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spring integration gateway example


Schema Data Type in SOAP Web Service while using Integration Gateway in SMP 3.0

Hi Experts, I was working on Integration gateway component of SMP 3.0.3 where we can have oData services which connect to different data source from SMP and finally we have to consume from SMP. Here I have an SOAP Web service where there is Schema Da

Error when connecting an oracle DB with Integration gateway

I followed the steps from the blog How to connect an Oracle DB with Integration Gateway in SMP3 and the ojdbc was deployed successfully to SMP. Still, i'm getting "Driver class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver not found" error message when i try

Cant configure the node of my Integration Gateway

So I've been trying to get web services exposed from my test PeopleSoft Installation so that they can be used by another PeopleSoft Installation. After some reading and searching I found that I have to configure the Integration Broker in order to do

Weblogic 10.3TP, JAX-WS and Spring integration

Hi all We are using JAX-WS and Spring (2.0.6) and our target platform will be Weblogic 10.3. We would like to benefit from Spring injection in our web service classes. However I cannot get it to work. I follow the instructions described here: [url ht

Reg. JSF Spring Integration issue.

Hi All, I am using JSF for the front end and using the Spring Core, DAO and AOP for the BO and DAO layers. When i try to inject the Objects using the DI to the JSF, i am getting the following error and the objects are not getting set from the Spring.

JSF & Spring integration

Hi there, i want to integrate spring with my existing application. is there any good tutorials in net to give good view on that. i google it but not fully satisfied. please help me if you have any idea.. Regards, A.The TestBean have a property for De

JSF/Spring integration - managed-property problem

I am using JSF 1.1_01 (MyFaces 1.1), Spring 1.2, Ajax4Jsf. The JSF application has h:selectOneMenu . On change event of h:selectOneMenu sets "selectedValue" into backing bean as shown below: page.jsp <h:selectOneMenu value="#{test.select

[svn:bz-4.x] 16147: Fix a few more regression tests on the 4. x branch that were failing when using Spring integration.

Revision: 16147 Revision: 16147 Author:   [email protected] Date:     2010-05-17 06:18:38 -0700 (Mon, 17 May 2010) Log Message: Fix a few more regression tests on the 4.x branch that were failing when using Spring integration. Modified Paths:     bla

Deployment error in JBoss ( Flex and Spring Integration )

The Flex- Spring Integration Application works in Tomcat but it gives the followin error when deployed in JBoss. 11:26:58,000 INFO  [[/clv-web]] Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext 11:26:58,785 INFO  [[/clv-web]] Initializing Spring Framew

Error while connecting to Integration Gateway in Eclipse Junos

Hi Experts, I am getting error while setting up Integration Gateway settings. sending request to server failed reason: error during processing request on client I am able to open Admin cockpit, gateway cockpit with same user and password. There is no

Using Function Import in Integration Gateway

Hello Experts, Jitendra Kansal Midhun VP Andreas Wegmann Rakshit Doshi I am trying to use Function import for  Functions in Oracle DB. There is no option to bind datasource for Function import in oData Modelling. How Function imports can be used? Ple

Integration Gateway External System Contact Error

Hi, I have to use Integration Broker to Build an inbound interface and to integrate Inventory with Third Party system. It is an ASynchronous Service Operation. I am using the PSFT_EP as local node for Peoplesoft and I have created an External node an

Integration Gateway - JDBC - Character Encoding Issue

Hello, I'm using SMP 3.0 SP06 and I'm getting data from MS SQL using JDBC interface and I can get all data successfully. The problem is: there is a column in database contain "Arabic" data "right-to-left" language. and when executing t

Spring Integration

Hi, i am evaluating KodoJDO as persistence layer for my upcomming Spring based application. Do i need the enterprise version of Kodo to get that integration? I am asking because the JCA stuff of Kodo is only available in the Enterprise edition and i

Spring integration documentation

Hi, I wonder whether it is foreseen to better document Kodo/Spring integration, especially in a J2EE environment (accessing JDO-based DAO from SLSBs) ? I have downloaded the Spring integration example, but it is far from the usual Solarmetric quality

Create Operation with Integration Gateway for SOAP Webservices

Dear All, Has anyone used the create operation for Soap Webservices for SMP 3.0 to invoke a POST into the system using OData and Integration Gateway. Can you please help with the steps. Thanks, Best Regards, Rakshit DoshiI tried the same sometime bac

[svn:bz-4.x] 15813: Add spring integration to qa-regress webapp.

Revision: 15813 Revision: 15813 Author:   [email protected] Date:     2010-04-29 09:03:29 -0700 (Thu, 29 Apr 2010) Log Message: Add spring integration to qa-regress webapp. The spring integration will only be enabled if you copy the web.xml.spring fi

SMP 3.0 Integration Gateway as SOA?

Guys, Most important component of SMP 3.0 we call them Integration gateway. Does it solve real enterprise problems of connection to variety of customer's back-ends such as RDMS, connection to their portal apps as back-end, connection to BI tools as b

Tranport for  Integration Gateway.

Hi All,         I have one query on the transporting the Application that has been developed on Integration Gateway with SOAP as backend. As per SAP Note 1931374 They say that Desitnation assignment cannot be done on the Gateway management and should

Getting error in simple Jsf-Spring Integration

Hi, I am getting error in setting class attribute through Spring when I am integrating spring1.2 and jsf 1.1. Alone JSF is working fine. The error I am getting is Class org.springframework.web.jsf.DelegatingVariableResolver is no javax.faces.el.Varia