SharePoint 2013 on premises standard server. Is it possible to create short cut links to 3rd party desktop applications on sharepoint 2013 publising site ? For eg. links to Adviser Office, Volume, Visual Studio etc. with their desktop l

SharePoint 2013 - Team Foundation Server Dashboard Update job failed

Hi I integrated TFS 2012 with SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012.  SharePoint 2013 farm have 3 WFE and 3 App servers here what i did Install TFS extension for SP 2013 on each of SP server and granted access of SP web application to TFS server suc

Standard intranet requirement template for SharePoint 2013 online Site

Hi, we are doing requirement gathering of one big markets operator company and planning to build one SharePoint site using SharePoint 2013 online technology. Now, we are looking for one standard document to showcase standard features should be in tha

Issue with AjaxControlToolkit for SharePoint 2013 Blog site template.

Hi, Please find below the details of issue - History - We are working with SharePoint 2013 and we are using AjaxControlToolkit in our project. Basically this is a migration project from MOSS to SharePoint 2013. So we have migrated code MOSS to ShareP

Cannot access SharePoint 2013 publishing site

HI, I set up a SharePoint 2013 and everything seemed to work fine (setup was basically done using the codeplex autoinstaller script). But now I detected, that I have an issue with the publishing feature. Regardless of whether I activate this feature

Sharepoint 2013 search component best practice

hi With a big SharePoint 2013 farm: 2 WFE 2 App server 2 Search App server (havent set up these servers yet) What would the best way to divide the search componment between the two serarch app servers? Crawl component Crawls content sources to collec

Issue in Custom Blog site definition based on SharePoint 2010 blog site definition after migrating the sites to SharePoint 2013 and site collection upgrade

I have created a custom blog site definition using SharePoint 2010 blog site definition with Configuration ID 31 in onet.xml (new value). This was working fine for SharePoint 2010. We created new SharePoint 2013 farm and deployed the all Custom solut

Change Background Color of SharePoint 2013 Public Site

Hi All,         I have started using Online SharePoint 2013 Version and I have task to change the background color of Public site via designer 2013 .can any one help me how can I achieve it SamarWell, you could upload a picture of the color you want 

Sharepoint 2013 online - Site problem - Recently changed list

Hi All, I'm trying to add Recently changed content WebPart to my site on Sharepoint 2013. Standard setup no customizations just plain simple site with one document library and notes. All seems fine with adding content to page, saving and so on. But w

Error in Archives data in SharePoint 2013 blog site

Hi, I have created a blog site in SharePoint 2013. Here when i clicked on the month of june, it shows the header as May but showing the posts of july. Is there any solution for this issue. Please help. Thank youHi, I checked the link for the archives

Is anonymous access support in sharepoint 2013 bi sites to view dashboards reports without login ??

HI In SharePoint 2013 : IS Anonymous access supports for BI sites where dashboards are deployed using Performance point services and SQL SERVER ANALYSIS server? adilIf you're using an Excel Services data connection, Anonymous is not supported: https:

Link Title field to custom display form in SharePoint 2013 blog site

Hi, I have blog site in sharepoint 2013. I want to display the item in read only view of the selected item.So I have created one custom display form. Now I want to link this display form with the Title Field. So that when user click on the title fiel