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Using flash to display images from sql server or file system

hello, what methods and parameters of the urlloader class we have to use to display images in a flash player if possible.. also movie should update everytime a new image is added to a database or file the images can either be in a file system or in a

Repeated Errors in SQL Server log file

I have hundreds of these errors saying 'Login failed for user 'Reporting' The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection [CLIENT: ip address] The ip address is that of the server that sql server is installed on. Looking in my log fil

SQL Server log file

We are facing one issue can anyone please help me out. Logs are getting full in below path . Can we remove the logs ? is it archive logs ? Path : H:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATAIf T-Log backups are configured t

Connecting to a local SQL server .mdf file

Hi all, In doing some prototyping of my database I started working with a local copy of an SQL Server database since it so conveniently integrated with the Visual Studio .NET tools I use. Now that I have spent far too much time working on a local pro

SQL Server 2008 File Stream On Existing Table

Hi Folks, I have enabled the SQL Server File Stream option on a Existing table. 1. Created a GUID Column  2. Created a File Stream Column  3. Swapped the Blob Column information into file Stream column.  4. Dropped the BLOB Column.  I could evidence,

How to create a .mdf SQL Server database from a Data-Tier Application file that has data?

This is a noob question, though I do use SQL Server databases all the time with Entity Framework when I code in C# using Visual Studio 2013.  The development environment is found below at [A].  I am trying to make a clone of a SQL Server 2008 R2 data

Is it possible to load a dump file collected from sql server to orcle 10gR2

Hi.. As a part of data migration from legacy systems , we need to migrate only required tables from Sql server to Oracle 10gr2 . At present client is telling that he will give it as dump file. My question is , Is it possible to load the dump file col