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shockwave flash memory leak


There seems to be serious flash memory leak in ie7

Hi.. I have run into a serious memory leak issue with flash on internet explorer 7.0.5730.13 (everything works with firefox). It can be seen clearly browsing open flash charts site. Here are steps to reproduce: 1) go to http://www.websector.de/blog/2

Safari 3 / Flash memory leak

I recently upgraded to Safari 3.0.4 and am noticing a huge memory leak problem if I leave a Flash-enabled page open for any length of time. I monitor the Virtual Memory usage of Safari using Activity Monitor. Usage goes from around 280MB to as high a

Flash memory leak

Hi Everyone, Simple logic but every time increase the memory. Any one help me out from this. var container:MovieClip = new MovieClip() addChild(container); var mc:circleMc; //Loop function loop(e:MouseEvent):void container = new MovieClip(); addChild

Memory leak found in flash player active-x 'CallFunction' method.

Hello, I think I found a memory leak that results from  calling the flash player active-X object's method 'CallFunction'. Each time this  method is called it seems that memory is not properly freed. I'm attaching here a  simple program I've made with

Memory leak in Flash with Win7, IE9, 64bit

I have been having an issue for quite some time on 2 different computers. Both of them are Windows 7 64bit and use IE9. Generally I have 1 - 5 tabs open in IE at any given time. Usually one of them is a tab for Yahoo Mail. Other tabs are related to w

Memory-Leak in communication of Acrobat-Flash and JS

Hi The situation is as follows: I have a Flash-SWF (in which I have programmed a GUI) I have a 3D-Annotation containing an annotation-script with some functions that can be called from the GUI. So far so good. The SWF is added as overlay to a 3D-Anno

Memory Leak with Flash Game - video of incident - Fix?

My hypothesis: There is a memory leak in Flash Player that leads to Flash crashing, predictably and repeatedly, when used. My question: When will this problem be fixed? Evidence: Observe the progression in the following single-take video of me playin

Problem Report: Severe memory leak in Flash Player 9.0

Summary Flash player 9.0 is prone to a severe memory leak when playing SWF files produced by Captivate 1 containing full-motion recordings. Versions affected The problem reproduces with Flash player 9.0 (Flash9.ocx, Version hosted in either

FLVPlayback Memory Leak in Flash CS3

Hi There, I' making a flash file with AS2 in Flash CS3. I put a FlVPlayback in stage and let it load a couple of FLV files from my local HDD and playing continuously. I use "addEventListener" to check the current running flash movie is completed

Safari Flash Player Memory Leak?

I recently got a new macbook pro, 13" model (with the 2.2 GHz dual processor). Last night I noticed that it was running pretty slowly, something that I figured was weird considering the amount of power it has compared to my four year old desktop comp

Evony Memory Leak in Flash Player

Is there a work-around of any sort for the massive memory leak in the Evony flash player based game?   When you play this game actively, opening dialogs, and submitting attack, the game can easily leak 250MB/hour until the browser grows in size to we

Flash Player - memory leak

I have created a AS2 script that plays 6 FLV movies one right after the other... and never stop.. After about 10-15 minutes of looping the videos appear to start playing choppy. all flv movies reside on the local machine Would this not happen if i re

Flash cause Memory leak problem under IE

I have encountered a problem when running a flash with countdown scripts inside under IE. The IE in memory will become bigger and bigger and IE will finally eat up 50% of my processing time. My script cannot be officially go online of this problem. S

Suddenly, I'm getting a huge memory leak

Since somewhere in Firefox version 36 and continuing to the present (ver 37.0.1), I am getting a major memory leak. I am using Mac OS 10.9.5. And this is what I've done so far: reduced the number of tabs (now at about 4 or 5). Have a minimal amount o

Memory Leaks   Unresponsive Mouse

2009 8 core Mac Pro w/ 24 GB of RAM, ATI Radeon 4870, and a SeriTek PCIe eSATA card (card only has drives connected when running a manual drive clone).  When running Toast 10 or Parallels 9, my RAM will fill up (I use a program called Menu Meters to

How do I report a major memory leak problem with Firefox 3.6.10 in WinXP?

After I installed Firefox 3.6.9 on a WinXP desktop, I occasionally had minor memory leak problems, reflected by getting "out of virtual memory" messages. I upgraded to 3.6.10 when notified that it was available and that it supposedly fixed stabi

I am getting a memory leak that sometimes leads to an unresponsive Firefox, but does not crash per se.

Hello, For the last couple of months, I am having issues with one of my tabs or the program itself causing a memory leak. I was hoping that subsequent releases would fix the problem, but when I downloaded V.11 it did not help. I use tab mix plus and

HTTPService + XML Load + Memory Leak

Hi all.... I have noticed a memory leak in my application. This leak was not apparent when the application was completed some months back which is what left me a little confused as all I have done since was upgrade to Flex 3 and possibly updated / ch

ITunes Artwork Screen Saver Not Working. Empty black screen. Garbage collection, memory leak issue? ... malloc: auto malloc[]: attempted to remove unregistered weak referrer 0x ...

Hey Smart Apples, My iTunes Artwork screen saver is not working. After reboot, then selecting iTunes Artwork in System Preferences, just a black screen appears in the preview, as well as when pressing Test, and when allowing the screen saver to start

Memory Leak Issue With Win7 64 bit and Youtube.

I have a Win7 64 bit using IE9 with version 11.4.402.265 installed. 4 MB installed. Whenever I go to Youtube or Liveleak, and watch videos, over time it uses up to 4gigs of my memory! Even if I close the window, it does not free up the memory until I