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Importing a project from Sony Vegas

I'm trying to import a project that was initially edited in Sony Vegas to do audio and color correction in Final Cut. Apart from rendering the project out to an HDV tape, and re-importing it into Final Cut through Log and Capture, what is the best me

Capturing video into Sony Vegas and s video doesn't funct

I can capture video from a DVD player through the ZS2 by feeding through the composite cables, but not s video. Feeding into the firewire port with a digital video camera works fine. However, I have to capture into Ulead, then move the clips into Son

On my pc I used Sony Vegas to edit video, what's a similar program I could use on a Mac??

I used Sony Vegas on my desktop PC, and I got it free when I was in college from our online downloads website...but now that I graduated last year, And just now got a Mac, I was wondering what the cheapest alternative would be for Sony Vegas.  I don'

How does Sony Vegas Pro 12 compare to Premiere Pro CS6?

About 2 months ago, I purchased Premiere Pro CS6 retail box version from Best Buy.  With everything going to the CC, I can't get upgrades unless I join the CC.  This is NOT something I want to do!  I would like to know if the chroma keying and image

Sony Vegas vs Premiere Pro CC

I used Sony Vegas before, the main feature I used was the keyframes to make the video move with the music, and now I switched to Pr, but the keyframes here are sooo diferent and 10 times more difficult to use for no reason, when I select the keyframe

QT 7.6.9 incompatible with Sony Vegas, 7.6 is (???)

When I install 7.6.9 on my Windows 7 machine, Sony Vegas 8.0b imports MP4 / mov files with the video black and the audio present. When I downgrade to 7.6, everything works fine. Does anyone have any idea why? Is Apple aware of this? Is there any way

Sony Vegas Metadata and File tagging?

Howdy! I used to use Sony Vegas on the PC and have made the switch to FCP. Im liking all that I see but there was one feature that was great in vegas that i can't find in FCP. It was the ability to tag your clips eg "falls" "Dave" &quo

Importing .sfk Sony Vegas files

Hello, My friends recently recorded at a studio at which they were using Sony Vegas 9. I have the .sfk files and I have all the .wav files from all the takes. Rather than try to puzzle together the takes from 14 songs, I was hoping there is a way to

Can I run sony Vegas pro 8.0 on a macbook or macbook pro?

I'm thinking about buying my first mac book, but I need to know if I can run sony. I have read things about the bootcamp program, but I don't understand fully. I use Sony to edit videos, amvs, mmv, meps, ect. Can I use sony on a mac without getting a

What are Sony Vegas Pro 9 "commands" for?

I have a question about SVP9. (Sony Vegas Pro 9)What are literal "commands" (shortcut key by default is "C") for Sony Vegas?I have no Idea what they do, but when i search the question, I get things about the other kind of command. (ex.

Will opening a file with Sony Vegas make the SD card unreadable in FCP?

We record events on campus with a Panasonic AG-HMC40P. Our office uses Final Cut Pro to edit the files, however one of our staff used his copy of Sony Vegas to edit an event he recorded. Now the card is not readable through FCP. Did using another edi

MTS- Sony Vegas- FCP

I have a client who has HD footage that was shot as MTS. He's done his editing in Sony Vegas and he's ready to export his video. I will then integrate that video into a 720p60 timeline in Final Cut Pro. What would be his best export setting for me to

Graphics cards and After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas...which is best?

Debating between two EVGA cards for a new build. I don't game at all, but I want the most kickass system I can for After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, and Sony Vegas. Kepler option: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6814130768 Fermi option: h

PPCC Crash after opening an Sony Vegas PP Project

Hello together, i get this log while i import an Premiere Project that i have created with Sony Vegas as an export feature! Problemereignisname: APPCRASH   Anwendungsname: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe   Anwendungsversion:   Anwendungszeitstempel:

File compatibilty woth Sony Vegas

Need to get HDV files captured and edited in FCP 6 to a client using Sony Vegas. What are my best options to ensure maximum compatibility? Any ideas.Look at the SHEER codecs. Cross platform, lossless quality...but cost a little: http://www.bitjazz.co

Sony Vegas and MPEG4

Can Sony Vegas 7 edit the MPEG4 video files recorded from 5th gen nano, or does it need a plugin? Thanks in advanceHi, To capture video using the A2 VE you'll need to use Ulead to do the initial capture. Once done and the video is on the PC you can t

Import Sony Vegas files to Premiere CS5

I have a movie that was cut in Sony Vegas and exported as a wmv.. I am trying to import it to Adobe Premiere and I keep getting a "header error"... How can I get this movie file in here???Does the clip play in Windows Media Player? Wondering if

Moving From Sony Vegas

I am moving from Sony Vegas to FCP so I have some Vegas files that I need to render to use in FCP. Can I get some advice on what file type and compression settings I should use to render at?I have around 15 tapes from my old Pana GS400 (DV PAL 16:9)

Sony vegas - quicktime error

im trying to import a .mov file into sony vegas so i can edit it but when i try to, a pop up says "the sony quicktime plugin was not able to initialize the quciktime components on your system. it appears that quicktime for windows was not properly in

KB 2962872 hoses Sony Vegas

I have several laptops that are running Sony Vegas 12 and since the update KB2962872 has been pushed out, they can no longer render video or even view it in Vegas. We have also tried viewing the same video (raw) in VLC player and the video is so chop