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Netbeans forum ?

Is there a dedicated forum where I can ask Netbeans questions or may I do do here ?I'm not quite sure why a user forum would be "out of place" or why one would be forced into the mailing lists. Yes the archives can be searched to a degree.Simple

Error while deploying, Custom Style Skin in OBIEE

Hi, I have deployed Custom Style Skin in OBIEE successfuly (with the help of http://www.rittmanmead.com/2010/12/oracle-bi-ee-11g-styles-skins-custom-xml-messages/ ). Now when we're moving RPD, Catalog & Custom Style Skin from OBIEE

How to I get an FLV Skin to display on external sites?

This is thee most frustrating thing! I've been trying to get my FLV skin to display on other sites when embedded, but the video is the only thing that shows up. There are no play back controls; nothing! I can view things just fine on my site (so that

If statement in skin.xml

Hello All, I am trying to put condition in skin.xml file.how to do that kindly suggest.it was a wrong questionRead other 2 answers

"Page Path" in HTML Page Skin

Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how I could include the behavior that the "Page Path" Item provides, but I would like to do it in an HTML Pageskin. Seems like this would be fairly common for those people using page skins. Thanks -seanH

Relative Path for swf skin, is it set by DW or Flash

Hello, I have a simple video swf file with skin (swf) in my site inside a folder (video folder). In the video folder there is video.swf, flv file, and skin.swf. When I test the html file it looks for siteroot/videofolder/video.swf siteroot/videofolde

How to let Trinidad Tag use outside css classes instead of skin?

In my project, we asked vendor company to create the UI and css of the whole web application. We are using Trinidad in the project, trinidad use skin to customize the look and feel of the page. Since we have already had a set of css classes, we don't

White MacBook discoloured by use of Tucano Second Skin folder

I have a three month old white MacBook which I protected from new with a black Tucano Second Skin folder. I've discovered discolouration on the case at either side, matching the internal design of the sleeve. I've used iKlear, with no effect. Anyone

Audacious, skin problem. Cannot start.

Hello. I just installed Audacious player, but I cannot start it. When I try to run the player, I get the following error message: Unable to load skin. Check that skin at '(null)' is usable and default scin is properly installed at '/usr/share/audacio

Audacious skin error

Hello, I just installed audacious (simply by pacman -S audacious) But if i wanne start audacious i get this error-message; "check that skin at '(null)' is usable and default skin is properly installed at '/usr/share/audacious/Skins/Default' If I look

How do I use the skin for a video object in one of my slides?

I put an video object place holder in one of my question masters, and when I insert a video into the actual project slide, it will not play with a skin.  I can set it up to play automatically, but when I add a skin to it, the functions of the skin wo

How do I apply programmatic skins for completely custom drawn components of a Flex library project?

Hello folks, I am looking for best practices advice when (1) creating custom components and (2) styling and skinning. I already know how to skin a component part of the Flex framework. I can make a class extending ProgrammaticSkin and have my compone

Why is it not possible to assign a hotkey to onion skinning? (For toggling on/off)

In Flash CS6 when animating frame-by-frame by hand, I'm constantly toggling onion skinning on and off, and the same with the "loop" button right next to it for looping a certain range of frames. Neither of these appears to be assignable to a hot

Visual skinning for spark components

Hi. I am a newbie doing the flex in a week course. It is so easy to set up datagrids but they look awful. This is incredibly important for my company. Skins must look good BUT I just read the flash catalyst is discontinued. What software can I use no

Playbar options are greyed out on skin editor Captivate 6

Hi Everyone, I am building modules and all of a sudden when I went to publish the module the playbar is gone, I went to the skin editor and now the playbar options are completely greyed out and nothing I do will allow me to turn them back on....PLEAS

Questions about using skins in online and local help

Caveat: I'm a very new RoboHelp users, somewhat self-taught, so my questions may be very rudamentary, but I can't quite find them in the (very meager) Adobe help. In a previous version of the Help (created by my predecessor), the local Help (.chm) lo

OBIEE 11g : Unable to see any images while customizing styles and skins

Hi, I am trying to customize OBIEE 11g style and skin. I followed the steps mentioned at http://www.rittmanmead.com/2010/12/oracle-bi-ee-11g-styles-skins-custom-xml-messages/ and also in oracle white paper http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware

Problem with skin in a server

I've created a skin for my project.. It works fine in embedded OC4J server. But when I deployed it on JBOSS server, my buttons' icons don't show... by the way and tree components' icons are hidden,.. instead oracle provides the default ones instead..

Problem with skin for server side buttons.

Hi, I have a problem with the skin for server side renderd buttons. In my CSS file I have : .AFButtonStartIcon:alias content:url(/skins/images/btns.JPG); .AFButtonEndIcon:alias content:url(/skins/images/btne.JPG); .AFButtonTopBackgroundIcon:alias con

Problem with css reload (custom adf skin)

I have defined a custom skin but changes in the css does not immediately show in the page. I have not figured out what triggers a rreload of the css. When I delete the generated css from the embedded OC4J a new one i immediately created but with the