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SQL CASE statement in XML template- End tag does not match start tag 'group

Hi All, I am developing a report that has the SQL CASE statement in the query. I am trying to load this into RTF with report wizard and it gives me below error oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParseException: End tag does not match start tag 'group' Does XML

PL/SQL block to sql case

Hello, I have a newbie sql question: I have the following pl/sql block that I want to transform in sql case code:              IF Num_WholesaleNonDiscountValue > 0.0 THEN                   UsageStatus := 'CHARGE';                   if Num_WholesaleNo

Looking for good pl/sql case studies/hands on exercises

Hi there, I am new to plsql. Looking for some good pl/sql case studies/hands on exercises/small prototype project etc to learn the basic nitty-gritty. Can anybody please help? Many Thanks, Avishekthis page http://itcareershift.com/blog1/2010/11/15/pl

SQL and Multiple Values Parameters

Hi, I've pretty much exhausted my search (google and in this forum) with finding a solution to my problem... So now I'm hoping that any of you will be able to help me out. I am writing an Oracle SQL query to get the data for a Crystal Report (Product

SQL for multiple checkboxes

Hello! I'm stuck on a SQL statement that I was wondering if someone could possibly assist me with. I working on a search page for a particular company site of antique dealers. There is a "Search By Categories" section on the main search page whe

Help needed in writing SQL CASE or DECODE statement

Hi experts, I need to write a SQL to select order_num, cntry_cde, prod_id and Qty by joining order_num on PROD_ORDER and PROD_ORDER_TXT. Here is my sample data PRODORDER_                order_num     cntry_cde     Prod_id     Qty 100     US     A1   

T-sql case statement in a select

When I execute the following t-sql 2012 statement, the "NO Prod' value is not being displayed from the sql listed below: SELECT DISTINCT IsNull(cs.TYPE,'') as type, CASE IsNull(Course.TYPE,'') WHEN 'AP' then 'AP Prod' WHEN 'IB' then 'IB Prod' WHEN 'H


REquirment • Add indicator to the end of the files, (position 1051 in both extracts, either have value of Y or N). o DUAL COVERAGE (Y/N) • Logic to determine indicator values from Member Eligibility Table: o For ‘Y’ indicator: o When dbo. CMC_MEPE_PR

SQL Case statement Help....

Hi , I have to Compare two columns to see if they are matching or not....and give the count() of overrides if they are not matching/ I have got that with the below SQL: Count of Overrides = select count(Case when Col_1 != Col_2 then 1 else null end)

SQL Query - Multiple records from value of field

I have a table that has the following lay out ID AreaUnitServes Filter1Quantity Filter1Size Filter2Quantity Filter2Size And I'm trying to convert it to FkPSAUnitsID Size Location I've got the following query started but I'm stuck on how to INSERT INT

SQL Case Statement Problem with Maxdb

Hello, I'm running a J2E application on Netweaver AS. I have on problem that I just cannot figure out. The statement works in SQL Studio but when I try to code it it does not work at all. select COLA, SUM(CASE WHEN COLB=10 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) from TAB

Can CR 2008 with XML ODBC driver using SQL CASE statement?

Hi: when i use SQL Command to provide data to the report from XML file connection. I can not use CASE statement , CR always has error message about "CASE" word. I test the same Statement in SQL client connected to Oracle, it runs fine. So.. Is i

Custom SQL CASE Statement

Hello All, I have a query similar to the one below. I have to use a Custom SQL DB adapter to achieve this. When i create a variable I get four variables in the input payload (two for Param1 and two for Input). I was wondering if we can avoid this, be

PL/SQL - Case Statement

Hello, just starting to learn PL/SQL. I have a query which runs just fine and it has a case statement. When I take that query and place it into a procedure and compile, it gives me a compile error stating "ENCOUNTERED symbol CASE when expecting... pr

SQL Case Statement

Hi, could you please advise how to add below New case to below Main case New case: when (convert(varchar,date,101) >= '01/01/2014' OR qtr >= '14Q1') then case when PP='ABC' and pl='EFG' then Revenue*.552 else 0 end Main case: SUM( case when ((conver

Sql case statement for parametes

I am using sort parameters in the stored procedure the following is my case statment CASE When @SORT_1 = 'CUSTOMER'                  Then ar_ivhdr_tbl.EN_CUST_KEY                  When @SORT_1 = 'BILLTO'                 Then ar_bill_tbl.ar_bill_name

PL SQL with multiple inserts, how to continue after exception is raised

Hi, I have a simple PL SQL function with various inserts. ex: Insert Into "DI01"."DUA_DIM_UNITE_ADMIN" (Ide_Unite_Admin_Sk, Num_Unite_Admin, Des_Unite_Admin) Values ('-1', '00000000', 'Défaut'); INSERT INTO "DI01"."DUA_D

SQL Loader: multiple infiles, change constant

Hi, I looked on the internet, in my SQL Loader book, and on these forums and can't find an answer to a question I have. I have multiple infiles that are being loaded to 1 table. That's easy. The problem is that with each different infile, I have a co

Sql loader multiple files

How can I load multiple input files ( monthwise 200601 to 200907) using sqlloader and a batchfile into tables like xxxx200601 etc any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance Edited by: sunnysmiles on Jul 10, 2009 2:14 PMsunnysmiles wrote: How can

SQL case sensitivity

i know its a bit off topic for the java forums (in my defence it is to do with a JSP i'm writting), but i thought that someone here probably has come across this at some point. basically, i need to retrieve lines from my database using something simi