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Remote Log Targets not working in ACS

Dear all I have 2 x ACS boxes configured as Primary & secondary. In ACS1 - In monitoring and reports-> option  I can see the User authentication, authorization and Accounting activities logs. I want to configure ACS2 as remote log server. For that

ACS 5.2 - unable to delete remote log target

Hello Everyone, I have two ACS 5.2 running as primary and secondary instances respectively.  When I try to delete a remote log target under System Administration > ... > Configuration > Log Configuration > Remote Log Targets I get the followin

Syslog - seperate log for router output ?

I've got logging enabled on my Mavericks server and everything is being written to system.log. I've set my MAC syslog server as the remote log server for my network router and this is working fine, but everything is being written to system.log, Ideal

Nexus - enable remote logging of entered commands

Hi all! Is there same way to enable remote logging of entered commands on Nexus platform? I found only how to do it with aaa and tacacs+, but we do not have such? In classic IOS it was quite easy to do. Thanks.Hi Igor Nexus has internal accounting lo

Remote Logging on CISCO 1120 ACS 5

Hi I have configured the appliance everything is working fine We have a remote syslog server and I have configured the  remote syslog server details in the "Remote Log Targets" and  and Logging Categories. But I cannot see any logs on my syslog

Sorry - basic question; 'Simplest way to set-up Remote Log-in'

I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this, but the question is at least quite simple; what's the best, quickest, 'easiest' way of remotely logging on from home to work i.e. to access and use applications and files. Leopard at home, Leopard

ARD 3.6.1 remote log in Unix command failure

Hello, I am using 10.7.5 and ARD 3.6.1 and cannot figure out how to remotely log in to another computer I wish to remotely log in using ARD to multiple computers in my network, up to 30 at a time for elementary students.  I can observe, control and s

Build 9879 - Need to restart Win 10 if remotely logged on from other windows machine

Hi, Installed Win 10 32 bit Build 9879. I remotely logon to the Win 10 machine without any problem from my laptop. The problem comes when I try log in from Win 10 machine itself (i.e. which has Win 10 installed). No password screen... only black scre

Remote Log in

Hi I wanna remote log in a Linux server and compress/uncompress a file using my Java app Any suggestion regarding this ..............????Can FTP be used to un/compress a file ... how??? As far as i know there is no ftp command for un/compressing a fi

Trying to remote log into work and they require OS X v.10.7 Lion.  I have OS X 10.9.5 - same thing or how do I even know?

Trying to remote log into work and they require OS X v.10.7 Lion.  I have OS X 10.9.5 - same thing or how do I even know?Thanks for the suggestions AyeSee - but I already know how to configure the mouse to perform a single task (e.g., rotating the mo

Remote log in to pc

I have a macbook pro and want to remotely log in to a PC. how do I do it?If you have MS Office on your Mac, you will find the Remote Desktop Connection application in the Office folder. That gives you full remote connectivity to the PC, including fol

Generate reports on Solaris machine but remotely using Windows printserver

We are currently, generating and printing 6i batch reports on Solaris machine. We are using Pro C scripts on Solaris manchine that, generate and store reports on Solaris Machine. The reports get printed / output from Solaris machine (to networked pri

Setting up a remote log in from macbook air to a server

best way to set up remote log in from Macbook Air to a protected server to do work from macbook air remotelyHi, if your printer is supported to be published in the Internet, you may able to do this. If it is not supported and if the Printer is not in

Remote Logging for ACS

I am testing remote logging in ACS. Is it by design that logging from all ACS appliances goes to the same files configured by the Configuration Provider? Whatever is specified in the other ACS appliances is ignored and all entries from all appliances

Remote logging

Hey I've tried to make remote logging happen with my Airport Extreme. For one, I can't find the logs files (where are they?. And secondly when I follow Apple's instruction on: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21492 I get this error after typing "sudo sy

ACS SE 4.01 crashing when enabled remote logging

We are running acs se 4.01 and whenever i turn on the remote logging to our agent, the ACS itself becomes unusable until I turn logging off again. Any ideas?Hi If you mean, that as soon as you enable remote logging, authentication starts failing, the

FMS "Flash Remoting log"

I have inherited an application where calls to our FMS server result in the SSAS initiating remoting calls to an external database server (via AMFPHP). We have had intermittent problems on the remoting calls from the FMS server to the external databa

Solaris 9 syslog messages are IP not hostname

I am trying to setup Solaris 9 to forward its syslog messages to a central server, and its working fine except the logs being sent have the IP address and not the hostname. Is there a way to change this? Thanksno, i mean you will need to put entries

Syslog (system-log) and tcp wrapper

Is there any way to restrict access to syslog for allowed IP adresses ? I was thinking about tcp wrapper, but don't know how to assign syslog with tcp-wrapper. I don't want remote systems to flood my serwer logs with unwanted syslog messages. Solaris

EEM policy: Syslog ED & logging Discriminator = Crash

Hi everyone! I found a new bug in cisco IOS 15.1(4)M3 when running EEM script with syslog event detector. If system logging performed using the "logging discriminator" and run concurrently EEM script with syslog event detector, then Cisco router