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User reviews, feedback on Sprint cellular service for iPad

I'm just wondering what people have to say about Sprint's service. I am looking at a nice price for an iPad 4 with Sprint Cellular service, but I don't use a smartphone, so I have no basis for comparison between carriers. I appreciate any feedback, R

Is there a factory unlock that I can buy to unlock an IPhone  5c locked to Sprint

Please help. I bought an IPhone 5c locked to Sprint from an eBay seller. It was only slightly discounted so not cheap! My daughter searched in eBay and we paid with her birthday money. I thought any phone could be unlocked as did not think eBay would

Isuggest that verizon becomes more like sprint...

isnt it a new day when verizon got all its old customers for being soo good at service....  in this economy youd think big brother V would be more like Sprint...  Customer Service Dial *611 from your cell phone (800) 922-0204 Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm  

Folder named "ABBYY FineReader 5 Sprint" in Applications....

Hello everyone, When I open my Applications folder in Finder, there is a folder named "ABBYY FineReader 5 Sprint" among all of the applications. When I open this folder, there is nothing at all in it, however at the bottom of its window, it says

Sprint upgrade question - can I keep SERO plan?

I currently have a smartphone and what used to be called the SERO plan.  I pay $30/month including data, unlimited text, and 500 anytime minutes.  If I upgrade the phone once my contract expires, can I keep the same plan?  I have the protection plan

How to sell my sprint iphone 4

how could i sell my sprint iphone 4It would only be of any use to another Sprint customer. That's the only network it wil work on. Review this article before you sell it: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5661Read other 2 answers

Wanting to switch to Sprint

I have been a Verizon customer for 6 years now and I am just fed up with my high bills. I am on the Edge program with my LG G3, if I just want to switch to Sprint(for the unlimited data), all I have to do is buyout my contract right? Can someone plea

Sprint Evo Android 2.1

Just set the server up with the June build. Having 2 problems with the phone and sync. Set it up using the active sync connector. The calendar does not give you the option to invite a guest. Flip over to the gmail calendar and it is there. Also can o

Sprint 755p sync with iMac Snow Leopard using Missing Sync

I have a different problem.  I have been using Palm Desktop on my Mac for several years, syncing with my Sprint Palm Treo 755p.  I recently upgraded to a new iMac with Snow Leopard.  I noticed the warnings that the Hot Sync was no longer going to wor

Tips and Reviews of the HTC EVO 4G LTE

I am starting this thread for those that are starting to recieve their 4G LTE.   If you have your EVO LTE already and want to share your reviews, or any tips you have already found, please do so.  That way we can all help each other again.I don't thi

Google Nexus 6 review:  Review Date:  November 12, 2014

Availability   In the US, you can pre-order an unlocked Nexus 6 from the Google Play Store for $649 (32GB) and $699 (64GB). Carriers that will stock the device include T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular, and it will hit store shelves in

When will sprint get the iPhone?, When will sprint get the iPhone?

When will sprint get the iPhone?prairie village wrote: Hopefully Sprint will get smart and provide the IPhone to its customers. Sprint is the only major phone company left since T-Mobile was absorbed by Verizon. Ummmmm, what planet are you living on?

Sprint HTC EVO 3D - Looks pretty sweet

If you'll notice, my name says 'Employee' underneath. That dosen't mean I work in a store, hehe. I have no access to these phones, but I've been reading reviews. I'm seriously considering this model for myself. I mean, come on.. 3D?! What has everyon

App Store goes blank whenever I try to write an app review. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have a solution?

I'm fairly sure I've encountered a bug in the App Store, which prevents me from writing reviews on any app. I've never been able to write a review in the app store during the 3-ish months that I've owned this iPhone 6 Plus. Repro steps: Open App Stor


Hey guys, I posted a while back about Sprint and Source Receivables Management here http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Rebuilding-Your-Credit/Sprint-Collections-SOURCE-RECEIVABLES-MANAGEMENT/m-p/4069766#M424272 Basically Sprint verbally agreed that if I

Sprint Phones - Best For iSync and Music

It's time for a new cell phone. I've seen lists of phones that "could" work with my Mac, but I am asking all those users out there, what is the best Sprint phone that will work with my Mac, iSync and also where I can put my music on it. Are ther

Sprint BlackBerry 8830 - Device Software 4.5 Update Not Available?

Hello! I noticed the BlackBerry 4.5 Device Software Available on the website so, excited - I get home and attempt to update and it states that my software is current. (Yes, I did the Application Loader and Downloaded the Upgrade File ApploaderWebSL-U

Sprint says Q10 can not access internet/data in Chas/Hunt WV area

So I upgraded to a new Q10 and spent a few hours loading and configuing all my emails, etc.  Driving to work this morning, I noted that there was no emails received after I left my house (wifi-enabled).  Tried to open the Browser and received the err

New 2014 X1 Carbon Touch - 1 Week Review

I've had the New 2014 Carbon X1 for about a week now, so I thought I'd post a review about my experiences thus far. The version I received was the high end model, i7 4th gen, 8gb ram, IPS 2560x1440 touch display. This is the first Lenovo device I hav

FBL5N Review Open and Cleared Invoices per Customer

WHen one of our users goes into FBL5N to review open and cleared invoices he adds the WBS and the Profit Center. When the report runs it is blank. I looked at the invoice itself and the WBS and Profit center is on the invoice but I don't know why it