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sql commands in unix shell script


Return codes from sqlldr command from unix shell script

I am trying to capture error code from sql loader from unix shell script and display proper messages. sqlldr parfile=sdb.par control=$cntlfile data=$infile bad=$badFile log=$logFile rows=10000 rows=10000 retcode=`echo $?` case "$retcode" in 0) e

Run Unix command / Run Unix shell script from Forms9i

Hi, I have a requirement to run Unix command and Unix shell scripts from Forms9i. I know HOST command cannot be used directly. I also know we can create some JAVA stored procedure to perform the task, but I don't want to create any JAVA stored proced

How can i call a Stored Procedure procedure from Unix shell script

Hi All, I want to call a Strored PL-SQL Procedure through Unix shell script. Can any body help me with this. Regards, SaurabhI prefer a seperate script like the other poster mentioned. However, most shells can use a 'here' document as well ... sqlplu

How to prepare for Converting UNIX shell scripts to PL/SQL

Hi All I was said, that i may have to convert a lot of unix shell script to PL/SQL, what are the concepts i need to know to do it efficently, what are the options PL/SQL is having to best do that. I know the question is little unclear, but I too dont

Unix shell script run from pl/sql procedure

Hi Guru I want to run unix shell script from pl/sql procedure. Actual I want to run it from developer 10g form. Please guide me in this regards Regards JewelLook at the host or client_host builtins in the helpRead other 2 answers

PL/SQL function - unix shell script

Hello, I have an application that calls a unix shell script This unix shell script calls a oracle function in the PL/SQL package. For example, In package pkg_test, there is function f_test. This function returns pls_interger. How can I write a unix s

Unix Shell Script -- ORA-00905 error in pl/sql

Below is my unix shell script .... in which i am trying to caluclate difference between time stamps ..... i am getting a severe error when i run --- ORA-00905: missing keyword ( included it bottom of this post ) please look into this and let me know

Execute a unix shell script from forms9i

Hi , I would like to execute a unix shell script form a form when they pressed a button. The forms server is on Linux machine. I tried but when I pressed the button nothings happen. Could some one please help me how I could get working. Is there is a

Call a UNIX shell script from an oracle stored procedure

We need to call a UNIX shell script from an oracle stored procedure i.e. the control should come back to the procedure once the script completes. Can any body help to achieve this ?There are various ways in achieving this. For Example, you can call a

Error while trying to execute a unix shell script from java program

Hi I have written a program to execute a unix shell script in a remote machine. I am using J2ssh libraries to estabilish the session connection with the remote box.The program is successfully able to connect and authenticate with the box. The runtime

Error while executing unix shell script from java program

Hi All, I am trying to execute unix shell script from a java program using Runtime.execute() method by passing script name and additional arguments. Code snippet : Java Class : try{      String fileName ="test.ksh";      String argValue ="s

Reg: UNIX shell script at File Adapter

Hi all, I am doing a File to file scenario and using command line arguments in Sending file adapter. I am using UNIX shell script ".sh" file for executing the command. I gave the following path at "Run OS command before message processing&q

Sending email attachments using unix shell script

hi I want to send report generated my spooled file as attachment using unix shell script. Can somebody help me out ? many thanksthanks a tonn it worked. but i have another issue is it possible to add names in CC also ? Also here is my code which spoo

Calling stored procedure from unix shell script

Hello, I am facing a problem while calling a stored procedure from UNIX shell script. I want to return a output variable from the stored procedure to the UNIX environment. Here is the code- #!/bin/sh OUTPUT=`sqlplus cmag/[email protected] <<ENDOFSQL set ser

Please provide me unix shell script (export and import of database schema)

please i am new in unix \please give me sample unix shell script (export and import of database schema)please i am new in unix \please give me sample unix shell script (export and import of database schema)Instead of providing you the readymade unix

Unable to pass parameter in oracle procedure through unix shell script

Hi Experts, I have oracle procedure where in I have to pass the value of procedure parameter through unix script. Follwoing is the sample procedure which i tried to exceute from the unix. Procedure: create or replace procedure OWNER.PRC_TESTING_OWNER

Generate RMAN backup Script using unix shell script

Hello, Could somebody give me a unix shell script that would generate RMAN script based on some user defined parameters in a config file. e.g. rman.conf CHANNELS=4 USE_CATALOG=Y DEVICE='sbt_tabe' etc., many thanks, kamYou can actually encapsulate the

Schedule workbook using with Unix shell script

Hi, Can we schedule workbook using with Unix shell script? Thanks, JayI can't imagine how. 1. You can schedule Disco workbooks via Disco itself. 2. You can schedule Disco workbooks to run and output in different file formats automatically via batch s

Exit status running java classpath in a unix shell script

I'm new to putting java into unix scripts. I have a java classpath running inside of a unix shell script. During my testing it will error with java.io.FileNotFoundException error, which I know why that is, but when I set in my unix shell script this

SQL Alias's in Shell Script

Hello all, We are running Oracle 10G on Unix and I am fairly new to Unix. I know how to assign a SQL select statements values to an alias in a SQL environment such as TOAD, such as for example; Select LogID ID, LogType Type, LogDate Date from audit_l