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SQL Loader CTL File Example


Passing file name dynamically to sql loader ctl file

Hi, I am new to scripting and I have a complex requirement involving writing a script. Requierment: I need to upload a CSV file from a FTP server into oracle table using SQL Loader. The file name resembles like APF0912312359.csv represents 31-DEC-200

Way to generate sql*loader ctl file from a table?

I'm an oracle newbie. (Oracle 8i, HP Unix)Is there any way to take an existing table description and generate a sql*loader control file from it? If anyone has already written a procedure or knows where one can be found I'd really appreciate it. We're

SQL*Loader .ctl file

Does the column order in the .ctl (control) file have to match the column order in the table in order for SQL*Loader to succeed? Thx.Hello, Not necessary your control file structure order should match up against column order iof the target table, but

Parameters / Variables in SQL Loader Control File

Here's my problem, I have created SQL Loader control file (ctl) to load a file of employees. This loader program is registered in Oracle Applications. What I want is to pass a parameter derived from the profile like the user name of the one who execu

Define variable in SQL Loader Control File

Hi, I have an input file where the first line is the header record, followed by the detail records. For the processing, I do not need to store the fields of the header record but I need a date field from this header record and store in as part of the

Sql loader control file path........

Hello all, I am running the below query through sql loader from client machine..... saved the below query in loader.ctl file, which I kept in "D:\loader.ctl" path.... options (skip=1) load data infile 'D:\flat.txt' into table GL_INTERFACE fields

Create sql loader data file dynamically

Hi, I want a sample program/approach which is used to create a sql loader data file. The program will read table name as i/p and will use select stmt will column list derived from user_tab_columns from data dictionary assuming multiple clob columns i

How to call sql loader ctrl file with in the pl/sql procedure

Hi Friends, I am doing a project related with the transferring data using queues. In the queue , I will get a tab delimited data in the form of CLOB variable/message. I do want to store that dat in the oracle table. When updating data into the table

Add "Trailing Nullcolls" to sql loader control files generated by OWB

Hi gurus, I've got a problem loading data with SQL Loader. I need to add the parameter "trailing nullcols" into the SQL Loader control file generated by OWB. I don't want to do this by saving the skript on my hard disk and run it manually, so an

Importing already-made SQL*Loader control files in OWB 10g

Hi all, Suppose that I have a certain amount of already hand-made SQL*Loader control files, say 50 or so. Each of these control files have a variable quantity of fields. I feel really lazy, so I would like to know if it is possible to import directly

Problem specifying SQL Loader Log file destination using EM

Good evening, I am following the example given in the 2 Day DBA document chapter 8 section 16. In step 5 of 7, EM does not allow me to specify the destination of the SQL Loader log file to be on a mapped network drive. The question: Does SQL Loader h

Skipping fields in SQL*LOADER data file

I have a data file that has more fields than the target table does. How can I write a SQL*LOADER control file to skip some fields in the middle of the text line? nullIf you don't want to define input fields by position, the simplest way I think is to

(urgent) SQL*Loader Large file support in O734

hi there, i have the following sqlloader error when trying to upload data file(s), each has size 10G - 20G to Oracle 734 DB on SunOS 5.6 . >> SQL*Loader-500: Unable to open file (..... /tstt.dat) SVR4 Error: 79: Value too large for defined data type

Use of WHEN in SQL Loader Control File

Does anyone know of a way, using the CTL file below, to NOT LOAD (i.e. discard) any record where field G is null -OR- substr(G,1,3)='CON'+ (the first 3 characters of field G are "CON")? The WHEN clause seems very limited in what it can test and

SQL Loader control file script - INFILE

Hi, The data stored in the file "c:/test_<yyyy>_<mm>_<dd>". The <yyyy>, <mm> and <dd> has to be from sysdate. The infile gets generated on daily basis. LOAD DATA INFILE 'c:/test_'||to_char(sysdate,'yyyy')||'_'


hi, Can one call procedures and functions inside a control file in SQL Loader ...alternatively how can one use case inside a control file ... How to implement the the following code in a control file: SELECT CASE WHEN INSTR(UPPER(returnname),'SCHEDUL

SQL*LOADER control file for Multiple Tables

Dear DBA's I am loading data throgh SQL*LOADER in Oracle. I have some problem, While Inserting data into multiple table I have created single Control file in following way which is giving me error, Data is stored in seprate fileswith tablename.dat, S

ODI 10g R2 LKM File to Oracle (sql*ldr)  ctl file

Hi, ODI release I need to load a file into an oracle db. For big file I use the LKM file to oracle (sql loader). It is a delimited file with ' " ' enclosed text. I give in the datasotre all parameters record separator, field separator, text

Run multiple SQL*Loader control files from command prompt

I have written control files for 15 different tables with specific data files for each table. I have build the control files using toad for each one of them at once. Now I want to run the sql loader for all the tables one time. I know I cannot run mu

How to use Conditional statements in SQL Loader control file

Hi, I am using sql loader to load a flat file to the table. I am using control file for this purpose as show below: LOAD INTO TABLE store_shrink TRUNCATE FIELDS TERMINATED BY "     " TRAILING NULLCOLS SITE_ID char, ST_SHRINK char, ST_REVENUE cha