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sony xperia z3 waterproof headphone jack


Sony Xperia J and headphones with controls

Hi All I've just got a Sony Xperia J and am having little joy with the headphones. I've done searching and seen lots of posts about it, but I'm still not 100% sure on the situation unfortently. The phone is CTIA. My headphones are CTIA (Altec Lansing

Sony xperia z3 waterproof or water resistant

i dipped my new z3 in a bucket of water, the screen turned off after few seconds, and it kept vibrating for almost half an hour, and was dead since then, that was a 2 weeks old phone, and all i got to hear from the service centre and customer care st

Xperia Z2 headphone jack ring broken off, still waterproof?

Hi, The ring that goes around the headphone jack for my Xperia Z2 broke off (im assuming it may have been used to seal the phone from water?), will my phone still be waterproof? ThanksYou need to stop by a sony service: http://www.sonymobile.com/glob

I connected my brand new iPod Classic 160 GB to my brand new Sony home entertainment system through the headphone jack (to the audio line in). The volume is ridiculously low. Can somebody help me out here?

I connected my brand new iPod Classic 160 GB to my brand new Sony home entertainment system through the headphone jack (to the audio line in). The volume is ridiculously low. Can somebody help me out here?Make sure the volume on the iPod is turned up

Sony Xperia z tablet power button is not working And the earphone jack is not responding

sony Xperia z tablet power button is not working And the earphone jack is not responding and i cant find solution for that please assist and guide if there is a self made solution thanksFYI, this is also being discussed on the following link with som

Sony xperia z1 Compact Display Black/malfunction waterproof

Hallo there, Got my z1 Compact about 1.5 montags ago. And Know my blood is boiling. As in the commercials i wanted to Take Some underwater pictures from my whalewatching Trip on the Philippiners. Still sceptic i Even Taped all possible areas where wa

Need to upgrade my HTC Thunderbolt. Sony Xperia Z3v or HTC One (M8)??

I used to be a photographer since the film days but now that everyone in the world thinks they are "photographer," I gave up. But photos as a hobby is still important to me. I love photo options and high pixels. Sony was nice for that but HTC fo

Ring on the headphone jack

Today, i notice my aluminum ring on the headphone jack is missing. The question is, does this effect the phone waterproof capability?You should get in touch with xperia care: http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/support/contact-us/ It might affect the

No sound in right ear with Sony MDR-NC31E bundled headphones

Hi, I bought the phone with bundled noise cancelling headphones and they worked flawlessly. Since then I've applied 2 updates from Sony and when I went to use my noise cancelling headphones after not really using them (I usually prefer my Sennheisers

Z2 headphones jack

My headphone jack isn't working properly. Right now only one ear is working, tested my sony headphone on other device & both ears are working properly. It started out with my having to rotate the headphone plug in 4 it to play, now it only plays both

Problem in Headphone Jack

My headphone jack seems broken. It does not recognize the plugging of the headphones and the music on the go feature only lasts for a secord after the start actions, and in order for the phone to recognize the headphone, i must apply more pressure to

Headphone jack being weird.

I have this weird problem since 2 days, first of all when I turn the phone on and plug in the earphones it plays okay, no disortion no anything. But then I disconect the earphones out of the jack and connect it back in it doesent play through the ear

Headphone Jack Question

Hi guys, My headphone jack came loose and snapped, I have a replacement one coming but one of the two small screws that holds the headphone jack in place is missing. Does anyone know what type of screw that I need to replace and where I could find on

Sony Xperia Z1 Water Resistivity false advertising and poor service from service center

I have bought Sony Xperia Z1 from eBay on 31 October 2013. I have been using this phone for nearly a year. The phone was good in performance but comes to water resistivity it will resist water for a few months but after few months even though the car

Headphone jack not working on new Macbook Pro what is causing this?

My 17 inch Macbook Pro is less than two weeks old. The headphone jack does not recognize the headphones about half the time. This occurs with several pairs of headphones and yes, they are ther right size. This is really frustrating on a brand new 350

Digital Audio Noise from the Headphone Jack

I have been searching for a while to see if anyone else has this problem. I have random faint digital noise (bleeps, bloops, and whirls) from my headphone jack. This happens regardless of application. I can get it going good by just tossing the volum

Headphone Jack Problem - Volume Increases and Decreases Randomly

Hi, has anyone encountered this problem? Whenever I plug in earphones the volume increases or decreases without me even touching the phone. It also disconnects alot whenever the earphones are moved. I have already updated my phone to the latest softw

Headphone jack: can you tell us how did you do

Hi, I have teh zen micro and reading all the threads concerning the hadphone jack makes me a little bit affraid of it. But I I still think that with the appropriate handling of the player I could prevent it from that. I would like to ask some of the

Can i use any other branded headphone jack other than Apple jack ?

My doubt is that , will there be any defects caused to any apple product if use any other banded 2.5mm jack other than apple? If so ma i know what can be those defects or mal-functionings..? Pls help me because the apple jack is not serving me to lis

Dead Pixel on my Sony Xperia Z1

Hi Concern, Complain here against Sony Mobile Malaysia. I live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,and my biggest mistake is i bought Sony mobile for the first time ever. I got the dead pixel on my mobile for 2nd time,even after replace one to one for 2nd time.