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Generate Report From Template (Excel).vi & don't understand to fill the cells

I am trying to use the Generate Report From Template (Excel).vi to build my own template, and then fill it with some of my datas. I am trying to replace the "temperature" or "pressure" labels by others, and then fill them with my vi. I

Problem when down loading a simple report to Excel sheet

HI Frenz, When I download a Simple report to excel , The Excel shows a blank column in between two column, which should not be the case. Kindly let me know ASAP Regards IrfanHi, Check out the below samle code Download a report to excel with format (b

Using Numbers Personal Budget template I can't figure out how to change the categories in both tabs (budget and transactions)

Brand new just bought Numbers and I used the personal budget template to enter our monthly budget.  I customized the spread sheet with our budget categories, but then when I go to the transactions tab to add our transactions, it only has the generic

Within the budget template; how would one create an entire year worth of a budget; with out having to create a separate page for each month?

Help! Loving the budget template, but I would like to be able to create an entire years worth of a buget with out creating a whole new transaction/budget page for each month. How do I get the new transaction to identify a new budget chart? Thanks, Em

Changing colour scheme in Numbers Budget template

I'm using the personal budget template in Numbers for iCloud beta but want to change the colour scheme. Any ideas?30-Aug-2006 05:54 PM soooo1077 wrote: but how do i open it and add it to my phone? I am new to this and am getting confused!!! Thanks I

Very simple html template engine...

Hi forum I need to create a very simple html templating engine. My requirements are only load a html document into an object (HTMLDocument for example?), search a couple of particular tag or string, treat the text found between these tags like a bloc

Add categories to personal budget template

I am trying to modify and add categories into the Personal Budget template in iCloud.  The problem is whenever I go to add a category on the  "Budget" tab, it doesn't cross over to the drop-down menu in the "Transactions" tab.  When I

Creating a simple HTML template

Hello All, I have to create a simple HTML template for a screen in SRM for Mass change of a field on contracts. I have ITS service ready and I have created a HTML template with reference to the prorgam and screen. It generated following code. what ch

IPad Numbers- Budget template

Using Numbers budget template on iPad and not all transactions show up in the budget, how do I fix this?Add a row with the Corresponding Category (you have to type in the categories on the summary sheet, as well as the Budget amount).Read other 2 ans

Numbers crashes when loading budget template

Numbers crashes every time I try to use the Budget template from the template chooser. I can open other templates just fine. Any ideas?Try putting links to external scripts, servers, etc... into a server-side include.  It works for me. Nancy O.Read o

Updated Budget template - what happened to Transactions Sheet?

I've just updated my Mac, but now the Budget template looks different - and the Transactions Sheet has disappeared. And this was the most important bit I needed to track what my spending habits were last year.... Sadly, can't use any budget software,

Is the personal budget template monthly or yearly?  I am entering data for Jan.  How do keep track of Feb? Do I have to make a whole new budget?  If not, the formula adds expenses in a category together which would mean Jan. and Feb. would be added togeth

  I think the personal budget template is a monthly budget and I have Jan. set up.  When it is Feb., do I have to download a new budget? Also, there is a pie chart and all the pie chart has 6 colors.  If you have more than 6 categories, the colors re

I need the old Personal Budget template as I have corrupted the formulae on mine

Hi - After the latest Numbers upgrade, they dont have the old personal budget template. I have stuffed mine up as I am rubbish at using spreadsheets. Where Can I get a copy of the original template? I dont like the new ones. thanks DT Esquire, London

Numbers Personal Budget Template

How do I relate the monthly expense column from month to monthTonyseus wrote: How do I relate the monthly expense column from month to month "Relate"? To what? The budget template is set up to use two types of expenses: fixed monthly expenses (f

Personal Budget template formulas

In the personal budget template I have changed the categories and customized it to my budget.  When I go to the transaction tap and put in a transaction I got the drop down for the category, but I can't get the formula correct in the amount to update

How do you change categories in both transactions and budget report in the personal budget template in Numbers?

How do you change categories in both transactions and budget report in the personal budget template in Numbers? I am working on both an iPad mini and a MacBook Air.  Whenever I change the category name in the budget report, it does not actually show

Making a simple magazine template

Hello All, I don't really use Pages very often (I normally use Apple's video apps).  I have been trying to set up a simple magazine template and it doesn't seem very easy for me. Here is what I'm trying to do:  I'm going to print a 6 page newsletter

Budget template

I am trying out the Budget Template in the Numbers app but I can not figure out how to add Paychecks to the Category's column. I would like to see a total of what I make and what I spend next to each other.  Also I added two new categories (Savings &

IOS Numbers- Budget template

How do I get Numbers budget template on iPad to show all transactions in the budget section?Add a row with the Corresponding Category (you have to type in the categories on the summary sheet, as well as the Budget amount).Read other 2 answers

Numbers budget template

HI im trying to use the budget template and have changed the categories on the budget sheet, but they're not appearing on the drop down menu on the transaction page. Can anyone help? thanks!Is it possible to change it so that I can input the differen