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SQL exclude records found in

I have the following SQL, how do I change the second JOIN, to exclude the same record already found in the first select statement. I don't want to add the same record twice (which could happen, because I might return different Marketing_channel infor

Oracle 's SQL grammar

I want to find documents about Oracle's SQL grammar (in BNF) in order to write a translator that translate SQL commands (initialy SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE commands) from Oracle to MS SQL Server. Who can help me?You can't find them in one locati

How to add ID autogenerate column to VIEW

Hi all, Could anybody help me create a View with its own identifier column? I use to create VIEW following syntax: CREATE VIEW MY_VIEW AS t1.f1 FIELD_1, t2.f2 FIELD_2 FROM t1 LEFT JOIN t2 ON t1.f3 = t2.f3 I tried to use sequence like: CREATE VIEW QUA

Exclude duplicate values on SQL where clause statement

Hi! Are some posibilities to exclude duplicate values do not using sql aggregate functions in main select statement? Priview SQL statement SELECT * FROM select id,hin_id,name,code,valid_date_from,valid_date_to from diaries QRSLT WHERE (hin_id = (SELE

How to exclude one or more rows of SQL report from sorting?

In my SQL report I want to exclude one row from sorting. This row must be permanently at the bottom of the report. How to achieve this? Regards, AlHi Al, Check out this thread: Sort within Break? I was looking to preserve a basic sort for break purpo

SQL to include/exclude groupings based on set relations of sub-groupings

Hello clever people, I am struggling to write SQL to enable me to include or exclude groupings (or even better sub groupings). It's taken a lot of SQL (using analytic functions) to get my data grouped as I wish (detail hopefully unimportant but basic

SQL query to not to exclude NULLS

Hi, I have a column in table Type ABC XYZ      -- NULL      -- NULLWhen I write sql statement to exclude Type = 'ABC', the query also excluding NULLs. How to avoid (include nulls) that?...or (this is not the best one): select * from yourtable WHERE n

How to exclude schema name from exported files (PL SQL Developer)

Dear all, Just one question: I am using PL SQL Developer. My goal is to export some data (as .sql and .dmp files) from one database and to import them into the another database (both databases have identical structure - test database and production,

Exclude invalid numbers with sql only?

I'm querying a database with read privileges only via an odbc connector that allows single sql statements only (not pl/sql). Is there a sql statement that will allow me to exclude invalid numbers in a varchar column? In other words something like the

Exclude certain SQLs from AWR

Is it possible for certain Top SQLs which appear in an AWR report to be excluded from the report. To give context, I know there are few Top SQLs like stats jobs or other jobs which I know why they are running long, what I am looking for is to be able

Oracle SQL query to exclude lowest 2 leaf levels in hierarchy

Hello! I would need to traverse the hierarchy so that I could exclude the 2 lowest levels in the query. For eg: Considering the case below the query should return 1, 3, 5, 2, 6, 14.               1                                   2         |       

T-SQL how to count holidays and exclude it in my scenario

Hi team,  My customer will submit a ticket to our system and it valid for 7 days. For example, if customer A submit a ticket on 2015/1/15, the request will be ineffective at 2015/1/22. So, I can directly use the following T-SQL code to update the tic

SQL Query for DDR Heartbeat excluding the other agent times

Is there a way in SCCM SQL queries to collect the machines' DDR Heart Discovery agent time on its own, without including the remaining agent times (AD Discovery, etc...) in that field?Does anyone know the corresponding attribute class name for the vi

Exclude words in sql

I just want to exclude if the vendor name contains one of this word from my search page. District Enginner and resident enginneer. thanks AND UPPER(V.VNAMEL) <> ('DISTRICT ENGINEER','RESIDENT ENGINEER')Clearance 6`- 8`` wrote: did you try AND (UPPER

ERROR – SQL Server Login Failed, Error 11001

We have an application that uses MSDE as its ‘Back-end’.  It has been working fine for years.  We have however had to recently re-build the Operating System on our own Server that it was running on.  Original O/S Environment We used Windows Server 20

Windows update KB2964444 broke Event Logging Service and SQL Agent Service on Windows Server 2008 R2

I got the following problem: I discovered that on my Windows Server 2008R2 machine the event logging stopped working on 04/May/2014 at 03:15. Also, SQL Agent Service won't run The only change that day was security update KB2964444 - Security Update f

DPM 2012 SP1 and SharePoint 2013 on a SQL 2012 AlwaysOn AG

I am trying to protect a new SharePoint Foundation 2013 farm with it's databases stored on an SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Group.  I've run configureSharePoint.exe -EnableSharePointProtection on my WFE and SharePoint shows up in DPM when I try to a

How to handle the SQL Error: ORA-01704: string literal too long

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SQL Query to calculate on-time dispatch with a calendar table

Hi Guys, I have a query (view) to calculate orders' fulfillment leadtimes. The current criteria exclude week-ends but not bank holidays therefore I have created a calendar table with a column name isBusinessDay but I don't know how to best use this t

Sequence created in anon PL/SQL missing initial value

If I create a sequence in an anonymous PL/SQL block, with execute immediate, then perform a select nextval from that sequence outside the block, it misses it's initial value. Easily reproducable here: create table tab_a ( col_a number(4) not null );