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I need Skype Customer Service and there is none. I...

I am having issues with my Skype account(s). I need to speak to someone in customer service. This is not a do it yourself tech issue. There is no customer service. Only this forum. I'm so frustrated with Skype right now. For having **bleep**ed up pro

How do I get Skype Customer Service to do their jo...

Hello I am not happy with Skype Customer Service.  My work forced me to log out of Skype to get my WiiFii working (don't ask me why).  I logged out, but could not log back in because I forgot my password.  I tried to get my password, but it went to a

How do i contact Skype customer service NOT the co...

how do i contact skype customer service to talk with someone for something that is NOT answered in community?>???????https://login.skype.com/login?return_url=https%3a%2f%2fsupport.microsoft.com%2fen-us%2fskype%3flangu... that is the full link to Mac

How do I contact skype customer service?

How do I contact customer service?Hi, Jaytee400, and welcome to the Community, Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service Here are a few extra notes to guide you along

Skype Customer Service

Skype Customer Service not available why?i want When chat be available with customer service?Skype customer chat will be in a popup window. You have to allow for popups (in IE trusded sites) to be able to actually see the chat. (disclaimer: this is h

When Skype Customer Service Doesn't Reply

I have an issue raised with Skype Customer service. They have promised twice to reply but do not. I have posted on the board. A mod replies, but does not answer my question fully and does not reply to follow up questions. My question is not in the da

Scam? Hacked account? Skype customer service

How can I know that it is not a scam? I made a complaint about an undelivered message and a refund claim. I received a confirmation email and a response email (attached below). I clicked the link and was directed to a chat. I was asked to provide my

Huge skype issue, skype customer service doesn't c...

Hello, I have a Skype (Baddieisboss) which I have used for over 2 years to run a business. I have accumulated over 5000 contacts throughout the 2 years which were customers and potential customers. Today I woke up, my Skype was logged off and it had

Getting help beyond Skype Customer Service

Does anyone know how to reach someone at Skype with any billing authority?  The customer service is worse than useless because they take a lot of time and offer absolutely no help.  I am the Skype manager for a few different Skype accounts.  I use th

How do i tell skypes customer service my informati...

I need to give skype my information to unlink my account someone help pleaseYou are wasting your time. Registration always has been optional and those pages are long gone. Simply don't bother. MyleniumRead other 2 answers

Account hacked, money taken, skype customer servic...

 In December, my account was hacked, the username, verification details and password were all changed, over £100 was taken from my bank account. After contacting skype they kept requesting me to complete a link verfication page. I have since opened a

Re: When Skype Customer Service Doesn't Reply

I have been trying to contact Skype for days. I keep getting sent to different areas which are no help. The email support is no longer valid (I tried and got this message). I found one place where I supposedly could be in contact by typing a question

Skype's customer service fortress

Since Skype doesn't allow phone calls and since Skype only allows live chat to "eligible customers". Since I have a fraudulent skype charge on my bank account what I am suppose to do? Come here and be all like here's my first 4 and last 4 of my

Skype Account as Customer Service hotline for busi...

Hi Skype Customer Service, I have previously sent an email, about two weeks ago, regarding the use of Skype as a customer service hotline- however, we have no received any feedback. If we could get some assistance, it would be greatly apprpecaited. O

Two days ago, Skype stopped accepting 1.800 toll f...

For the past two days, when I use Skype to place a 1.800 or 1.855 call, the number does not connect and the error message is "call dropped". I tried two other computers in our area and they are having the same problem. I am calling from Kabul, A

Customer Service Number

I am having a major issue with Skype right now... I TRIED to pay for a Skype number along with a 3 month subscription for $18.00... and something went wrong on PayPal's side and the payment never went through... So then I called PayPal and they said

Verizon Customer Service - Impersonal, scripted, unhelpful.

This email correspondence began because this is the 2nd time in 4 years that my service as degraded at my house for some unknown reason and in both cases, Verizon has been unwilling to do anything to help resolve that situation. I had good coverage i


I have been fighting with the Skype Customer Service people for the last 10 days on this. I got a notification on Skype around 10 days ago on my email address saying that someone had attempted to change my email address to something else. I replied b

Re: customer service number???

Agree....very frustrating and this is the most unbelievable BS service to date. You can even do online chat unless you are a premium. I paid for a skype in number and pay for call credit yet you can get any help. SUCKS big time. I paid for our skype

How can I get customer service?

How can I get costumer serviceHi Iris and welcome to the Skype Community, Please follow the instructions here to contact Skype customer service Follow the latest Skype Community News ↓ Did my reply answer your question? Accept it as a solution to hel