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Error messages when submitting a validated RSS feed URL to iTS.

Why do I keep getting error messages when submitting a validated RSS feed URL to iTS. Feed is http://streaming.integrationworks.com:3000/archive/feed2.xml I get variations on the follwoing message: "We had difficulty reading this feed. Bad http resul

How to get RSS feed url for site?

Is there a way to get the RSS feed url for a blog using Safari?  I'm currently using FF for this since it is very simple.  But that's about the only reason I use FF.  Would be nice not to need two tools. I don't want to subscribe to the site in Safar

Script to open RSS feed url's and post those in the background to a webpage

Dear everyone, Im trying to work on a script that should do: - Read My Apple mail RSS feeds every 120 seconds - extract a NUMBER from the links from those RSS feeds - then post them to a website url site.com/rss.php?id=<extracted id> - It should run

Alternate ways to update RSS Feed URL in iTunes Store

Hey all, Ok, so I am having issues with updating my iTunes Store RSS URL. Here's the storyin a nutshell. If any of you have experience with this i would really appreciate some help, because I have been stuck for week now. I started my podcast using P


I need help pronto! I have podcasts on iWeb and I wan to put them on my existing website and not on .mac. I clicked publish to folder and it asked me for a URL for an RSS feed. Do I put my site address there? What do I put? I don't know. Please help!

HELP?!? - Trying to find an RSS feed URL

In the latest update of iTunes the Podcast page has been reworked, and you can no longer find the little "i" icon that used to tell you about the Podcast, and it would display the URL of the RSS feed. Anyone know how to find a podcast URL feed n

ITunes U Sending Different URLs when Retrieving RSS Feed

We have a .aspx page that generates RSS feeds for all of our classes on iTunes U, some of which are private and some public. For the private classes, we're checking the signature iTunes U sends along in the URL to make sure the request is coming from

Issue with RSS Feed Service-Urgent

Hi, 1. I am using the service provided by UCM for using extracting details from the RSS feed.I tried using the service with a RSS feed url i.e.("http://rss.news.yahoo.com/rss/topstories") works fine and displays all results on my custom page. 2.

Create an RSS Feed to Church's Podcasts

My church posts its podcast sermons each week to iTunes Store (they are free of course).  I would like an RSS Feed URL so that I can automatically get the new sermons in to Google Reader (or any other reader for that matter).  Is there a way to creat

How can I export RSS feeds from Mail?

I've tried this command line apporach from http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20080319094830396 but it olny lists some of my RSS feed urls (and the output-to-web-browser version dosn't work at all -perhaps cause I've Snow Leopard 10.6.4?) Is

RSS Feed XML iView Suffix

Hi, we created a XML iView for a RSS Input. Out problem is, if the rss - feed ends upon .xml everything work fine. Unfortunatly our RSS - feed URL does not end with .xml and so the iView produces only an error message. Does anyone know how to configu

How can I download podcasts on iPod Touch? (I have the RSS feed.)

I have the RSS feed of a podcast that I'd like to download (not just stream) and play on my iPod Touch 4G running iOS 6. I have the Podcasts App (purple icon) and the Music App (brownish-orange icon). What must I do? When I tap the Podcasts App, It s

Can I find out how many people are subscribed to my RSS feed?

Just curious - I don't want to know who they are, or spam them - I'm just wondering about a count. --drkenfpThere is no way to do this with the default RSS feed URL and iTunes, unfortunately. If you really want to see stats on your subscribers and st

RSS Feed Question

Hi, I'm thinking of writing a code to notify me of new posts, etc and I am planning to use RSS as source. I want to know is there any limitation on how many times we can refresh RSS. Does it block IP if I refresh every 10seconds? Also, how latest are

Problems with rss feeds in Firefox.

When i enter an rss feed url into firefox, it automatically switches to safari to open the url.  Firefox is my default browser; I am trying to set up rss feeds in Firefox.  How do I prevent this from happening so that these urls will open in Firefox?

Could I link my existing youtube videos (or Facebook, Myspace, Vimeo, Flickr duplicates) in a field somewhere and link to them (after initially submitting a podcast feed URL)?

I've found podbean.com, and will explore podomatic.com, for submitting video podcasts to the iTunes Directory. But now that I've found these RSS feed URL generators (and will look for others) is there a way within these websites or in blogs to link t

Why does my blog's RSS feed not show all posts in the blog

I have a blog with some 38 posts in it yet when I view the RSS feed url I only see 16 of the posts. Stangely if I show this feed in Google Reader it will show all the posts but viewing the RSS feed directly in any browsershows any more than the 16. I

Apple seems unable to reinstate my podcast after my rss feed is active again

I had a podcast on iTunes for several years called Punk Rock Pariah with Grendel. It was located here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/punk-rock-pariah-with-grendel/id448777825 At some point my website was not renewed. This caused my rss feed to g

RSS feeds : XMI ivew

Dear All getting below exception when calling rss feed url in xml iView Have made proxy setting [HTTP Host and Http port ] Component class : com.sap.portal.httpconnectivity.xmltransformationiview.runtime.XMLTransformationIView User : xxxxxx at com.sa

How do I get the RSS Feed to work when loading onto server other than .mac?

Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I am uploading a site created in iWeb on to a Media Temple which of course, disables many key functions in iWeb. One thing it supposedly doesn't disable though, is the RSS Feed, provided you input the proper UR