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Sprint Black Friday 2016


Sprint Palm Treo Pro...SMS from 2016

I guess this is the right area for this. My Treo Pro's incoming SMS messages are dated for 2016 (1/1/16) and as such appear as the date instead of the time (a SMS at 12:00 on 1/1 opened on 1/1 should appear as 12:00, but instead appear as 1/1). Is th

IPhone5 on Sprint completely wrong date

I have the iPhone5 with Sprint, and every other day or so, when I open my calendar app, the date is completely wrong (often like 6 months off), even if I click on the "today" button.  The time seems to be correct.  Unfortunately, when the date i

Sprint says Q10 can not access internet/data in Chas/Hunt WV area

So I upgraded to a new Q10 and spent a few hours loading and configuing all my emails, etc.  Driving to work this morning, I noted that there was no emails received after I left my house (wifi-enabled).  Tried to open the Browser and received the err

Yahoo Messenger (Sprint Pre): No account button! only one Y! at a time?

Hi, I have a Sprint Pre, and I have a Yahoo IM account set up in my Messaging application. Works great, tho sometimes it does take a long time to sign in or needs me to sign out then try signing back in for it to succeed in signing in. When I go to A

I tried to restore my iPhone 5 to factory setting and when i did it attached to a person i do not know apple id so now i can't use the phone. I purchase the phone from sprint and used it for 2 years and never had a problem.

Hi - I tried to restore my iPhone 5 to factory setting so I could give it to my son but when I did it reset to someone else's apple id. I don not know this person and I am the only owner of the phone purchased from Sprint. How do I get this phone to

Outlook 2016 getting crashed and throws an alert message as "microsoft outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Hi, Today i installed Microsoft Office 2016 preview for my Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications are working without any problem. However, Outlook getting crashed and throws an alert message as "microsoft outlook has encoun

Cannot send texts from iMessage to sprint users (from Verizon)

For some reason I cannot send messages via iMessage to any of my contacts who use Sprint.  I'm on Verizon if that matters.  I talked to an Apple Rep on the phone and they thought maybe sprint users had to have use an email address instead of a phone

I have an AT&T iphone 6 and want to give my AT&T 4 to my wife but she is a Sprint customer.  How involved would it be to convert my 4 from AT&T to Sprint?

I Have an AT&T iPhone 6 and wants to give my AT&T 4 to my wife but she is a Sprint customer.  Is this possible and, if so, how involved is it to convert my 4 from AT&T to Sprint?Likely not possible. Sprint is a CDMA carrier which typically do

Bugs with Custom Status not getting displayed on Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog

We added a couple of new states to the Work Item Type of Bug. We want all the bugs to show up in the Sprint Backlog items. In order to do this we added the custom states in Common Process Configuration file using witadmin and also in the Workflow tab

Entries made in Sprint BB 8330 will not sync to Outlook Calendar

I just got a Sprint BB 8330 and have set up 2-way sync for Outlook Calendar, Tasks, Memos & Address Book. The 2-way sync works for Tasks, Memos and Address Book except the Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar syncs to the BB but entries made on the

I got the iPhone 4S and I use google calendar and when the Sprint salesperson set up my phone only 2 months of my calendar went on my phone. How do I get my whole calendar to sync on my phone?

I got the iPhone 4s and i use google calendar and when the Sprint sales person set up my phone, only 2 months showed up on my iPhone. How do I sync all of google calendar to my iPhone!Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendar - there's a setting for how far ba

How do i unlock my Sprint iphone5 with IOS 7.4 0 to use any network here in the U S?

How can i unlock my Sprint iphone5 with IOS 7.4.0 to be compartable with other service providers here in the U S?You can't. Sprint phones can be unlocked ONLY for use on non US carriers. They can not be used on any US carrier other than Sprint. If yo

How do I unlock an iphone 5 with Sprint. The SIM is in and Sprint gave me the unlock code, but what are the steps to unlock it?

How do I unlock an iphone 5 with Sprint 15.1 at IOS 7.0.6 IMEI 99 000320 012095 0 . The SIM is in and Sprint gave me the unlock code, but what are the steps to unlock it?There is no such thing as an unlock code.   Sprint may have processed the unlock

Unable to get Data Connection on Treo Pro after Flying (Sprint)

I got my Treo Pro a few weeks ago and have really had no issues. It has been a great phone, but I just ran into an issue I cannot explain. I had to fly from Mpls to Miami and put my phone in "airplane mode" when the flight started. When I landed

Space button on Treo Pro (sprint) takes me back to Home

Hello, I just had an odd thing happen yesterday.  When I looked at my phone, some settings were changed - my digital clock display for time got set to analog.  I switched it back thinking it wasn't a big deal.  Anyway later when I try to text, every

Not found in Contacts - erorr message when composing SMS text message after Software Update 1.07 Sprint Centro

Hardware: Palm Centro Wireless: Sprint PC OS: Windows XP Pro After installing the "Software Update 1.07 (Windows installer) for Centro for Sprint" (Article ID: 6012 - http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/60​12_en.html) starting from h

Please help! How do you MMS with the Red BB Curve 8330m ( software/f​irmware) on Sprint ?

Greetings!!! I'm a newbie to BlackBerry devices but a long time user of cell phones and I have just one question which I hope isn't a difficult one to answer.  I don't know if I'm missing something here, but how do you send an picture or photo via MM

Version 6.0 Bundle 2426 does not work with Sprint Visual VoiceMail

I updated to the latest Sprint Bundle a few days ago and after the update Visual VoiceMail has become quite problematic to keep working. I regularly have to reboot my BB to play messages. The only temporary solution is to call my VM system, but the V

ASA 5505 VPN and Sprint Mobile Broadband clients.

I have a strange problem, it's something that just started recently when we had a user try to gain access with a Sprint Mobile Broadband card. We have quite a few remote users, probably not more than 6 ever connected to the VPN at once, and I have no

Does the iPhone 5 support Sprint's 4G Wimaxx?

this is the answer i got from an Apple Support representative before he disappeared without saying anything: Now Chatting with Kaeleb Hi, welcome to the US Apple Online Store.  How are you? does the iphone 5 work on sprints 4g wimaxx and 4g lte? Yes