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EM 12c Email Notification Setup

Hello, I've got EM 12c up and running.  I've got some notifications already setup.  They are for the database, critical/fatal/warning, that I set up through the incident manager.  Not sure if this was the right way to go about that but anyways it see

Fault Policies in soa 11g with email notification

SOA I want to implement faulpolicies.xml and send email notification. (for binding ,remote fault after certain retries).Can I use email activity in BPEL catch block for this , what should I add ,in my faultpolicies.xml to trigger email activ

SOA Removing footer link from Email notification

Hi, I need to remove the "Please access the task in the Workspace Application" link in the SOA email notifications. I dint find any options to remove this link (checked in email notifications advanced options). Any pointers on how to remove this

Sending email Notifications from BPM

Hi all, We're trying to send an email notifications from our process but we need to send HTML mails, not just plain text... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance1. Configure the UMS Email Driver in Enterprise manager 2. onfigure the SOA Su

Could not able to send email notification through approval workflow

Hi, I am trying to send an email notification to the requester and approver on request creation and when the approver approves the request then an email should get triggered to the request with approve/reject outcome. All the SOA configuration has be

Email notifications for multi level approvals in OIM 11g

Hi, I am using OIM 11g. And in my current environment, we have 4 levels of approvals and need to send a different type of email notification in every level to the corresponding approver. Can you please let me know how to implement this in SOA composi

Email Notification Activity in BPEL with SOA10g suite

Hi I am trying to use Email Notification activity in my BPEL process. After execution everything going well, but not receiving any mail in my mail box User Defualt in the from account To : I have used my regular email id CC : also one of my email id

Problem in sending Email notification from BPEL

Hi, i am trying to send email from BPEL using Email activity.Using SoaSuite10.1.3.3 i configured the ns_emails.xml file properly as below. when i run the process, it is executing fine without any error. but i am not receiving any mail. even i applied

Hide ADF components in email notification Human Task BPM 11g

How can I hide ADF components in email notification? I what to hide some buttons and comments section. I'm using BPM 11g Thanks everybody.Hi Frank, Just wanted to know if someone has already tried a usecase similar to this as it also involve

Send dashboard with email notification

Hi, Is it possible to send email notification along with dashboard in OEM 12c.Please assist me on this. thanks, sagarHi, have you checked this link :http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/notification.htmRead other 3 answers

OIM 11g - Email Notifications configured in human task is not working

Hi, My requirement is to send email to the assignee whenever a request is assigned to the user. I created a custom bpel workflow and configured email notiifcation in the human task for the status 'assign'. I have configured Email driver with followin

OIM 11g - Email Notification with direct link to Approval Task Details

Hi, We wanted to send email notifications to approver with direct link to the approval task details screen from which the user can either approve or reject the request. In OIM 11g OOTB Notification templates such as Request Creation contains the dire

Email Notification to Resource Approver

Hi All,   I am using following product... IDM 11g R2 (BP03), SOA 11g I want to send the Email notification to the Request Approver  (my workflow is working fine, resource is getting approved and provisioned properly) I have made all the required sett

Email Notification to Requester Manager

Hi All,    I am using following product...   IDM 11g R2 (BP03), SOA 11g I want to send the Email notification to the Requester Manager  (my workflow is working fine, resource is getting approved and provisioned properly by Manager) I have made all th

OIM 11g: send direct link to approval tasks in email notification

Hi all! What do I want to achieve: I want to send email notification to assignee in case if some approval task in OIM has assigned to them and this notification must have a direct link to the page of approval task details from which assignee can appr

Send Email Notification to Assignees in Role Approval Workflow in OIM 11g

Hi Experts, I am using a Custom Workflow for Role Approval in OIM ( It is a two stage Approval Process. First level Approval is Requester's Manager and Second Level Approver are Role Owners(Two users who are Role Owner in OIM). I want to

Send different email notifications when a request is rejected/completed

Hi Friends, I have developed a SOA composite in OIM 11g. And I am getting the same email notification when a request is fully completed or when it is rejected by an approver. How to send diffrerent email notification when a request is completed and w

Email notification for external third party feed downtime

Hi All, I have a SOA application consisting of a web service which receives feed from third party system. Normally the third party sends 200 messages a minute. I want to implement a functionality such that if the web service does not receive a single

Receiving email notification UMS Adapter

Hi , I am using Oracle SOA Suite PS5 UMS adapter. UMS adapter is working fine while sending outbound email notifications, but the same is failing while receiving inbound email notifications, as there is no instance being created for deployed project

SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed on Windows Server 2012 not sending out email notification

I have a server where i installed SP Foundation 2013 on top of Windows Server 2012. I have configured the SMTP as well as the outgoing SMTP in Central Administration of SharePoint. When i create an alert on a document library, its did not sent any em