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Signal 10 Bus Error


Bus error in starting Xorg

I've been trying to get Xorg to work, but I've been having some issues. I worked out all the warnings indicated in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log but the main issue seems to be in line 112 to 115, Bus error at address 0xb73c88c0 Fatal server error: Caught si

Bus error - Help!

Hi, I've been asked to see if I can fix a C program so that it will run on a mac. It currently compiles and runs perfectly on a linux machine, but as soon as you run it on a mac, it will compile, but quit with a bus error very early on. The full code

How do I fix: DirectoryServices: Job appears to have crashed: Bus error

Can anyone help with this problem? The only solution I have found is to erase and reinstall the OS. A reinstall alone will not fix it. I have experienced this problem on 3 Macs now, and Apple Care has virtually rebuilt my mini attempting to fix it. H

Bus Error: 10 while packaging a Flash Builder 4.6 application containing a native extension (ANE)

I get this error: ld: warning: -ios_version_min not specificed, assuming 4.0 ld: warning: -dead_strip with lazy loaded static (library) archives has resulted in a duplicate symbol.  You can change your source code to rename symbols to avoid the colli

ATA bus error

Hello, I have some problems with hard drive on my laptop. Sometimes everything freezes for few seconds (usually during start-up, but sometimes after I login) and I get some errors. After that, everything seems to be working fine. Part of dmesg with e

Bus error in the Forte executable

Hi, We have an environment with forte' (ver. 3.0.G.2) running on AIX 4.1 (The name of central server is cld_app1 and the nodemgr start with the name cld_TDR). In our environment we are using two differnet repository. In rep1 we have a very simple pro

What can I do about following error: SIGBUS 10 bus error?

Hello, We use iPlanet AS 6.0 SP3 on Solaris 8 In kjs_1_CCS0 I found the following error: SIGBUS 10 bus error si_signo [10]: BUS si_errno [0]: si_code [1]: BUS_ADRALN [addr: 0x6966223b]      stackpointer=B72FE880 Inconsistent thread : best efforts att