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EXEC SQL join in ABAP program

Hi All, I am using EXEC SQL join in my ABAP report,but it is giving dump.could you please correct my following code? START-OF-SELECTION.   CONCATENATE '%' pa_match '%' INTO tp_match.   EXEC SQL.     OPEN dbcur FOR     SELECT  kunnr,name1, banks      

Pl sql join and selecting columns from join."t"."c": invalid at debug time

I noticed the error at cc.Country that is shown because cc is not yet there at compile time (got that from searching this forum). Isnt that a bit weak of oracle sql developer that it doesnt compile from the outside to the inside /core but rather form

Malformed SQL Join Created in BO XI SP5

Hi I am receiving the following message when running a specific universe-based Crystal Report: Error in File C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\hq-erpboprod.reportjobserver\~tmp1e061e138ef0560.rpt: Failed

Dynamic SQL Joining between tables and Primary keys being configured within master tables

Team , Thanks for your help in advance ! I'm looking out to code a dynamic SQL which should refer Master tables for table names and Primary keys and then Join for insertion into target tables . EG: INSERT INTO HUB.dbo.lp_order SELECT * FROM del.dbo.l