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ship.condition loading grp not defined


What is a shipping condition in customer master?

Kindly give some info about the shipping condition which we use for shipping point determination. Where and how it is configured in customer master?shipping conditions:- For example, it might have been agreed with the customer that the goods are to b

Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.

Dear all Why I am getting this message when i try to add shipping point at item level in Quotation "Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.V1358" Kindly help me to resolve this error. Thanks and Regards M.Dhee

Shipping conditions 10Loading group4900Plant 2900Stloc not defined.

Hi, While we are running batch job for billing system is throwing below error. Order related billing for third party. Third party order.. Shipping conditions 10Loading group4900Plant 2900Stloc not defined.Dear Nortel, Please check with following sett

Shipping condition mapping during Order load

Hi Experts,                   I have two SAP systems A and B. 1. PO is created in A and sends over that to B. 2. It is required to pass shipping condition(VBAK-VSBED) from A to B. But shipping conditions used in System A are diff than B. so system B

No loading grp field

Dear all I have a sales order for 12 items, wherein for 3 items shipping point is not getting picked. Shipping point is determined as follows : Plant (entered manually) Shipping conditions (CMR/defined) Loading Grp (MMR). When I checked the MMR, I fo

Transport planning and shipping condition

What is the meaning of transport planning and shipping condition, Please explani<b>Shipping Conditions (VSBED):</b> General shipping strategy for the delivery of goods from the vendor to the customer. You can define shipping conditions in your

Significance of shipping conditions

Hi, Please let me know significance of shipping conditions? Muy issue is user wants to enter a particulat shipping conditions" 04-full truck load" in a slaes order. in the cust master , only " 03-less than a truck load" is defined as s

Delivering Plant....  as in Shipping Conditions

Hi Every one, The shipping point is determined by the following, 1)Shipping conditions..from CUSTOMER MASTER RECORD 2)Loading Group ..from MATERIAL MASTER RECORD 3) and Delivering Plant...from SALES ORDER My question is, what it means by that the sys

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions of the SO?

In what way could i get the Shipping conditions for those SOs which used route 'AABB'. What i mean is whether there exist a table could let me search and get output list like below?? <b>Selection Screen:</b> Sales document type: ZTO Routes: AA

Availability of material based on the shipping conditions

Dear Friends, Please mail to me how to configure the availability of material based on the shipping conditions? That is when we give the shipping condition in the sales order (va01) for example by air 1 day, by road 5 days and by water 6 days. The sy

Shipping condition in vendor evaluation

how shipping conditions are taken in vendor evaluation.As per my knowledge, the shipping instruction you define it in PO,during GR for the PO,you need to evaluate it and assign the score for the shipping, after evaluate the ship.inst ,the score will

Ship-to party 10106086 not defined for sales area 6000 40 30 error

HI gurus, We have maintained cross divisions 00, we VR02 have maintanied the combined the divisions and we have maitned the division at MM01, we are getting VP210 error: Ship-to party 10106086 not defined for sales area 6000 40 30. please help me in

Ship-to party 1600 not defined for sales area 1000 10 20

Hi Friends, I am making  inquiry(VA11).I am using a material and sales org.combination as (1000/10/00). I have maintained the same sales org. for material also.i am using for example sold to party as 1600 and for this I checked in XD02 the combinatio

Sales Order-Shipping Conditions from Sold-to-Party

Hi Guys When sales order created, shipping conditions copied from Sold-to-Party.  At that time, in SP, shipping conditions maintained wrongly.  After creating Sales Order, shipping conditions modified in SP, but system not allowing to modify shipping

Change shipping condition from required to optional

Dear friends I want to change some fields in customer master how to do it Example change shipping condition from required to optional how do I do it AhmedDear Jyothi. Pleas find the path and do as per instruction in Define Account Groups with Screen

Shipping condition

hi guys,,                                  I have created a sales oder with 5 line items and for all these 5 line items  route is determined and is same for all .  NOW can i change the shipping copndition for one line item so that i have different ro

To set a warning message in Sales Order for Shipping condition

Deliveries over the weekend - if Shipping condition is the next business day, then we potentially fail. We need the system to warn/advise next business day to be selected since it is not going to get dispatched on that day. so whenever the delivery d

Security object for shipping conditions (T-Code VA02-sales order)

Hi I need to gray out filed-VSBED (shipping conditions) in T-code VA02 (sales order change) for users, what could be the security object to be used for this requirement? Regards sriThe functional requirement till doesnt seem very clear to me , why wo

The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone

Hi Experts How to determine/Path/Tcode - The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone determine the route in the STO. Thanks in Advance PrashanthHi, Shipping Conditions : SPRO-> Logistics Execution ->Shipping -> Basic

Shipping condition HD00

Is there a way to define shipping condition HD00 (header level) to not distribute the freight.  We would like freight charge to be a fixed amount, where one time freight charge is applied to an entire sales order.   We do not want HD00 amount to be d