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Unable to modify or create Protection Groups in DPM 2012 R2 - Error: 31220

"DPM failed to apply the required policies to this protection group since the recovery point limit for this DPM server has been exceeded. (ID: 31220)" I am trying to add new data sources to our DPM server and continually run into the above messa

Delete disk backup recovery point

Hi Guys, Am using DPM 2012 SP1 version 4.1.3313.0 Looking to delete the disk recovery points & using the script mentioned int he gallery - http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/DPM-2012-R2-Remove-6167f338 Somehow when i run the scripts an

Export-csv only generating the output only for single server

Hi Team, From the below script I'm unable to generate the single output file for all the condition. The script only giving the last server output, It's skipping the all the other servers in the file. $ScriptBlock = {     param         $Server,       

Old recovery points seems to not being cleaned up

I'm running a Windows Server 2012 server with DPM 2012 SP1, acting as a secondary DPM server for a couple of primary servers. However, the last 5-6 weeks it has begun to behave very strange. Suddenly, I get a lot of "Recovery Point volume threshold e

1 hard validation error left and I will be w3c validated.  Its a tr ending problem.  Very hard!

Just recently i started to validate the script for html 4.01 strict and ran into a hard coding problem.. On the home.html A line of code says </td> {if ($smarty.foreach.videos.index+1)%$cols==0}</tr><tr>{/if} {/foreach} </tr></t

[Forum FAQ] How to calculate the total count of insert rows within a Foreach Loop Container in SSIS?

Introduction We need to loop through all the flat files that have the same structure in a folder and import all the data to a single SQL Server table. How can we obtain the total count of the rows inserted to the destination SQL Server table? Solutio

Count issue of output in Web I report

Hi, We are using Web I XI R2 and facing issue with the ouput while using count formula as described below. I am able to get the right output for below formula when used without breaks Formula       =Count([Risk ID*] Where (([Risk Impact] = "High"

Help with c:forEach Tag (it is driving me insane)

I keep getting this error (Don't know how to iterate over supplied "items" in <forEach>) whenever i run my jsp page. JSP Code: <c:set var="page_action" value="${sessionScope.httpData.find_Fix}" />                 

How to count number of attachments in a mailbox?

Hi everybody, I want to count the number of attachments in mailbox. Kindly help me. Thanks & regards, Talib HussainHi Talib, in Your case i think you will need to combine Get-mailboxfolderstatistic and search-mailbox. Is Your goal to only search Your

How can I run a counter by number of times the script is run

So I've created a script for disabling exchange mailboxes and moving them to a disabled OU in AD.  I currently have this set to run once a week via scheduled tasks but instead would like to kick it up to nightly and improve on the logging. Right now,

How to get the count of items(folders or documents) in a SharePoint document library and for a folder in any SharePoint document library?

I need to get a count of documents and folders in a selected document library(the item for EventRecievers for event deleting) and the count of documents in a selected folder(the item for EventRecievers for event deleting) to determine whether the ite

How to get the total no.of fields count in TFS

How to check this: You can define no more than 1,024 work item fields in the same team project collection, and you can set no more than 1,024 fields to reportable in all team project collections. I have created some new fields in my customized proces

File Count with selected date range

Hi, Our requirement is to get the file count with selected date by the user from two sharepoint date time controls i.e. dtp1 and dtp2 into the data table. I am able to get the file count of specific folder from Pages library through below code. Now n

Count of Rows Displayed after Filter Applied

Hi, I have a WebI report where I am manually filtering the data displayed within the report based on user input. For example, a user enters a Max Value and I am filtering out all employees who have a total value (mulitple rows summed up) greater than

How to output times of foreach

i want to output the times of c:foreach, for example <c:forEach items="unitList" var="element" > <!--how can i out put times--> </c:forEach> like for(int i=0;i<len;i++) array=1; i want to output i, in c:foreach, ho

How to name items that are coming from forEach loop

I have an arraylist of String[]'s that I need to display on the screen. I am sorting through the arrayList and pulling the values I need and displaying them without a problem. Two of the values from the String[] the user can modify. The problem is th

Powershell script to count number of list and library items in site collection

We are identifying large lists in our 2010 SP environment and I'm attempting to write code to output the total number of list items in a site collection.   I'm using the code below but it only displays column data for title and url.  What do I need t

Page Version Count within the selected dates

Hi, We have a folder of name General in our site. i have two SharePoint date time controls on the user control. Now i need to get the number of page versions within the selected dates. I am able to get all the pages under the 'General' folder as belo

PowerShell Exchange 2007 Question To count up the total number of email addresses (view/hidden) per GAL

Hello All: I am very new to Power Shell and need some help: I have 224 GAL's on our Exchange System (Ex 2007) where, I need to count the total number of email addresses/display names assigned to each GAL.  I am not sure how to set up a for-next loop

How to capture selected row value inside of c:foreach

Hi , I have a for each loop as follows : I want to do Edit, Delete Copy functions on indivisually displayed rows. =======================================================                          <c:forEach items="${position.positionAuthorizations}