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SSO to partner application running under IIS

Hi, We have a complete set-up for 9iAS Release2 where some applications are running. In parallell we have an application running under IIS, and would now like to enable the IIS application as a partner application to 9iAS letting the 9iAS SSO server

Custom error message in SAP application log

Is there a way to add a custom error message to the SAP application log without passing the message variables MSGV1, MSGV2, MSGV3, MSGV4 and the Message class and number.  We want to pass a custom message from the BAPIRET2-MESSAGE without giving it a

If-statement in application-process

Hi, First I will tell you which APEX I am using: 3.0.1 Ok, I have got a form where there are 4 fields: P13_ACCTNO (Popup LOV (fetches first rowset)), P13_LOCATION_NAME(Text Field (Disabled, saves state)), P13_COMP_ACCTNO( Popup LOV (fetches first row

SSO java sample application problem

Hi all, I am trying to run the SSO java sample application, but am experiencing a problem: When I request the papp.jsp page I end up in an infinte loop, caught between papp.jsp and ssosignon.jsp. An earlier thread in this forum discussed the same pro

How to change SSO Partner Application Login_url and Logout_url

As part of a deployment in a different data centre, we needed to change the domain name of an application using SSO for authentication. We have gone through the process of re-registering the SSO server but this does not update the domain name By usin


If anyone knows how Portal switches context to run as the db user mapped to the lightweight schema and how it knows the db schema password please let me know. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 07775 896738. From docu

SSO for partner applications

Hi All, I have installed 10g AS Release 2 on a system. I also have Application Express(formerly HTML DB) installed on the same system. I registered one of the HTML DB applications as partner applications and have put SSO authentication for it. When I

Application working under NetBeans but not as a *.jar file

Hello, recently I found a little problem. I wrote application that shows all available ports in my computer. When I am running this applications under NetBeans it works with no problem - finds all available ports. Then I am building it to the *.jar f

Application stuck under menu toolbar

An application I'm running (Filezilla FTP client) is stuck under the mac menu toolbar. I can't grab the toolbar of the application to move it or access what I need to access. I've researched this issue and other people have had the same problem, but

IIS 7.5 URL Rewrite: Hit specific page of a web application but should be redirected to another application's page

I have deployed 2 different web application on IIS 7.5 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 but on different port numbers i.e. one application deployed on port no. 1776 and another on 8091. I want to rewrite URL in such a way that if i hit any page of f

Running workbook from .bat fails to start application missing CORE40 dll

I have been running several workbook via windows task scheduler / vbscript &/or bat files. I now have a new box which I access thru Remote Desktop Connection, so I can run all these automated updates without having my screen blinking everytime a shed

SSO between a Java EE application (Running on CE) and r/3 backend

Hi All, Over the past few days I have been trying to implement a SSO mechanism between NW CE Java Apps and R/3 backend without any success. I have been trying to use SAP logon tickets for implementing SSO. Below is what I need: I have a Java EE appli

SSO requires double login for partner application

I'm having some trouble with SSO partner applications, when I login to a SSO protected application, the login works fine, but when I try to navigate to another application I'm presented with the login page again, the sso cookie seems to be working si

'Unable to Launch Application Error' - Java Web Start Running Under MS IIS.

I am attempting to render the following .jnlp in MS IE: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- JNLP File for LottoMadness Application --> <jnlp    codebase="http://localhost/LottoMadness/"    href="Lo

SSO userid for a partner application

Hi, We have one application deployed on WebLogic Application Server this is registred as Partner application over SSO server. On application side we have installed Oracle HTTP Server as webserver and configured mod_osso. Now when user attempt to acce

Sso session timeout per partner application

Hello, I was just wondering if it is possible to configure SSO session timeouts per partner application? I'm looking to log out users of a particular application after 15 minutes, but don't want this change to affect any of my other SSO enabled appli

Partner Application Registration

When using the Administer Partner Applications page, it appears the application is not being registered completely. The information does not appear in the WWSEC_ENABLER_CONFIG_INFO$ table, as has been suggested in prior posts (everything is fine in W

Application running slow in ver 1.5, 1.6 but not in 1.4

We have a application that was running very slow when we used any version sun java instead of MS java in IE6 SP2. I removed MS Java from IE and installed Sun java 1.4.2_16 and the applications starts in under 10sec's. But we had to test the other ver

Partner Application written in other language than PL/SQL and Java

I have an application written in another language than PL/SQL or Java. I want to integrate this application as an Partner apps where I use the same user repository as Portal. Can I integrate the application by calling a stored PL/SQL-procedure based

Partner application single sign-on and Oc4j

hello, I'm trying to test portal's partner application single sign-on, following the examples inside the "Oracle9 iAS Single Sign-On Application Developers Guide": With Tomcat as jsp engine everything works fine, but with Oc4j when I try to ente