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How to get attendies count for a calendar list in sharepoint 2013?

Hi everybody, I am using calendar list in SharePoint 2013 for my project. Could please tell me how to get the count of attendees using SP Designer or OOTB calculated field. Because I want to display the fields like TOTAL SEATS =20 Attendees= Need cou

Nested lists in SharePoint 2013

Hi, I'm trying to make a SharePoint 2013 list that contains some collumns with (what i wanted to be) a list of data. I've read several posts, but as of now, I'm not sure it's solvable. I have a list of persons, and the idea is that every person can a

Accessing Sharepoint 2013 externally for domain users and customers

Just an FYI I am not a SP administrator by any means but have be tasked with taking over this project and could use some assistance. Sharepoint 2013 is working fine internally. Users access the site and login with their domain credentials. Our client

One drive (sky drive) for sharepoint 2013

Looking for support on the one drive: referenced here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2903984 We have Sharepoint 2013 and would like to use the sky drive (one drive).. We don't use Office 2013, but Office 2010 I found the link to the download of oned

How to create a quarterly view in SharePoint 2013

How do you create a 3 month view in SharePoint 2013, preferably without adding code?Hi  you can create two additional calculated column to do. http://blog.pentalogic.net/2009/11/howto-filter-items-current-calendar-month-view-sharepoint/ http://iwills

Error while crawling LOB contents SharePoint 2013

Error while crawling LOB contents SharePoint 2013 I have Configured the BDC Service application using SQL external content. The connection was successful and I am able to see the external content in the List "BDC Demo" . But when I search in the

Getting Error while creating a new column in a list or library in a site collection - Sharepoint 2013

Hi, I am getting below error when i create a new column in a library or list, "Save Conflict Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by  another user. IF you want your changes to be applied, click back in your browser, refresh the page, an

Reporting Services Error activating ReportingWebService.svc in SharePoint 2013

I get below error when i tried accessing System Settings after creating Reporting Services Service Application in SharePoint 2013, looked in to many blogs but didn't find any fix tried https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/sqlserver/en-US/c2066c96

Reporting services in three tier SharePoint 2013 environment

Hi, I am trying to integrate SQL Server 2012SP1 Reporting Services in a three tier SharePoint 2013 environment, but it seems it is not succesful. The setup is as following: SRV1: SQL Server with content, config,... and the Reporting Service databases

Reporting Services in both SharePoint 2013 connected and native mode?

Is it possible to configure Reporting Services (SQL Server 2014) to support both SharePoint 2013 connected mode and local Report Server in native mode on the same server using multiple instances of RS? The reason for this setup is to avoid having to

SharePoint 2013 site collection search not working but data is indexed correctly.

I am currently having issues with the default search box on a site. No matter what I type in I can not get it to display any information. However, I see the content indexed in the search admin console. I created a new site with the Basic Search Templ

Can't change the master page after upgrading to SharePoint 2013.

After upgrading our farm to SharePoint 2013 we are having trouble changing the master page for sites that don't have sub-sites. We are still using the v4 UI version, and that appears to be what is causing the problem. The error we get when going to /

SharePoint 2013 List - Multiple Data Types in the Same List

In the same SharePoint 2013 list in Data Sheet View, I want to have one column where my end users enter inputs for KPIs. There are 3 groups of KPIs (A, B and C) and they each have different data types (A-string, B-decimal, C-percentage) and I want to

Unable to search successfully on Company field in a Contact list - SharePoint 2013 online

When searching for a company in a contact list, I get NO search results when the line items returned should be abundant. I am using SharePoint 2013 Online with an Office 365 E3 license. I am the global administrator as well as site collection owner.

Sharepoint 2013 MP - Configuration Database connection failed

Hi all! I run a WS2012 R2 with SCOM 2012R2. I'm trying to monitor Sharepoint 2013 Farm, with the Sharepoint 2013 MP. The Sharepoint farm and it's SQL server is on another domain, with two-way trust, and the agents are working on the Sharepoint and SQ

If Condition in Keyword Query Language (SharePoint 2013 Search Results)

Hi All, Can we have an "If" condition in Query text box in SharePoint 2013 Search results page. For example, i want to hide all list items whose status is "HideItem" from appearing in search results? I am trying this: {?{searchTerms} (

AnyConnect WebVPN Single Sign-on and Sharepoint 2013

I know  that single sign-on is currently working and supported for Sharepoint 2010 on 9.0 and later code however is Sharepoint 2013 supported? I can't seem to find any documentation or any material on this. Any help on this would be fantastic. Thanks

Using SPServices and Knockout JS in SharePoint 2013 Apps

Hi All, This is possibly the stupid question but please bear with me... I would like to develop App for SharePoint 2013 (which will be published to Microsoft SharePoint Store) which can be free and paid . Can I use javascript / client libraries like

SharePoint 2013 - The parameter 'token' cannot be a null or empty string

Hi all, I am trying to create SharePoint 2013 web app for office 365 using visual studio 2012. when I run the SharePoint web app then it show the error "the parameter 'token' cannot be a null or empty string" in the TokenHelper.cs file. this is

Files are not getting updated in sharepoint 2013 because of office upload center error

Dear Team, I am getting upload failed/upload error in Office Upload Center. Scenario: I opened excel(version is 2013) file from sharepoint 2013 application and closed and after updating. Later when I opened the file I got error like "UPLOAD FAILED We