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EXEC SQL join in ABAP program

Hi All, I am using EXEC SQL join in my ABAP report,but it is giving dump.could you please correct my following code? START-OF-SELECTION.   CONCATENATE '%' pa_match '%' INTO tp_match.   EXEC SQL.     OPEN dbcur FOR     SELECT  kunnr,name1, banks      

SQL JOIN with BPM sql component

Hello friends. How to use SQL JOIN with BPM sql component? The tables objects are created but the joined tables belong to different sql components . I tried something like that, but a error "table doesn't exist" occours. Ex: for each element in



OWB ANSI SQL join problem

Hi Its seams to me, that in OWB there is something broken with ANSI SQL joins and instead of ANSI joins there is used oracle SQL joins only. Maybe someone can point some solutions? I can't rewrite all mappings with union and other operators.

SQL Join Help

SQL Experts, I have a query below. Can I improve the SQL joining order in highlighted section - Lines 31 to 40 SNIOTM.SNI_PA_OTM_ARC_DRVR -- around 200K rows SNIOTM.SNI_PA_ORD_SHP_STATUS -- 8 rows Edited by: 922411 on May 12, 2013 7:42 PM922411 wrote

Help - Bean Binding an SQL join to a gui component(jtable) in Netbeans?

Good afternoon. I'd like to ask if there is a way to data bind an SQL Join from 2 or more tables to a GUI component(Jtable) in Netbeans. All the tutorials show is how to bind all the fields of 1 database table to the component. Under the BIND/ELement

Converting oracle join to Ansi sql join

Hi Guys, I am new to SQL and trying to convert the following Oracle query (joins) into ANSI sql joins...Can someone please help me? SELECT M.EXTERNALCODE, M.NAME AS MNAME, SC.BIRIM, SM.TRANSACTIONDATE, SMD.AMOUNT, SMD.UNITPRICE, SM.ID AS SMID, SMD.ID

Complex SQL Join

I have a mainquery which returns a list of invoices I would like to put in the mainquery a subquery which returns a count of item types per invoice the subquery really returns a list of queries which is giving me an error but I would really like it t

Pl sql join and selecting columns from join."t"."c": invalid at debug time

I noticed the error at cc.Country that is shown because cc is not yet there at compile time (got that from searching this forum). Isnt that a bit weak of oracle sql developer that it doesnt compile from the outside to the inside /core but rather form

Malformed SQL Join Created in BO XI SP5

Hi I am receiving the following message when running a specific universe-based Crystal Report: Error in File C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\hq-erpboprod.reportjobserver\~tmp1e061e138ef0560.rpt: Failed

Dynamic SQL Joining between tables and Primary keys being configured within master tables

Team , Thanks for your help in advance ! I'm looking out to code a dynamic SQL which should refer Master tables for table names and Primary keys and then Join for insertion into target tables . EG: INSERT INTO HUB.dbo.lp_order SELECT * FROM del.dbo.l

SQL Join help for multiple values in single field.

Hello All, I need a help, I have two tables T1 and T2 Content of T2 will be like T2. ID | T2.USERNAME ID1 | John ID2 | Peter ID3 | Mark Content of T1 is like T1.ID ID1 ID2 ID3 ID2 ID1 ID3 I need to join these two tables and replace the T1.ID values w

Using delete in SQL Joins

What is wrong in this query am getting incorrect syntax near ','.error.I am using sql server 2014 DELETE ab, b FROM Authors AS a INNER JOIN AuthorArticle AS ab ON a.AuthID=ab.AuthID INNER JOIN Articles AS b ON ab.ArticleID=b.ArticleID WHERE AuthorLas

SQL join clauses in JSP

We want to make an edit in which users will be able to write SQL queries and show them the result in a table. The problem is that, when doing joins, the fields with the same name in both database tables are misinterpreted, for example: if we have x.n

SQL - Joins

Hi all. I am learning join- tables in SQL. My question relates to the use of WHERE. It is probably best if I show 2 examples: 1 SELECT ename, dname from emp e join dept d on (e.deptno = d.deptno) WHERE ename = 'Jones'; 2 SELECT ename, dname from emp

SQL Joins & joining 4 tables help.

Post Author: n8than1 CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL Hello,  I'm trying to build a report to show orders shipped, and pull in costing information from my sales tables.  I have 4 tables I'm using data from, and I'm linking my shipping master and s

CR produces modern SQL joining on one machine and old style on another

Hi. I have a configuration related question that I hope someone here could help me with. The background is that we are two project members that have very similar setup, but where one crusial outcome differs between the environments and this differenc

Adding a filter to an SQL Join table in OBIEE

Hello, I have created a query in OBIEE Answers to Left outer join two tables. This all works fine but I would like to set this up as a dashboard and create a prompt. The problem I have is because this is not a subject area how can I create a prompt?

Urgent - ORA-06502 numeric or value error in Complex SQL Join

I am having trouble with a tricky bit of code. I have a complex join query which uses reference cursors. type search_cursor is ref cursor; c_result search_cursor; cursor c_result1 is select chemicals.*,buildings.building_name,msds.msds,chemical_ras.r

Having SQL join problems!

I have got a master recordset and this is the SQL for it: SELECT fld_contentID, fld_contentPAGE, fld_contentIMGSLDR, fld_contentTITLE, fld_contentTOP, fld_contentPODL, fld_contentPODR, fld_contentBOTTOM, fld_contentBGIMG, fld_contentSHOW, fld_content