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shortcut for execute query in sql server


Error while executing query in OLAP server

Dear all, we are using APD to extracted sales data for the last 3 months .this APD was executed perfectly till yesterday. in today's run APD got failed with error message as below "@5C\[email protected]     Fiscal year variant Z3 is not maintained for calendar

Different output of same query in SQL Server and Oracle

I have two tables table1 and table2 --table1 has two columns c1 int and c2 varchar. there are not constraints added in it. it has data as given below c1     c2 6     d 5     j 102     g 4     g 103     f 3     h 501     j 1     g 601     n 2     m --

While executing a query in SQL Server 2000

Hi, I am connecting to an SQL Server 2000 using class.forName method... and i am reading the data from the queue continuously and execute an INSERT statement to a table.. but the DBAs have a trigger to perform a set of actions when a new row is inser

Error while executing bts_ConfigureBizTalkLogShipping with SQL Server 2012 and BTS 2013

Hi, while configuring the DR site for Log shipping (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa560961(v=bts.10).aspx) exec bts_ConfigureBizTalkLogShipping @nvcDescription = '<MyLogShippingSolution>', @nvcMgmtDatabaseName = '<BizTalkServerManagemen

Error in query: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Must specify table to select from. '' (SWEI)

Hi All below query giving me error in query generator but working well in Sql server. error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Must specify table to select from. '' (SWEI) Select T1.U_grp01 As 'BA',T3.DocDate As 'Posting Date',Mon

Require help with Pivot table query in SQL Server 2008

Hi, I have a query regarding converting columns to rows in SQL Server 2008. Please look at the table below.  I need the output to look something like this : The columns for the children can be dynamic or fixed ( max of 6 children) based on the Family

Executing Procedure in SQL SERVER and Storing the results in Oracle 10g

Hello, I am trying execute SQL SERVER procedure from Oracle 10g and store the results in a oracle table. When I tried executing the procedure i am getting errors. I am using Oracle Heteroeneous Services. Steps I followed. 1. Created ODBC DSN on Oracl