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Should I Allow Third Party Cookies


How do you stop unauthorized cookies from appearing in Safari?

Hi , I'm using Safari 5.1.10 and system 10.6.8.  I've gotten all the security downloads available, but I seem to having issues with unauthorized  cookies appearing. These seem to appear even though I've not visited their websites, and have Safari set

Is there a way to delete only cookies in safari 5.1?

Is there a way to delete only cookies in safari 5.1? If you go to Preferences -> Privacy -> details, you can choose to remove "website data" but sometimes this includes the local cache and also local storage. Is there any way to delete JUS

How do I find the cookies I want to keep

Recently I asked for some help but I think my request has got lost. I had beenadvised to save the cookies I want to keep but this is beyond me. My question is how do I find the cookie I want to keep? It is a cookie for an ebook and I have no idea wha

I would like to be able to have any cookie I choose to accept on a given website be deleated as soon as I leave or close that website so that my surfing does not get tracked from site to site. I don't see an option for that. Is any one working on that?

I don't want my surfing to tracked from site to site. Some sites require cookies be turned on in order to access the data I want or to perform a transaction. Right now, I have Firefox set to not accept cookies until I run into a site that requires co

How to find out portal user from sso cookie ?

Hi, I want to find out the portal user id from Portal30_sso cookie. It is required for security in my java servlet. Thanks VikasFirst of all, you can't get anything from the portal30_sso cookie or the portal30 cookie or the SSO_ID cookie. These are c

Did you know about Flash Cookies?

I know about regular cookies, and delete them... but had no idea there was such a thing as a Flash Cookie Read about 1/2 way down here http://windowssecrets.com/comp/100805Rod, Since you're a confessed geek with some actual coding chops, I'm sure you

I have been using google calendar with firefox for a while and now it won't open the page and says something about cookies...Please help! I need this for my business. I don't like internet explorer, but that browser can open my calendar so I have to use

The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."Clear the Cache

Safari 5.1, OS 10.6.8 and cookie controls

Ok, I know there are numerous threads here in the Mac Safari forum regarding the issue of Safari 5.1 and cookie control. I just thought I would start my own thread instead of continuing on something else. I am using Safari 5.1 and 10.6.8. I waited fo

The "always allow" button is grayed out in settings regarding cookies, and I can not find where to change the setting.  (Restrictions are not on.)

The "always allow" button is grayed out in settings regarding cookies, and I can not find where to change the setting.  (Restrictions are not on.)  Do you know where I go to change the setting to allow me to "always allow" cookies?Hi l

Unable to set cookie preferences in safari 5.1.5 by going to safari/preferences/privacy.  It used to be there and now there is nothing showing under that tab.

I had looked at the cookies a couple of weeks ago.  I deleted all cookies. A few days ago my email was hacked into which sent a spam email to all my contacts.  I changed my password to that account, warned everyone in my contacts, and haven't had a p

Cookie - Bad Request - Size of a request header field exceeds server limit -

We are on cq5.5. We see this error intermittently. What is the best way to fix this? Cookie size seems to be adding to the issue. Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds se

What is the diffrence between cookies and cache, is it safe to remove cache?

what is the difference between cookies and cache , is it safe to remove cache ? . I had cleaned cookies many times but I have not removed cache , does it goes on increasing day by day ? please let me knowCookies are small files that contain informati

Some web pages come up blank, generally following a link, that have opened without issues in earlier FF versions. Pages open OK in IE8 and/or in Chrome. Have tried the cookies clearing etc as suggested elsewhere, without success.

I'm running FF 3.6.8. Certain websites (no apparent pattern, no secure sites) come up blank (white screen), showing "Done" on the footer. It generally happens when clicking on a link in another web page but no login or similar is involved to get

I have tried several ways to delete the cookies listed in options and nothing works to get rid of them.

I have tried all of the methods to delete the cookies that are suggested on your support site. I have tried them if the selection in Options is for cookies allowed and with cookies not allowed. Also with 3rd party cookies allowed and not allowed. Nor

SSO to Web application – Cookies blocked in IE

Hi Experts I need to create SSO to a webpage (that contains a standard html login form) into a NetWeaver 2004 Portal I have used the App Integrator iView and it all seems to work fine except cookies are block in the user’s Internet Explorer and there

SSO logout not working properly (cookie remains set)

Hi, I've just implemented single sign-on authentication for my APEX 2.2 applications with help of these two howtos: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/howtos/sso_partner_app.html#INSTALL http://becomeappsdba.blogsp

OAM 11g Single Sign-On and OAM 11g Cookies

Hi all, I need to know following, is it possible to get the username and password from the OAM 11g + IIS Webgate cookies and forward the same to the application for further authentication? is there any way to decrypt the cookie and use the informatio

Java Web application with SSO cookie

Hello All, We are having a web-Java application which is interacting with SAP-Web As and then calling RFC'c to get data from backend. My scenario should get user name and password from the MYSAPSSO2 cookie generated by the server. There are few issue

Firefox doesn't retain changes in settings, such as acceptance of cookies, srting bookmarks alphabetically, as examples.

As in the example below, I set the cookies choice, but after I close it and return, it changes back. Have the same problem with trying to alphabetize bookmarks.hi teddy44, your cookie settings shown in the second screenshot do not differ from the def

How to find a particular cookie?

I'm having an issue with the LA Times website. I don't normally use it that often, but during March I kept getting directed there via Google for news updates, and I apparently overstayed my welcome, as it started displaying a popup saying my "monthly