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Prtdiag output

Hi, Could anyone help to make clear in below output from prtdiag command. Why the state of ACT is steady and what does it mean? # prtdiag -v LEDs: Location      LED      State SYS      SERVICE      off SYS      LOCATE      off SYS                    

Serial ports in Solaris 10

Hi all. Please help me to solve my little problem. I need to get serial ports names (com-ports) registered in my system. In Linux I use command "dmesg | grep ttyS" for that, but in Solaris dmesg output don't contains any data about ttya, ttyb et

How to read unix standrad pipe output stream

I want to write some code that will read data from a standard solaris pipe output stream. Please help. For example I cat a file in a unix shell cat /etc/hosts The output of this file can be piped to another program and I want to write a piece of code

Help installing solaris 10 on macbook pro 2009 15 inch 2.66

I'm using bootcamp to install this. When I start the installation, it's fine. I choose the second option (can't recall the name right now) and proceed to the point where it says to choose a language. At this point, my keyboard and trackpad is COMPLET

Unable to interpret the prtdiag o/p for CPU Slots & Memory DIIMS - V890

Unable to interpret the prtdiag o/p for CPU slots & Memory DIIMS on V890 server. Went through the sun docs for V890, but lead to lot of confusion. your help on this would be appreciative. ThanksHi, below is the sample prtdiag output I've taken from a

Switching from Sun monitor output to VGA ourput.

How do I change the primary display output on a Solaris box from the Solaris video output to the VGA video output? I have a KVM feeding a LCD monitor and I have to change the setting on the monitor from VDI to subd when I go from Solaris to the Windo

SUNW_piclfrutree PICL plugin module failed

Has anyone ever see this picld error message after trying to start picld manually? I just had to install the picl packages, fru packages, along with some masf packages to get SNMP working. This worked without any problems on all of our Solaris 8 Netr

Help on my Ultra10 Video card

Hello, I am using solaris 9 on my Ultra 10, I just found there is another M64 video card already installed at slot PCI 1, I thought this card should be much better then the default card, so I tried to switch, but seems I can't get it work. I googled

How can i tell what HBA i'm using

I have a v440 with 2 HBA's in it. I want to buy 2 indenticle cards for another v440. But the prtdiag output doesn't seem to relate to the card list on the sun handbook. Any ideas? 0 pci 33 PCI0 SUNW,qlc-pci1077,2300 (scsi-+ 0 pci 33 PCI1 SUNW,qlc-pci

Disks atached to a Symbios 53C875, can�t see them.

Hi, I have SUN E450 box with Solaris 8 and a few internal disks, but i can only see the disks attached to one of the SCSI controlers. I think i can�t see the disks atached to two Symbios 53C875 SCSI controlers that apears in prtdiag output. Could be

Retriving live data frm FTP.

We are doing some data anaylis for solar power outputs. Omron Data Logger will log the datas into webbrowser . Is there a way that we could read the datas value directly fromFTPconnection. I dont think you all can acces to my FTP link as it has locat

Thread: Passwd not able to updated Centerlize LDAP Server

I have openldap running on solaris 10 x86 server with all system users are migrated on LDAP TREE.!. I configure client on other solaris 10 x86 server. - ldapclient manual -a defaultsearch=dc=xxxx,dc== ........ like that ( i have tired with setup a pr


I am having these errors whenever I tried to up my webapp. The operating system that I used is UNIX/SOLARIS. jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4 j2re-1_3_1_05-solaris-sparc j2sdk-1_3_1_05-solaris-sparc output: javax.servlet.ServletException: Error allocating a serv

E4500 Disk Board question

I have an E4500 with an external A5100 attached. I have a question about the disk board. prtdiag shows following: Detached Boards ===============prtdiag output ========= Slot State Type Info 3 disabled disk Disk 0: Target: 10 Disk 1: Target: 11 Can s

Checking scsi adapter on a v440

Hi all! Is it possible to check what scsi adapter card is in the v440 without having to open it? Checked the cfgadm command without any luck. The thing is that we are going to buy a new RAID-box to it and the seller stated that we need to buy an extr

Not getting full output  through prtdiag -v command

Dear all I am not getting the "Environmental Status", "FRU Status" & "FW Version:" through prtdiag -v command. Here is the output of the command : # prtdiag -v System Configuration: Sun Microsystems sun4v SPARC Enterprise

How to remove truncation in the output of ps -ef command in solaris

Hi, One silly question but i m unable to find solution. In solaris-10 when i executed the command ps -ef some datas in the output in the command column is truncated as below UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD root 6811 1 0 19:33:36 pts/3 0:00 sh /expo

Why did Solaris 10 X86 change the output of the format command?

Solaris 8,9, & 10 for Sparc all display disk manufacturer information on the format command output: 0. c1t0d0 <SUN36G cyl 24620 ... > 1. c1t1d0 <SEAGATE-ST3360704FSUN36G-0826 cyl 24620 ... > But for X86 this information is not displayed: 0

Solaris 11.1 pkg output

Hi All, On Solaris 11.1, if the publisher is to pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release, I see the following output: [email protected]:~# pkg list -afv entire FMRI IFO pkg://solaris/[email protected],5.11- i-- pkg://solaris/[email pro

Question on top command output in solaris

Platform : Solaris 5.10 In the top output, if you look at the CPU colum, you can see that one process (2415) is consuming 95.84 % of CPU, another process (28533) is consuming 91.81%. How can this happen ? If one process is consuming 95.84 , then less