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sliding window won't close


I dont know where to begin, what is a sliding window?

The problem is to create a "smooth" image/"oil painting" image for a given image. You must create a GUI interface that include a menu which uses a JFileChooser to load/save an image file (a plain PGM file). The menu also include an exi

Sliding window sanario in PTF vs Availability of recently loaded data in the staging table for reporting purpose

Hello everybody, I am a SQL server DBA and I am planning to implement table partitioning on some of our large tables in our data warehouse. I am thinking to design it using the sliding window scenario. I do have one concern though; I think the stagin

Sliding Window Table Partitioning Problems with RANGE RIGHT, SPLIT, MERGE using Multiple File Groups

There is misleading information in two system views (sys.data_spaces & sys.destination_data_spaces) about the physical location of data after a partitioning MERGE and before an INDEX REBUILD operation on a partitioned table. In SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU

Sliding window for historical data purge in multiple related tables

All, It is a well known question of how to efficiently BACKUP and PURGE historical data based on a sliding window. I have a group of tables, they all have to be backed up and purged based on a sliding time window. These tables have FKs related to eac

Sliding window approach

Hai, I am planning to implement a SLiding window approach to segment time series data. COuld any 1 help me to start with, how to make my sliding window in java.svpriyan00 wrote: Hai, That word is 'hi' or 'hello'. I am planning to implement a SLiding

RMS sliding window

Hi Everyone I am calculating the RMS from a 50 sample window (sampling rate 1000Hz). I am using the Biosignal RMS.vi but I want to change the window to use 25 samples before and 25 samples after the point I want  to calculate. I am still new to labvi

About sliding window

Does anyone knows where to find sample code about implementing sliding window in java? thzYou mean a splitter? Check out the turorial.Read other 2 answers

"Sliding window" with table partition

Hi, I have a partitioned table with one partition containing history data and the other contains current (on-line) data. The table is range partitioned with date as the key and I have enabled row movements. I would like to have the on-line partition

Sliding window

I have an interesting problem that I'd welcome some thoughts on. I need to track a proportion of success/failures in a sliding window of discrete events. In English :-) the user says "If at any time 7 out of the last 10 events were failures, let me k

Sliding window technique

Hi,     I am doing a project in image processing,i would like to know what is sliding window technique and purpose of using it in image processing?. Thank youHello, in image processing a sliding window technique is a technique of moving a window alon

Sliding Window Averaging

Can someone tell me the best/easiest way to do sliding window averaging on my data. I'd like to do sliding window averaging over say 10 points. I use VB6 and Measurement Studio 1.0/CW3.0. I can't seem to find an obvious way to do it from looking thro

Sliding window compression, need some help

hey, i'm doing a sliding window (LZ77) compression project in java and am trying to figure out if there is already an object in java i can use for the sliding window itself, basically a queue, any help would be greally appreciated, thanks in advance,

Sliding Window Protocol

Hai Guys, I am interested in doing "Conversion of Time Series Data Using a Sliding Window Approach" under Mining. so i have to implement a java program in Sliding Window Approach. DO any 1 have hints or ideas how i can start with. thankssvpriyan

Sliding window over wavetrain in waveform graph?

At NIWeek 2006, Michael Cerna gave a very nice presentation in the area of Math & Signal Processing.  One of his example VIs I believe was entitled 'Cursor-based Measurement.vi' and in it he showed an interesting method of sliding a window over the s

Turn off hiding/sliding windows

Snow Leopard has this feature where if I accidentally push a Safari window too far up, it slides off & I have to click on the Safari icon on the Dock, or switch under the Window menu to get my other window back on the screen. I don't even understand

How can I select count/sum/avg by sliding window ???

Hi, Can you help me somebody? For example I have table with DateTime field. And now, I want to find which 1 hour interval contains maximum of records. Resolution is 1 minute. This mean that there is 1380 intervals in one day (00:00-01:00, 00:01-01:01

Sliding window problem

Guys, I have an intresting brain teaser. Below are details about it. We have a Server that will not take more than 160 messages per hour. Hour could be 1 - 2 or 1:15 to 2:15. etc. So the issue we have currently is As per our current logic. time inter

How do a sliding box to the browser window in Muse?

Is there a way within muse to add a sliding window featured in this Site of the Day? The developer has used it for the Facebook feed. Or would I need to find some HTML coding to execute. Honey DesignI Think There Is Not As Such Roket Science In It I

Windows 8.1 Update 1 error :0x80070002 for Inf: usbxhci.inf

Hello.  I am using the offline Windows 8.1 Update 1 Windows8.1-KB2919355-x64.msu on a computer running Windows 8.1 X64 Enterprise ( did an implace upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 last fall) The update KB2919355 fails during Reboot phase of the patch,  

4x4 window around one pixel? how?

5. The processing procedure works as follows. For each pixel of an image, the procedure considers an (n x n) window centered on that pixel, computes the mean/median of gray-level values in the window, and the mean/median becomes the new gray-level va