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spring integration gateway example


Schema Data Type in SOAP Web Service while using Integration Gateway in SMP 3.0

Hi Experts, I was working on Integration gateway component of SMP 3.0.3 where we can have oData services which connect to different data source from SMP and finally we have to consume from SMP. Here I have an SOAP Web service where there is Schema Da

Error when connecting an oracle DB with Integration gateway

I followed the steps from the blog How to connect an Oracle DB with Integration Gateway in SMP3 and the ojdbc was deployed successfully to SMP. Still, i'm getting "Driver class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver not found" error message when i try

Getting error in simple Jsf-Spring Integration

Hi, I am getting error in setting class attribute through Spring when I am integrating spring1.2 and jsf 1.1. Alone JSF is working fine. The error I am getting is Class org.springframework.web.jsf.DelegatingVariableResolver is no javax.faces.el.Varia