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Solaris 8 x86 doesn't ask for default route at install time

The Solaris 8 installation program doesn't ask what the machine's default route should be. This means that when you configure DNS servers later on that aren't on the same subnet as the machine you get error messages. Anyone know a work around?Re: Sol

Solaris 8, gated and default routes

i have a sun box on which i've configured gated & am currently trying to find documentation on how the kernel processes 2 equally weighted default routes passed to it. will it round robin traffic between them, or will it install only one route in it'

Faking a default router

Hi guys I am new to Solaris so please bear with me. I have 2 networks, each currently having a Solaris 8 on an Intel box and one Windows NT box. I also have an application on each of these networks that listens for UDP traffic. Any UDP packets on net

ASA 5505 - 2 Internet Connections, Problems with the Default Route

Hey there, i have a Problem at a Customer Site at the moment. The customer uses an ASA 5505 with two internet connections attached to it. On the first connection (which is the only one in use at the moment) he has some Static-PAT's from Outside to In

How to count number of default routes in routing table

Is there a way for java to count the number of default routes in the routing table?Hi Sathish, If you are using table mean surely you are binding the table to some model like JSON model. You can bind the checked value of the column with the checkbox

Losing IPv6 default route iOS 8.1

Hi, I have a problem with my iPhone 5C losing the IPv6 default route intermittently during the day since the upgrade to iOS 8.x.x. Today I got a very close timestamp to when the default route was lost: Oct 28 20:16:37 iPhone com.apple.WebKit.Networki


UNABLE TO INJECT A STATIC DEFAULT ROUTE FROM PE???? Description: I am unable to get a static default route via MPBGP session for a vrf, any other route redistributed the same way is getting through. Just the static default route isn't ???? 1> SOURCE

How to set the default route on a RVS4000 to point to a gateway in the LAN

Hi The dialog in the RVS4000 for static routes does not allow to set the default route to point to a gateway in the LAN. Clearly this is either a bug or a feature of the web-interface and not a restriction of the box, which runs some kind of linux. S

Setting The Default Route in a Jumpstart Install with Multiple Interfaces

Greetings, I'm performing a Jumpstart install on a SPARC v240 server, which has multiple network interfaces. I'm trying to configure all of the interfaces as part of the Jumpstart setup. However, Jumpstart doesn't like the default route that I'm supp

Response Groups - Duplicate "Built In" Services - Multiple Default Routing Endpoints

Hello, I have a Lync 2013 deployment that has been migrated from OCS 2007, to OCS 2007 R2, to Lync 2010, and now to Lync 2013. I am including that information as that may be important for the following discussion. When the Response Group Service star

IP SLA Default Route state down to much

Hello, I am attempting to use IP SLA trackers to dynamically set the default route going out over a DSL connection.  if the sla trackers are down the default route learned from the WAN will take over, but normally we want to send internet/default rou

Using ACE RHI to inject a default route

I think I posted this onto the wrong Forum. Anyone able to advise here? SteveK. Posted by: stevek1 - Network Administrator, Dept Natural Resources and Mines Apr 18, 2008, 12:04am PST Hi Folks, I need to provide internal devices with active-active acc

Metrics when redistributing a static default route into EIGRP?

I saw a network working with EIGRP and resdistributing a static default route into it. I did not find the "default metrics" to redistribute into EIGRP but the static default route works and is redistributed. My understanding was that everytime y

How do I inject a static default route into vrf

Could anybody give me any advise on injecting a static default route into vrf. The static route is to the internet, I can't enable vrf forwading on the fa interface as other users also use this internet connection. I am configuring a 7206 VXR 12.3(26

Can I use two default route in a router

Hi I have a router which have two isp line. I want connected two differnt remote site by two isp line. now i have one default and another static. i can use two default route like this ? 201.222.103.x 0 201.221.102.y 1

Load balancing using multiple default routes

Hi Guys, I just want to ask does creating multiple default routes on my router provides load-balancing on my WAN side? As far as i know, for example if I have two default routes on my router and let say I have two users connecting to the internet, th

Import EIGRP default route only with network command

Hi, Does anyone know why I can only import the default route learned by EIGRP (from a CE router) in the VPNV4 table with the command ?network under the address family? Is this the correct behavior? router bgp 100 address-family ipv4 vrf red

Management to VRF Interface on 1841 relying on default route

I couldn't find this in any of the bug lists, has anyone come across this scenario before: I have an 1841 router, running: c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-25f This router has multiple loopbacks in different VRFs, loopback 0 is in the global context, loo

How to use default route achieving load-balancing?

show me an example thanksHi Friend, If you have 2 default route with same admin distance you can have equa load balancing. Something like this ip route ip route Now because these 2 default routes have equal admin dista

Changing default route after import route-target

Hi there, Before I import route-target, the default route is set to . After import the vrf, suddently it change to another PE, which is . How do I force the default route to use ? before adding route-target impo